Have a Heavenly Holiday with 19 Ways to Make an Angel Before Christmas

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is seeing all of those lovable Christmas characters that have been around forever. At the same time, it’s nice to take a break from all things Santa and Frosty related, and focus on something with its own special significance. Angels are inspiring as an aspect of faith, as well as for the spirit of the season, and so many of us crafters are ready to bring these wonderful feelings to our Christmas craft projects. The editors at AllFreeChristmasCrafts wants to help you find the perfect angel craft, so we’ve compiled a list of 19 Ways to Make an Angel Before Christmas. You’ll want to make an angel for every room in your house after you see all of the different projects our designers have to offer.

If there’s one place you want your craft angel to be, it’s on your Christmas tree. You’ll be amazed at these homemade Christmas ornaments, as they all have their own special detailing, but none of them are expensive. If you want to start being more frugal with your crafting, these handmade ornament crafts are a great place to start.

Bead crafts have been a huge trend this year, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re elegant, come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re always easy to use for multiple kinds of projects. Learn how to make an angel that seems to have a personality of its own depending on the beads you use. These would look perfect on a sparkling Christmas tree.

Spread the joy of angel crafts with some handmade Christmas cards. You can transform regular paper into cards bursting with the Christmas spirit using adorable angel stamps and paint. Take this opportunity to show off your creativity and crafting prowess to all of your loved ones.

We didn’t want fans of Christmas patterns to be left out, so we made sure our list had plenty of angels to make using sewing and needle techniques. You can finally find new use for your leftover fabric scraps or design something totally original for a loved one to wear. No matter what you choose to make, you’ll have a new angel craft to show off in your home this year that’s unlike anything in stores.

You might find yourself looking for a more general project to add to your Christmas home decor. In that case, just pick one of these decorative angel crafts that can go practically anywhere in your home. Each will show an impressive ability to work with the best and most interesting craft materials.

Skip the store this year and find the angel craft that’s just right for you by looking through the rest of our collection of 19 Ways to Make an Angel Before Christmas. In no time, you’ll feel the magic of Christmastime all throughout your house.

What’s your favorite kind of angel craft?


  1. Connie says

    I love angels!!! You have some angel ideas that I have not seen before. Thank you four sharing these! Connie

  2. Carla Barth says

    My favorite angel craft is the one made with stiff ribbon fan folded for the wings and body. A wooden head and a pipe cleaner halo. So easy to make and so pretty!

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