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25 Book-Related Activities to Help Kids Learn

Seussical the Dessert-sicleBetter than movies, television shows, and video games, books are the best form of entertainment there is. You can get them free from the library, and there are so many to choose from. Nothing stimulates your mind more than reading does. As an English major in college, I spend most of my time reading, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love jumping into a different world each time I open up another book. Reading is a great way to expand kids’ knowledge, and it’s so important to start when they’re young.  To encourage reading, pair children’s stories with these book-related activities with four popular authors’ works. From a hungry caterpillar to Sam I Am, you can enter a world of adventure on every page.

AllFreeKidsCrafts has put together a list of reading crafts that are inspired by popular books. These book crafts for kids include anything from painting crafts, food crafts, to  sewing crafts. Sit down, grab your favorite book from the bookshelf, and start reading today.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar Crafts

Very Hungry Caterpillar Balloon CraftAs perhaps one of the most well-known books for children, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle will capture every youngster’s attention. These reading crafts will teach kids about transformation and appetite. You can create your own very hungry caterpillar when you make the Very Hungry Caterpillar Balloon Craft. This reading craft combines painting with balloons, and you can add another dot every time the hungry caterpillar eats something. The photography in this classic book is breathtaking and will encourage youngsters to partake in book crafts for kids that involve art.

Rainbow Fish Activities

Glam GuppiesDive into an adventure in the deep, blue sea. When you open the pages of Marcus Pfister’s Rainbow Fish, you’ll discover lessons about sharing, caring, and selflessness. These Rainbow Fish activities are a great way to get kids involved with reading while teaching them valuable lessons. Make these Glam Guppies that look just like the little fishies that Rainbow Fish shares his beautiful scales with. Book-related activities that encourage learning about new topics like underwater creatures, the ocean, and different colors are perfect for young kids. Expand their worlds with these reading crafts about a little fish who learned to share.


Dr. Seuss Crafts

'The Lorax' Truffula ForestOh, the places you’ll go! Hopefully one of them is to the library so that you can check out some classic children’s books by Dr. Seuss. He was a master with words and soon kids who read The Lorax and Sam I Am will be too. You can read classics like The Lorax and then make the ‘The Lorax’ Truffula Forest craft. Use nature items found in your own backyard to reinforce the message of being environmentally friendly. Reading crafts from Dr. Seuss books are so much fun because chances are that you have at least one of his books in your home. Try these book-related activities to encourage imagination and creativity, just like the story lines in Dr. Seuss’s rhyming stories.


Superhero Crafts

SupercookiesCaptain America, Superman, and Wonder Woman, oh my! Comic books are well loved by boys and girls no matter their age. It’s important to encourage different types of reading, which is why comics rock! Get those creative juices flowing by making tons of book crafts for kids. While you’re reading, you can talk about what is happening in each comic while doing a book-related activity. These readings crafts will encourage kids to talk about their favorite superheroes and keep on reading to find out what happens to them.



What is was your favorite book when you were a child?