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6 Super Easy Quilting Projects You Can Do Today


As the editor of FaveQuilts.com, I know better than anyone that making a quilt can be intimidating! Quilts can be very big, complex projects that take years to complete. When you’re a dedicated, experienced quilter, that kind of challenge can be fun. But when you’re a casual quilter or a beginner, like me, you want a quick, easy quilt project that you can finish without investing too much time.

These YouTube quilting videos are just the thing for a novice quilter or even an experienced quilter who wants to finish a quilt in just a few hours. Each video will teach you how to make a small, simple quilt that you can use as a throw blanket or wall hanging. The possibilities for these quilts are endless. Use them to decorate your own home, give them as gifts for birthdays and baby showers, or donate them to a charity that brings warm blankets to people in need. With these easy quilting instructions, you can achieve the satisfaction of finishing a quilt, even if you only have a weekend or just a few hours to work on it.

Quilt As You Go Methods

The easiest way to make a quilt is to “quilt as you go.” This means that you sew the top, batting, and backing together at the same time as you are piecing the top. Most quilt as you go methods involve strip quilting. Although more advanced piecework patterns are not well-suited to quilting as you go, you can make a very cute quilt in just a couple hours with stripes of pretty fabric.


Rag Quilt Tutorial

Rag quilts are a super simple way to make a cozy quilt that your family will love to snuggle with! Rag quilting is a quilt as you go method that leaves seams exposed on the front of the quilt. When you clip notches in the seams at regular intervals, they unravel slightly and become fluffy and soft, giving rag quilts their characteristic ruffled look.

Small Quilt Projects

Baby quilts and mini quilts provide instant gratification for time-strapped quilters. These small quilt projects can be finished in just a few hours, and they make great decorations and gifts. Try one of the cute quilts in these video tutorials!


T-shirt Quilt

Making a t-shirt quilt can be more difficult than a regular quilt because you are working with knit fabrics rather than woven. However, if you follow the directions in this tutorial and use interfacing to stabilize the t-shirt fabric, making a t-shirt quilt can be very easy! You will already have all the fabrics on hand (just look in the bottom of your dresser drawers!), and the patchwork is usually quite simple.


What’s your favorite quick quilting project? Do you have any tips for making quilting faster or easier?


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