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It’s Finally Here! 5 Crafts to Celebrate the Hunger Games

This is a big day for me. Yes, it’s my half birthday, but that’s not why I’m excited. I keep staring at the clock and counting down the seconds because tomorrow night I will be sitting in an IMAX theater full of fanatics, cheering on Katniss, Gale, Peeta.

The Hunger Games is a hugely successful book series for young adults. The heroine and narrator Katniss volunteers herself to fight in the Hunger Games, taking the place of her younger sister Prim. In the games, two youths are chosen at random and forced to fight with their peers (or “tributes”, as they’re called). Only one person can emerge as the victor. The story is set in Panem and shows the destructive power of a totalitarian, voyeuristic society. There’s also a pretty great love triangle between Katniss, her childhood friend Gale and her follow tribute, Peeta.

The story may sound a little complicated, but the suspense and action make it positively addicting. Best of all, you don’t have to be a young person to enjoy the books. In fact, my friend’s grandfather just began reading the first novel!

To celebrate the opening of The Hunger Games in theaters, we’re bringing you some of of our favorites crafts. Get excited, get creative and channel your inner Katniss!


5 Minute Bread Bag

Peeta is known as “the boy with the bread” because in his hometown, District 12, his family owns a bakery. Additionally, we learn that Peeta would provide Katniss with bread when they were children. Bread plays an important role in the books, so why not create a 5 Minute Bread Bag? Keep your food fresh with this quick and simple craft idea. You can even use an old dishtowel for this project.

Chic Steampunk Brooch

I tried in vain to find the perfect mockingjay pin for all of you fangirls and boys. While I couldn’t find that exact project, I did find this cool brooch. Steampunk mixes a Victorian aesthetic with a decidedly industrial, bleak look. For me, steampunk immediately evokes District 12 because it lacks color and is very mechanical. Add a touch of steampunk to your outfit by creating your own Chic Steampunk Brooch.

Heating Pillow with Buckwheat

I mentioned before that bread is a big part of The Hunger Games, but grain is also extremely important. District 12, home of Katniss, Peeta and Gale, is known for mining, while District 9, another town, is known for grain. Additionally, when tributes enter the Reaping (the assembly in which Hunger Games participants are chosen), they can earn more grain by submitting their name additional times (which is ideal if you’re poverty-stricken, like Katniss). Use your own grains to create a warm and toasty Heating Pillow. Sew up some scrap fabric and add some of your favorite essential oils to make this craft extra special.

Fire and Ice

Katniss is known as “the girl on fire” throughout the series. This is literally shown when she wears a dress that catches fire! Evoke these fiery flames with a homemade jewelry craft. A Fire and Ice Necklace and Earrings set is powerful and pretty at the same time. The wire swirls will help you evoke your inner “girl on fire.”

Easy Daisy Granny Square

Flowers are a recurring motif throughout The Hunger Games. In one of the most emotional moments from the book, Katniss sings a comforting song to her ally in the games, Rue. The song speaks of a blossoming meadow, filled with daisies that “guard you from every harm.” Crochet afghans certainly provide a great deal of comfort at any time of year. Start your next afghan with an Easy Daisy Granny Square. Make a bunch and stitch them together to create a spring afghan.


How are you celebrating the release of the Hunger Games film?