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5 Homemade Christmas Gifts That Are Fun To Eat And Create

Christmas is right around the corner and you know what that means? It is time to buy gifts! Well, that is probably how you feel at least. But there’s no reason you can’t get into the Christmas spirit and make some homemade Christmas gifts that not only work well for your budget but are also adorable. Even tasty too!  Since I not only love to eat (who doesn’t) and love to craft, I thought I would share some great edible Christmas crafts with you as well as some other great DIY Christmas gifts centered around food.

Snowman Candy Bar WrapperSnowman Candy Bar Wrapper

Who doesn’t love chocolate?! Everybody loves chocolate and nobody will complain when you give them this wonderfully festive homemade Christmas gift from Laurie Furnell. Not only is this  treat very easy to make but it works great as both a stocking stuffer or as an easy yet fun gift to give to all your co-workers and friends. You can modify this project to fit any kind of candy bar like Milky Ways (my personal favorite) or a tube-like treat like Rolos and Lifesavers. Either way, this DIY craft is great for the holidays.

Felted Sweater SuprisesFelted Sweater Hot Cup Sleeves

There’s nothing better than a hot cup of cocoa on a cold winter day. I remember the best part about playing in the snow as a child was coming inside and having a big cup of hot chocolate ready for me that was prepared by my mom. But now I am an adult and now I drink my hot chocolate differently- and on-the-go. We all now drink our delicious hot beverages from those Starbucks-type cups and this great idea by Spoonful is a fantastic and inexpensive homemade Christmas gift.


Candy Sleigh Candy Sleigh


How cute is this? From our friends over at Kaboose, this is a replica of Santa’s sleigh made entirely out of candy. Not only is this a great trinket to have around the house to add a great Christmas feel to any occasion but it is pretty easy to make and makes for a great homemade Christmas gift to give to your friends and family.

Sewn Paper Candy PouchSewn Paper Candy Pouch

This homemade Christmas gift from The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle is simple to make and would work well not only to store candy but it would also be great for all the baked goods that you make. I know I always have a few extra cookies left over after I bake a batch for Santa and this easy DIY project is a perfect container to help carry the leftovers around in.

Root Deer RudolphRoot Deer Rudolph

Our friends over at AllFreeHolidatCrafts sent me this delightfully remarkable idea to turn your root beer bottles (or really any bottles that  you have lying around the house) into in inexpensive and amusing craft that the whole family can enjoy making.





What’s your favorite Christmas food?  Be sure to let us know in the comments!