AllFreeKidsCrafts Giveaway: S.E.I Tumble Tie-Dye Kit

If you feel like bein’ groovy, tie-dye is the only way to go.

As the summer approaches and the sun begins to shine, thoughts of white shirts dipped in colorful dye begin to develop. There’s something about the heat of the summer months that brings out the hippie in all of us, age two to two-hundred. Unfortunately, the finished product always looks much better in your imagination, and you forget to figure in the massive clean up involved in this summertime project.

If you’re sitting down, I am ready to introduce you to a revolutionary way to turn your whatever whites into groovy garments. The S.E.I Tumble Tie-Dye Kit makes tie-dyeing a ton easier and a lot cleaner. How? Each color is conveniently packaged in its own spray bottle, which means that you can completely control the amount of dye that is expelled. Your tie-dye shorts can finally look like they do in your imagination!

Enter to win this amazing tie-dye kit from S.E.I from April 29th through May 13th, and you’ll be your kids’ favorite this summer as they tie-dye everything they own.



Return to the entry form once a day to increase your chance of winning!

Click here to read more about the S.E.I Tumble Tie-Dye Kit.

Other than a t-shirt, what would you tie-dye with this kit?


  1. Barb Wagar says

    I would tie die cotton squares that I would use to make a summer quilt! I’ve always wanted to do that!

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