August FaveCrafts Radio Wrap Up!

Today was the day! Did you miss it? No worries, you can still listen to our super fun Craft wars edition of FaveCrafts Radio in the archives. We talked to Craft Wars vets Lisa FulmerAndrea CurrieMargot Potter, and Angela Daniels!

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Andrea Currie and Lisa Fulmer won their episode of Craft Wars, Margot Potter is best known for her amazing jewelry projects, and Angela Daniels‘ episode aired tonight after the show! Below are just some of the questions we covered in the show with paraphrased answers. If you want to know the full answers, you’ll have to tune in and listen to the archive!

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First question: What’s your favorite part of the show?

– Having a team of little clean up elves.

Margot you seem to keep your cool, did you get scared or nervous?

– The camera part doesn’t scare me because I was on live tv for years, but it is nerve racking to work in such a restricted schedule. But it was fun, I’d do it again in a heart beat!

Tell us about the audition process.

-When you do beautiful things take beautiful pictures of it! Having a little bit of bubble in your personality helps as well. You have to learn how to sell yourself a little bit.

Twitter question: I’m a huge fan of Angela Daniels (the Guilty Crafter). Did it feel less guilty being around other crafters?

-No, it didn’t! I maybe even felt more guilty. I was totally guilt-ridden the whole time.

Lisa, was there a lot of pressure being the assistant? 

– It was totally an honor. The pressure was there because I really wanted to help Andrea shine. It was certainly exciting. It was just the best roller-coaster ride ever!

Margot, when Tori was coming up to you and asking questions, was it hard to focus?

– It was awkward! I was so distracted by so many things I had to focus on that I barely noticed she had been standing there. It was very weird have to stop in the middle of what you’re doing and have a conversation like that.

 Do you think you have to be established in the craft industry to make it on the show?

– No, I don’t think so. You just have to show you have some crafty chops. I think the key is to be bigger than you actually are, so be a little over the top. Be you, just be you magnified.

How are you feeling about your show tonight Angela?

– I am so nervous! A bunch of my friends and I are getting together and watching it on a big screen and I’m humiliated already! A lot of them have never seen what I can do and the first experience they’re getting is me crafting in a panicked state.

Angela, is it hard to take such criticism from the judges?

– I tend to be pretty critical of my own self, so there’s rarely anything that anyone can say to me that I haven’t already told myself. It was a little cringe-worthy, but I knew what was going to happen when I went up there to get judged.

Andrea, tell us a little bit about the process of coming up with your idea on the fly.

– I think a lot of the crafters drew on things we’ve made in the past. I’m also really inspired by Anthropologie so I knew I was going to draw inspiration from that.

Watching the shows, is there any episode that you thought you would have done great in?

– I know there were episodes that I was glad I wasn’t on! Although I think I would have done well on the Pet Shop episode.

Margot, you ended up designing a Christmas tree. Where do you go with it when you realize that somewhere in the challenge you start doing something that another crafter is also doing?

– Well I think it’s all about the journey, so in the end those two trees could not have been more different.

Angela, how did you decide what to wear?

– Oh my gosh, I sweated over this! Patty and I spent endless phone calls and text messages giving and getting opinions. I thought about wearing cute vintage prom dresses, but I am super craft accident prone that we decided to go with something super plain.

Andrea and Lisa, is there an unlimited supply of craft challenge materials?

– It is NOT unlimited supply. You have to go and grab what you see and what you think is going to be the best for your project. It was a lot of pressure to find what you thought was cute and make sure you had enough of them because the other contests would grab them up too.

– There were times I was looking for felt or paper, but there was no more!

Andrea, what was it like having the helpers?

– They were great! You did have to have some strong leadership abilities to tell them what they needed to do, but they were very helpful. What was unfortunate was that Lisa wasn’t really allowed to tell them what to do, which was unfortunate because she’s got such good leadership skills.

Margot, if you HAD to pick another contestant that was on the show, who and why?

– Ooo I definitely would have to pick Angela Daniels because I think we’d rock the house!

