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5 Steps To Starting a Free Craft Blog

You love to craft and want to share your projects with the world. Why not start a craft blog? It’s super simple to start blogging about your craft with these five easy steps.

  1. Pick a service to use.
    There are many free blogging services like Blogger, WordPress, and Yola. They are all relatively simple to use and offer lots of free features like the ability to customize your blog. All of these services allow users to choose a premade layout design, so there is no need to learn code or design your own blog. Each of the services offer different features, so look at each one or ask a blogging friend what they use before you get started.
  2. Create a Banner Header.

    You will need to create a header to show off your cool new blog and you can do it yourself. You can use Picnik, Picasa or Gimp which are all free to create your new title header.
  3. Create content for your blog.
    This is the most important part of the whole blogging experience. Good content is what attracts and keeps readers. Make sure that you are writing about what you are passionate about and want to continue writing about. If your blog is a mish mosh of your life which includes craft, cooking, parenting, farming, etc. then make sure you let your readers know that either in your title or your description. Sometimes bloggers mix in parts of their life alongside their main focus which is great but if you start a blog called All About Felt and suddenly talk about nothing but milking cows, you will inevitably lose readers. So, keep to what you know and let your readers know what to expect in an About Me or Description Page.
  4. Tell people about your blog.
    There is one way to make sure people know you started a blog, tell them. Once you have a couple of posts under your belt, let the world know it. If you use any social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, post all about it. Make sure you let the world know it is your new blog and what the topic is. This increases your chances of people visiting your blog and clicking on the links you add to the social media networks. To make social media even simpler, you can set up an account in TwitterFeed that will create a tweet or facebook update every time you post to your blog. You can also add your blog address to your email signature so that your emails will also be promoting for you.
  5. Work at your blog.
    My buddy Jenny likes to say that people need to “rock their baby” when it comes to making their blogs a success and that just means they need love and attention from the blogger. In order to make a blog successful, the first step is to make consistently good content. Which means once you get started blogging, don’t stop. Keep that momentum going and write about what you know and love. Share your projects, tips, and techniques. Posts don’t have to be full tutorials every time, they can be about sharing your inspirations, favorite products, or even a cool new trick. The important part is to keep on blogging once you start.

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. It can be a wonderful way to make friends and share what you love. For more ideas for help with your crafty business, subscribe to the Creative Income Newsletter, which is chock full of ideas for bloggers, designers, and all kinds of crafters. If you are considering starting a craft business, Creative Income and our great articles about the business of craft is a great place to start.

Already have a crafty blog? Share your tips and tricks with our readers as well as your link in the comments!