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30 Back to School Activities for Kids


Summer’s over, which means that it’s time to head back to school. No more long days at the beach, endless hours at summer camp, or playing in the pool. Just because summer is ending doesn’t mean that the fun has to as well. Time to put on your reading cap, gather up your notebooks, and head back to school. Before you go, make sure that you have a head start with 30 Back to School Activities for Kids. These back to school crafts are some of my favorites because I love the freshness that comes with a new school year. Whether you’re in need of a quick gift for your teacher or a journal for math class, this collection of crafts from AllFreeKidsCrafts is great.

Don’t lollygag back to school unprepared and unaware; make sure that you’re ready to jump in head first by doing back to school activities for kids. Now is the time of year for new beginnings and a fresh start, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on teacher gifts and school supplies. Back to school crafts are a blast when you make them yourself.


Homemade Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Giant Goody PencilShow your thanks for all that your teachers do this school year by making a homemade teacher appreciation gift. If it comes from the heart, then your teacher is sure to love it. Teachers are theĀ  make learning possible and fun, so show them your appreciation by making back to school crafts. You can’t go wrong with apple or pencil crafts, the back to school essentials. That’s why the Giant Goody Pencil craft is a hit as a homemade teacher appreciation gift. Use an old Pringles can and fill it with goodies to give to your favorite teacher. No matter what you make, your teacher is sure to appreciate your thoughts and efforts when you make these back to school activities for kids.


Back to School Supplies

Bookmaking for KidsMake the first day of school the very best day of school with all of your new back to school supplies that you crafted yourself! Save tons of money when you make your own erasers, journals, and pencil holders. Back to school activities for kids like making supplies are a great way to personalize your things. School is more fun when you can use something you made to write down fractions or store your pens. Bookmaking for Kids is a great way to save money and learn something new at the same time. Your book will be a one-of-a-kind back to school craft.


Learning Activities for Kids

Bean in a Jar Biology LessonEach lesson in school is an important building block in childhood. Ultimately that is what school is all about: learning. Learning activities for kids like the Bean in a Jar Biology Lesson make education fun. Each subject in school, whether it’s math, biology, or history, is interesting and exciting if you have the right activity planned. Back to school activities for kids are important to prepare for the coming months of learning, so make sure to get started. All of these back to school crafts are great lessons to teach kids about dinosaurs, math, and how to count money.


What are you most excited about this school year?