Angela, did the Craft Wars vets get an in depth tour of the Micheal’s closet ahead of time?

– No. When the time starts, the time starts. I actually kept finding things in the closet and thinking “Oh I could really use that!” I actually did go into my local Micheal’s ahead of time.

Andrea and Lisa, how are you going to spend the money?

– Well I’m splitting it with Lisa and using it to help grow my business, because you know it’s expensive to start a business.

Does it feel funny or awkward to have the judges and cameras watching you the whole time?

– We were so tunnel vision that I didn’t even realize that they were sitting there watching us the whole time. It was awkward when you finally came up for air and realized they were there.

Margot, I know there are some people that are hating on Craft Wars.

– I see we need crafting back on TV so if this is not your flavor of crafty ice cream, it will open the doors for lots of other flavors of crafty ice cream.

Want to know what Angela Daniels said about her episode that airs tonight? You’ll just have to listen in. We had so much fun talking to all the Craft Wars vets and getting to know the show a little better. Thank you to all our lovely guests!

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Thanks all! Hope to see you next month, September 11th, for another great show!



  1. says

    What a great show! I loved hearing about their experiences on Craft Wars from the 1 hour “pop craft” to the 5 hour master craft. Can’t wait to see tonight’s episode with Angela Daniels!

  2. Karen Leigh says

    Enjoyed the show today- hearing from the contestants and their “behind the scenes”point of view!
    p.s. POP CRAFT!

  3. Maria Chuy Soto says

    just listened to the show – can’t wait to see tonight’s episode, I’m going to be crafting along some Halloween frames
    “pop craft” – think we should have a weekly craft challenge inspired by Craft wars on-line, think it would be very interesting.

  4. Virginia Burnett says

    Love Craftwars, been watching from day one. Love “Pop Craft” Challenges and will any unique Thank Outside the box challenges…

  5. says

    awesome interview, so many questions answered! I would love to be on season 2 of Craft Wars the Pop Craft looks like so much fun!
    Thanks for giving us a behind the scenes look, loved it so much.

  6. says

    I enjoyed the show today and I enjoy watching the TV show as well. It must be nerve racking to have only one hour to complete the “pop craft”.

  7. Barbara Tobey says

    Craft shows need to make a comeback. I enjoy the pop craft portion of craft wars. Enjoy the total show,even Tori, but the crafters are the best part.

  8. Colette McKenzie says

    Loved todays show!!! I love Angela Daniels and can’t wait to see her tonight! Her pop craft will be fun to see!

  9. says

    What a fun giveaway! It was so fun to listen to the behind the scenes of what happened on the show. I was curious about how it all really works. All those supplies would be so fun to do a “pop craft” challenge! 🙂

  10. says

    PopCrafts I just love CraftWars and Angela your challenges were awesome. It was great fun to watch the show…TG I was dvring for fear I would’ve missed it. Loved FaveCrafts radio interview with some awesome crafters! You ladies are awesome!

  11. Tomoko S says

    “”””POP CRAFT””””
    I love crafts works! but I just learned what we can do with MOD PODGE yesterday…(I am a baby crafter :)) I was searching that on internet and it let me find your site. I got inspired by your radio, there are a lot more things I have to know!!!

  12. Laurie Baxley says

    Looking forward to having the chance to do some “Pop Crafts” at home! Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. LaShanna says

    The secret word is pop-craft and I would love to have this box of goodies!! Thanks for giving us a chance to win some cool stuff!

  14. Shawna V. says

    Absolutely loved the show! Pop craft is the secret word and looks like a great give-a-way! Goodies goodies!

  15. says

    I loved the interview! To a casual crafter like me, the show looks crazy intense. It’s nice to hear from the crafters outside of the show and get perspective. Absolutely can’t wait to see the next episode! “Pop Craft”

  16. Sherrie Alleman says

    What an amazing show that was. It’s really nice to have a place to watch great crafting ideas coming from great crafting minds. Thank you for such a great show. By the way, I would love to win a box of “Pop Craft” goodies.

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