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119 Days Till Christmas: Pine Cones

Pine cones fall from pine trees all year round, but particularly in the fall. Take a walk as the temperature begins to drop and collect the materials for these Christmas craft projects. Instead of using jarringly bright colors of red and green, these holiday decorations use natural nuts, pine cones and dried seed pods. Because they are neutral, these decorations can really be up anytime of year.

Natural Nut and Pinecone Christmas Tree Star, Stocking– Decorate inexpensive foam with natural materials for lovely, understated holiday ornaments.

Pine-cone Candle Holder– This natural candle holder makes a great centerpiece for your holiday table, whether Christmas or Thanksgiving.

ANd for those that must have color

Yo-Yo Stuffed Pinecone– Stuff a regular pine cone with yo-yos in various fabrics. Use holiday fabrics for Christmas decorating. Yo-Yo’s can also be used to make Christmas ornaments.

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