7 Craft Room Ideas And Organizational Tips To Make Life Simple

Hoarders is one of my favorite shows of all time. I’m always horrified at what I see week in and week out and yet I can’t look away. Even worse, I’m afraid I’ll be like them and end up on the show. Sometimes it is hard to generate the will power to get off my lazy butt and start organizing, but Hoarders is always a great motivator. In honor of the show, I am here to give you some craft room ideas to make your projects easier. These organizational tips are sure to make life easier and more fun!

Everyday Storage

Sewing Room Storage Bins

13 Craft Storage Solutions

I’m A Organizing Junkie has many great tips and craft room ideas for how to make your everyday life easier. One of their many ways to help you are these terrific storage bins.

This And That Storage

This And That Storage

We here at FaveCrafts are always looking for ways to make your life easier and help you get organized. If you need help getting organized on a day-to-day basis, consider creating these storage bins.

DIY Organizational Ideas For Small Spaces

Divide And Conquer A Junk Drawer

Divide And Conquer A Junk Drawer

Real Simple offers many storage ideas for small spaces but one of their best craft room ideas is something so simple. All you have to do is find one of your many junk drawers that you have and then follow their simple organizational steps. Your crafts will be stored away in no time! This drawer is easy to create and even better, it’s easy to use.

The Bike Shelf

The Bike Shelf

Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or just need some extra storage space for a bike, Knife & Saw has created the perfect solution for you: the bike shelf. This handy shelf that you can either make yourself or ship away for is the perfect way to not only hide away your bike, but also to create extra space.

Recycling Everyday Household Items

Turning Cleaning Wipes Into Storage Containers

Cleaning Wipe Containers

We may not like to organize or have the will power to do it but our friends over at I Heart Organizing live for it. Their name speaks for itself! They have come up with many amazing ways to helps make life simpler and more beautiful. They suggest reusing the containers that your cleaning wipes come in and turning them into storage containers.

Outlet Covers

Super Inexpensive & Simple DIY Storage SolutionsI Heart Organizing also suggest turning an old shoe box into an outlet cover. Crystal Ray over at Yahoo! has a similar idea except instead of using a shoe box, she reused an empty baby wipe container.

What Do You Find Is The Best Way To Organize Your Things?


  1. says

    thank you for all the patterns& tips. I have printed off and made so many things and learned/advanced my crocheting.
    a tip today – It pains me to see ladies sewing or crocheting their many beautiful things sitting on a regular chair.Please ladies, go out and get yourself a light swivel chair. It is so easy turning and getting up off the chair and your back will thank you in time.Nice at a desk / table / computer- many places.
    Happy craft work. Gladys ~

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