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15 Quick Sewing Projects Under 15 Minutes

Quick Sewing Projects

Let’s face it, sewists- you do not have all the time in the world. While we would love to sew for hours on end, life can get in the way. Luckily, you can use quick sewing projects to get your crafting fix in. These quick and easy sewing projects are an excellent way to take a break. Fast projects let you focus for a short amount of time on something besides your worries. These little projects are great stress-busters. If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, take a fifteen minute break. Just like a 15 minute power nap, quick sewing projects can help you find a moment of zen and center yourself during a chaotic week. All of the projects in 15 Quick Sewing Projects Under 15 Minutes help you find a sewing moment to yourself.

When I am stressed out, I find that taking just a moment of time for myself can help tremendously. Reading a favorite book, crafting a small project, or even sipping coffee all by my lonesome can help me gain some perspective. The best part about a quick sewing project is that you are being productive, too! So, if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, consider trying one of these fab projects. Enjoy!

Quick Sewing Projects in 5 Minutes

If you have 5 minutes, these insanely fast and insanely cute crafts are the perfect time-waster.

5 Minute Gift Card Holder from Burlap Scraps
5 Minute Halter Top
5 Minute Holiday DIY Headband
5 Minute Pillows
5 Minute Skirt

Quick Sewing Projects in 10 Minutes

If you have just a few more minutes, consider these 10 minute wonders. I’m in love with the 10 Minute Apron Pattern. It is just so cute. Don’t believe me? Look up!

10 Minute Apron Pattern
10 Minute Little Pillow
11 Minute Galaxy Skirt
Braided T-Shirt Headbands

Quick Sewing Projects in 15 Minutes

Fifteen minute projects are hands-down my favorite projects. It is enough time for you to take a serious break from the day. These projects giveyou a craft zen moment without eating up too much of your day. Plus, they’re really handy.

15 Minute Fabric Lunch Wrap
15 Minute Mouse Pad Wrist Rest
15 Minute Pet Bed Tutorial
15 Minute Tissue Box Cover
15 Minute Tuxedo Skirt
Bonjour DIY Bath Mitt

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When you have 15 minutes to sew, what sort of projects do you reach for?