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25 Frightfully Fun Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

It’s almost that time of year…the time when ghastly ghosts, soaring superheroes, wicked witches, pretty princesses, and macabre monsters haunt the streets of your neighborhood, intent on their hunt…the hunt for candy! If you want your kids’ sweet tooth to be satiated this year (so you don’t have to endure the mummy-like moans and groans), you better make sure your little ghouls and goblins are dressed to impress. A sheet with holes for eyes isn’t going to cut it anymore. (Just think of poor Charlie Brown and his goodie bag full of rocks.)


Lacking costume creativity? Don’t fear, fair crafters! We’ve gathered up some of the best homemade Halloween costumes for kids so you can help transform your little ones into their chosen alter egos on All Hallow’s Eve, may they be sweet or sinister, cute or creepy, whimsical or wicked. Get in the spooky spirit with these frightfully fun homemade Halloween costume ideas!

Avast, ye maties! Your little swashbuckler will be ready to sail the high seas in this awesome pirate costume! Complete with mustache and eye patch, this homemade pirate Halloween costume will be sure to snag your tike a treasure trove of treats on Halloween night. (No popcorn balls, though, or you’ll have to walk the plank!)

Precious little pixies will love twirling in this fabulous fairy tutu. This whimsical costume is perfect for little girls who dream of fantasy fairy forests filled with dancing orbs of colorful light and shimmering pixie dust floating on the breeze. Whisk your fairy princess away to a land of imagination with this darling DIY costume! (And don’t forget, every fairy princess needs a fairy wand and a sparkly crown!)

Evil villains, beware! With these comic book hero capes, little superheroes and heroines will be unstoppable in the face of injustice on All Hallow’s Eve! Whether Superman or Batman is their preferred protector, your tiny crime fighters can become the champion of their choice with this homemade hero Halloween costume. (Or if your little caped crusader wants a more general look, try these simple starred superhero capes and starry superhero masks.)

Wanna take a walk on the wild side this Halloween? Try a homemade animal costume! It’ll be an absolute safari in the streets on October 31st as ferocious tigers, dotty dinosaurs, and lumbering bears stalk their candy prey. Or if your kid is looking for a loftier option, try an owl mask or some fine-feathered falcon wings. (Their bird’s eye view will give them the advantage so they can zero in on the best houses.)

With one of these creative costumes, your kids will be sure to score a stockpile of sweets this Halloween (enough to keep them sugared up and satisfied until next year). Find even more awesome homemade costume ideas when you check out 25 Homemade Halloween Costumes: Easy Costumes for Kids on AllFreeKidsCrafts.com. Plus, take a peek at our collection of 43 Haunting Halloween Crafts for Kids and Easy Halloween Decorations for even more fun and festive ways to celebrate the spooky season!

Do you prefer homemade or store-bought Halloween costumes? What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?