AllFreeSewing Presents Our Second Stash Buster Challenge!

Sewists, last year we introduced The Stash Buster Challenge and challenged you to create new sewing projects made solely from material you already had on hand. Since we had so much fun finding new ways to use up fabric from our stashes, we thought, why not give it another go? Except this year, we’re giving one lucky winner a secret prize!

Here’s how it all works:

In today’s newsletter, you’ll find scrappy project ideas because this week, the theme of our Stash Buster Challenge is scrappy projects. Create any of the projects you find in the newsletter, (or really any scrappy project that strikes your fancy) take a photo of it and share it with us on Facebook. You can post your photo directly to our Facebook page. Then stay tuned next Thursday and the following Thursday as each week we’ll feature a new theme and more project ideas in our issues. Whenever you’re feeling up to the challenge, create a project (or several) and remember to share with us on Facebook. At the end of the challenge we’ll choose one participant at random to receive our special prize.

We’ll also be featuring some of your project photos in our newsletters throughout the challenge. Cool huh? Worst case scenario, you end up with cool new projects made entirely with material from your stash! It’s time to test your creativity!

Join us in taking the Stash Buster Challenge!

Here’s a collection of scrappy project ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

15 Scrap Fabric Projects

Will you be participating in the Stash Buster Challenge? What kinds of things do you like to make with leftover fabric?


  1. Linda says

    I like to make quilts from old too big clothes, of mine, since losing 130+lbs.

    The front is many small only shaped piece, (crazy quilt) The inside is an old blanket and the other side is Slip Over shirts, I cut under the arms to make two large pieces out of each one.

  2. Diane says

    Working on braided quilt using scrap fabric samples I picked up at a garage sale about 10 years ago and other scrap pieces will post pictures when finished, having a blast as it’s my first quilt 🙂

  3. Linda L. says

    I just made a wallet from a pattern I found on allfreesewing, and gave it to my hubby to replace his worn out one. He gave that one to our dog, who promptly disposed of it. I’m now picking up all the pieces and recycling them. LOL

  4. Linda Jo Bell says

    My way to use up stash of scraps is a quilt.My favorite quilt is always just a patchwork.Although I will soon be working on to replace a 35 year old quilt which is somewhat called then a rainbow.Simply squares turned diamond shape done in a complete square.


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