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11 Angel Craft Ideas That Will Warm Your Heart

Even if you aren’t religious, you Christmas just isn’t complete without a few angels. You’ve seen them atop a Christmas tree or lining a mantel,¬† but there are also a ton of non-traditional¬†angel craft ideas. From tampons (yes, tampons) to Barbie dolls, you can use so many unexpected supplies to create a Christmas angel. Crocheters, there are plenty of patterns for you, too!

Pick one of these angel craft projects and start your countdown to Christmas. It’s never too early to start decorating for the holidays and these sweet and simple projects will put you in the jolliest of moods.


Super Easy Angel Craft Projects

Unique Tampon Angel – Okay, this project is a little controversial. Yes, you do use a tampon and it is displayed on a Christmas tree. Would you make one? Leave a comment and tell us why or why not – we want to hear from you!

Wire Ribbon and Pearl Angel – This project is deceptively easy and looks really sophisticated. You only need a few supplies to get started, making this ideal for frugal crafters. I would definitely hang this on my tree – the delicate and unique look make it a true standout.

Itty Bitty Angel – How ridiculous cute is this little angel? I love the addition of synthetic doll hair – it makes the angel come to life! If you plan to give this away as a gift, model your angel after the recipient and personalize the face. Glasses, moles and other distinctive features will take this project to the next level.

Doily Angel – If you plan to throw a holiday party or festive gathering, make sure your table is perfectly decorated. You only need one paper doily per angel, so you can create a bunch in a short time. Plus, paper doilies are super cheap, so you won’t break the bank when you work on this project.

Little Angel – Crochet beginners will love working on this adorable angel. In just a few minutes, you can crochet both the wings and body. The stitches aren’t intricate and the pieces aren’t huge, so you don’t have to worry about messing up. Use this as an excuse to test your crochet skills and see what you can accomplish.

Extra Glamorous Angel Tree Topper – Who knew a Barbie could be a Christmas crafting MVP? This is the ultimate recycle craft – you’re repurposing an empty plastic bottle, toilet paper roll and yes, a Barbie to create a one-of-a-kind angel. This is a standout craft you won’t soon forget.


Our Favorite Angel Crafts to Make

angel-dogPuppy Angel Christmas Ornament – Immortalize your four-legged friend with this delightful polymer clay ornament. The tiny halo and sparkly eyes are will help your ornament stand out on the tree. If you’re new to the world of clay, this is the perfect project for you.

Cinnamon Angel Garland – Rustic, country-themed crafts are always popular, but this one is especially meaningful. The cinnamon sticks and bay leaves used to string the garland and decorate the angels will make your home smell positively delicious. The subdued colors and small features make this an ideal craft if you just want a tiny touch of holiday flair.

Clay Angel Ornament – Grab that polymer clay – it’s time to get to work! I love the heart motif used throughout this adorable Christmas craft project. This may look like a complicated project, but it’s actually pretty easy to complete.

Ruffled Angel Statue -Use fleece or felt to complete this genius angel craft. Simply wrap your ruffles around a Styrofoam cone for a textured look. If you’re looking for a creative tabletopper or mantel display piece, be sure to work on this project.

Angel Ornament Pattern – Use this as a coaster, wall hanging or tabletop display – it’s that versatile. I love the traditional look of this design and the basic stitches used to complete the piece. Best of all, this is a true one skein pattern, making it ideal for waiting room and long car trips (as long as you’re not driving, of course).


What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?