AllFreeJewelryMaking Giveaway: Creative Chain Mail Jewelry Book

It’s a new year, so start accessorizing like it! Wave your 2012 trends goodbye, and welcome new items into your armoire. Contrary to what you’re thinking, reloading your jewelry collection will not cost you. In fact, you’ll only gain from it when you make the jewelry yourself. With the help of Creative Chain Mail Jewelry from Kalmbach Books, you can update your stash without spending much cash. This book of sophisticated jewelry patterns offers 29 unique designs which are sure to impress a crowd. Enter for the chance to win your very own copy of Creative Chain Mail Jewelry!

Creative Chain Mail Jewelry

Creative Chain Mail Jewelry begins with a wonderful introduction into the world of chains, presenting the different materials and tools that are players in this transformative game. The pros and cons of each of the ring metals are explored, allowing you to make a completely informed decision when choosing your material. Whether you’re just beginning your journey with chain mail jewelry or you are on the road to expertise, this book thrashes out the details, leaving no question unanswered. Once all of the basics are covered, the jewelry box opens and the mesmerizing pieces are unleashed.

This wonderful book of patterns has a piece for everyone as it explores the more creative forms that chain mail jewelry is willing to take. Open the front page and get pulled into the fantastic twists and turns these metal rings endure to emerge as a beautiful necklace, bracelet, ring, or pendant that you will adore.

Enter now for your chance to win a copy of Creative Chain Mail Jewelry! The contest ends January 28, 2013, and you can enter once a day, so keep coming back to improve your chances!

Do you think that chain mail jewelry can look feminine and soft?


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