12 Days of Christmas Giveaway: Day 11

Happy holidays! Can you believe Christmas Eve is tomorrow already, are you ready for it? I am and I can’t wait! Hey, it’s Christine, editor for AllFreeCrochet.com and host for today’s day 11 of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways! Enter today and tomorrow to win the mystery prize of the day. Contest rules and how to enter are below.

On the 11th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me….

Easy Crochet Patterns for Holiday Visits!

11 Free Easy Crochet Patterns for Holiday Visits

Christmas can be such a hectic time, especially when you have to travel. Traveling can also be very tricky depending on what the weather is doing. If you have kids who are just so anxious to get to their destination, your ride (whether driving or flying) can seem very long. To help pass the time we have provided you with 11 Free Easy Crochet Patterns for Holiday Visits. You can easily work these up on the plane or in the car (as long as you’re not driving). Crochet hooks are allowed on airplanes, so you shouldn’t have a problem! Log in to leave a comment on the site, under this collection page, and tell us what you do to pass the time while flying or driving for holiday visits.


In order to win today’s mystery present, you’ll need to log in to AllFreeCrochet and comment on the 11 Free Crochet Patterns for Holiday Visits, and tell us what you do to pass the time while traveling for holiday visits. It’s that easy! Your comment will be your entry for the giveaway!


*Winner will be selected at random. Winner will be posted on December 27th due to the holiday for today’s prize on our 12 Days of Christmas blog post.
*You have until tonight, Friday, December 23rd at 11:59p EST to enter your comment. Comments posted after that will not be counted.
*Prizes will be received by the winner in 2-4 weeks of announcing them.
*Only one comment per person on the AllFreeCrochet page, not this blog. Duplicate comments will be deleted and are not tallied.
*Contest open to anyone 18+ in US and/or Canada.


  1. Donna Joy says

    Making a list of chores to finish before Xmas eve. First on the list is to check out Fave Crafts. Thanks for the surprise giveaway.
    Winter is here and a great time to knit, sew, crochet and craft. Love the patterns from Fave crafts.



  3. AnniePoulsen says

    I always have a project when I travel, either granny squares for that quilt I am some day going to put them all together for, or clipping coupons, or making special olympic scarves. Thanks for the chance to win and Merry Christmas.

  4. sandra sharp says

    the best gift I have ever gave someone was last year to my mother in law, I went through all of her pictures and gathered more from other family members and made her a video of her life with music and it was the last gift that was opened and when I turned it on everyones eyes were on that tv and my mother in law(mom)cried and told me that that had to be the best gift in the world, we all cried, laughed and reminised, she says she still puts it on and watches it alone and it still makes her cry, you see my mother in law is more than a mom she is my best friend and has been for 27 years.

  5. Jenny says

    I plan on catching up on a few different crochet projects while staying at my mother in laws house – it’s a good time to work on projects as there’s not a lot to do there!

  6. Deana Farmer Glore says

    Have a few towel toppers to get finished. Gonna start earlier for 2012 Christmas, would like to give handmade presents next year.

  7. Johann E says

    I take two things with me (ALL THE TIME) when I leave my house, my knitting bag and my camera!! I’m not sure which I LOVE more!! Guess I’ll just take pics of what I’m knitting and be HAPPY!!!

  8. Darla Dunn says

    I just finished crocheting Slippers for a Family Violence Center for Christmas. My Church donationed lotions, shampoo/conditioner, chapstick and colognes so we could make a little spa package. I figured since God gave me the talent to crochet I should start sharing it, and what better time to start than Christmas. We will continue to do this now throughout the year. Merry Christmas!

  9. Christine Frascella says

    I usually play car games with my two girls. One is 6 and the other is 10. We also LOVE singing Christmas songs to the radio! 🙂

  10. Wanda says

    When I can, I fly to Minnesota to visit my nephew and his family. I always carry a novel,a puzzle book, and a crochet project to occupy my time on the plane and in the airport.

  11. Michelle N. McCrillis says

    I always have a basket of car knitting, along with my daily carry along projects. This way I always have something to do, and it lets me finiah more projects.

  12. Gaynell says

    When I am in the car traveling, I talk to my hubby about everything. We enjoy the scenery. It helps make the trip smoother and I sing to my handicap daughter and show her things on the way.
    We enjoy the trip that way.

  13. Janice says

    I like to take along a small crocheting project because it keeps me awake. I also like to read, but that soon puts me to sleep.

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