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AllFreeChristmasCrafts’ Gift-stravangaza: A Month of Great DIY Gifts

You might remember my post last month about the AllFreeChristmasCrafts newsletter, Crafty Christmas Ideas. Let me refresh your memory: I told you that Crafty Christmas Ideas is a twice-weekly newsletters from your crafty friends at AllFreeChristmasCrafts.com. Every week, you’ll receive DIY Christmas craft ideas and fun tutorial for everything from ornaments to wall decor. Best of all, it’s all about Christmas! You won’t find any other holidays in this newsletter. Crafty Christmas Ideas is like Santa’s workshop – we’re open all year long!

Still not convinced you should subscribe to Crafty Christmas Ideas? I get it, it’s not really the “holiday season” and it’s not even Christmas in July. But if you don’t sign up for our newsletter, you’ll miss an exciting month of gift ideas. Yes, that’s right folks, starting May 19th, we’re beginning our Crafty Christmas Ideas Gifts-stravaganza!


Every Saturday for the next month, we’re bring you gift ideas for every type of person on your list. Keep an eye out for DIY gift ideas for mom, dad, kids and friends. It’s never too early to start on your Christmas crafting, especially when it comes to handmade gifts. Make a few gifts now and save them for later – it’s a great way to save yourself some stress during the holiday season.

Here’s an Exclusive Sneak Peek at Our First Issue:

When it comes to gifts for mom, think practicality. What does you mom like? What are her hobbies? What does she like to eat/drink/wear/read? Once you have an idea of what your mom likes, cater to her interests by creating homemade gifts that show you appreciate her. If you’re mom is stressed and needs some time to relax, make her a Christmas Candle. If you’re mom has a sweet toot and a wicked sense of humor, she’ll love Snarky Christmas Canisters. For even more thoughtful crafts, check out 15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom. Christmas is a season for family and togetherness, so show how much you care by making something meaningful.



You can’t go wrong with a handmade gift and our Gift-stravaganza is filled with great ideas for every person on your list. However, you can’t get in on the fun if you aren’t a Crafty Christmas Ideas subscriber. Sign up today and join in on the fun!

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