15 Fabulous Homemade Christmas Ornaments for Kids

Winter is closing in on us. In just a few short months it will officially be here. While we aren’t looking forward to shoveling our cards out of the snow, we here at FaveCrafts are getting excited about Christmas! Like Santa’s elves, we have already begun working away, finding unique and one-of-a-kind ways to celebrate.¬† We thought we’d share some wonderful homemade Christmas ornaments for kids, so you can begin getting your whole family excited about up the upcoming holiday. These are 15 easy kids crafts that will give you plenty of Christmas tree decorating ideas when it finally comes time to set up the tree. From snowmen to penguins, to glittery fairies, we have something for everyone. As you probably already know, homemade Christmas ornaments add a special touch to your tree and become keepsakes you’ll cherish year after year. So break out the glue sticks and paint and let’s get crafting!



Quick Glitter Pinecone Ornaments

Pick up some pinecone’s from your lawn or around your neighborhood and grab some glitter. This an easy homemade ornament that will look glamorous on your tree.




Paper Tiered Christmas Tree Ornament

Create a mini tree for your big tree this year. Have your kids use beads and glitter to decorate their miniature Christmas trees.





Easy Icicle Ornaments

This is perfect for kids on the younger end. All you need is some pipe cleaners and beads. It’ll look like a sparking icicle when they’re done.




Cinnamon Dough Ornaments

This craft will fill your house with the scent of Cinnamon. The kids will need some help in the kitchen.





Sock it to Me Snowman Ornament

This is truly a unique christmas ornament. Have your kids bring Frosty to life with a sock. This is a funny ornament that they’ll love showing off to all their friends.






Family of Snowmen Handprint Ornament 

With just a bit of paint, your kids can create a whole family of snowmen with their hand.





Jingly Reindeer Ornament

Are your kids familiar with the Polar Express? This homemade ornament combines both a bell and a reindeer. Awesome, right?




Glittery Fairy OrnamentsGlitter-Fairy-Ornaments

Bring these Christmas fairies to life with a little trust and pixie dust.





Beaded Candy Cane Ornament

Candy canes are the classic Christmas candy. This is another great craft for one of your younger children.






Bottle Cap Snowmen Ornament

Recycle your old bottle caps to create these adorable snowmen.





Double Scoop Ice Cream Ornament

What kid doesn’t love ice cream? Now they can create a fun ornament to hang right on their tree.





Melted Snowman Ornamentmelted-snowman

This one of the easiest homemade Christmas ornaments. Using hot glue and beads, you’ll have your very own melted snowman.





Plastic Cup Snowman Ornament

Recycle a plastic cup and watch your kids create a snowman in front of your very eyes.




Sparkly Leaf Ornamentleaf-ornaments

This is an easy Christmas ornament that will make your Christmas tree sparkle.





What is your favorite homemade Christmas ornament and why?


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