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12 Days of Christmas – Daily Winners

FC 200X200 blog1 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Round Up

We have a daily giveaway for the 12 Days of Christmas. Every day features a brand new free project and a chance to win a free prize. Look for the current day to enter. Winners are announced on the blog and below as well. Scroll down for the current day’s giveaway. Good luck!


Day One: December 2nd

Mokume Gane Peacock Utensils
Win a set of 24 sampler clays (Sculpey Premo!), a Super Slicer, a Clay Tool Starter Set, Texture Sheets and Mini Metal Clay Cutters from Polyform
Mokume Gane Peacock Utensils Day 1 Prize


Day Two: December 3rd

Cabled Velvet Fingerless Mitts
Win 11 skeins of Valley Yarn Stockbridge (in three colors), needles, and a floral yarn caddy from WEBS
Cabled Velvet Fingerless Mitts  12 Days of Christmas Day 2 Prize


Day Three: December 4th

It’s All About the Music Card
Win five unique sets of  Shapabilities in a winter assortment
It's All About the Music Card  12 Days of Christmas Day 3 Prize


Day Four: December 5th

Nautical Ocean Breeze Crochet Throw
Win four skeins of yarn and one set of eight mini yarn skeins
Nautical Ocean Breeze Crochet Throw  12 Days of Christmas Day 4 Prize


Day Five: December 6th

A Classic Variegated Hat
Win a set of three colors of yarn in red, white, and blue and a pattern
Classic Variegated Hat  12 Days of Christmas Day 5 Prize


Day Six: December 7th

DIY Graphic Leather Dog Leash
Win a six-month subscription to Whimsebox
DIY Graphic Leather Dog Leash   12 Days of Christmas Day 6 Prize


Day Seven: December 8th

Fun ‘n Colorful Glass Canisters
Win a gift basket packed with an assortment of Mod Podge varieties and accessories (including 8 variations of Mod Podge, 12 variations of paint, foam rollers, photo transfer medium, high temp mini mod melts, and Podgeable papers)
Fun n' Colorful Glass Canisters  12 Days of Christmas Day 7 Prize


Day Eight: December 9th

Cozy Cowl Poncho
Win 7 skeins of yarn (2 Holiday Homespun, 4 Heartland, and 1 super fuzzy)
Cozy Cowl Poncho  12 Days of Christmas Day 8 Prize


Day Nine: December 10th

Light up the Night Glitter Jar
Win a Body Art Glitter Tattoo Kit (in red, white, silver), Glitter Spray Paint, Fashion Glitter (24 colors), Beads in a Bottle Glitter, 5 small fabric paintbrushes, Fabric Paint (in gold, diamond, ruby, gold, green)
Light Up the Night Glitter Jar  12 Days of Christmas Day 9 Prize


Day Ten: December 11th

Tiffany Blue Fingerless Mitts
Win various sets to learn how to Knook as well as six different pattern books
  12 Days of Christmas Day 10 Prize


Day Eleven: December 12th

Crystal Embellished Believe Vase
Win Elmer’s Craftbond Precision Embellishment Glue and two sets of Painters Pens, in Bright Colors and in Metallic Shimmer
Crystal Embellished Believe Vase   12 Days of Christmas Day 11 Prize


Day Twelve: December 13th

Santa Baby Suit
Win a Red Heart tote bag with nine skeins of yarn and two sets of crochet hooks
Santa Baby Suit  12 Days of Christmas Day 12 Prize



Winner Announcements

Day One: Katherine B.
Day Two: Holly D. 
Day Three: Kim D. 
Day Four: Sue K.
Day Five: Kelly
Day Six: Janice L.
Day Seven: Sue O.
Day Eight: Kathy
Day Nine: Tanya W.
Day Ten: Tara
Day Eleven: Anne
Day Twelve: Ruth C.