Somewhere Over the Rainbow: 11 Rainbow Crafts to Sew

Rainbow Crafts to Sew

Dorothy had to go all the way to Oz to find out what was on the other side of the rainbow. Thanks to these awesome projects from AllFreeSewing, you don’t have to go nearly so far.

Rainbow crafts are wonderful year-round projects. They can bring a little bit of light into cold wintery days or send the clouds away during springtime rains. A rainbow is always a smart addition to any project, be it Baby’s First Book or some DIY girls clothes. These are free sewing tutorials (plus a few non-sewing crafts) that will give any project a happy, bright feel!

What’s waiting for you on the sunny side of that rain cloud?

Taste the Rainbow

Rainbow Cupcakes from runwithglitter.blogspot.comThere’s nothing tastier than a rainbow treat!  The great thing about rainbow foods is that they look impressively complicated, but are actually such a breeze to make.  These easy tutorials will show you how to bring a touch of color to your favorite desserts. For example, try this Rainbow Cake Tutorial for your next birthday party! It’s deceptively easy to make and the rainbow layers will be a lovely surprise when you cut out the first slice! Or, if you’d prefer something a little more bite-size, these Rainbow Cupcakes will be a hit at any party. They taste delicious and look so pretty!  And for the guests that aren’t cake-inclined, whip up some complementary Rainbow Jell-O to satisfy the sweet-tooth of every guest.

Dress it Up

Chromatic Scale Vintage Ribbon Skirt

Putting on an outfit with a rainbow theme is bound to improve even your darkest mood. Plus, a rainbow garment can go with anything! You can match this Chromatic Vintage Ribbon Skirt with just about anything and look great. Make your rainbow garment the focus of your outfit or just add a dash of color with this fun Rainbow Braided Headband Tutorial. Better yet, recycle old pillowcases to make a DIY dress! Just follow the steps laid out in the Rainbow Pillowcase Sundress, Part One and Two. Making your own clothes is easy when you know they’re going to bring a smile to your face every time you put them on.


House at the End of the Rainbow

Rainbow Scraps E-Reader Sleeve

There are tons of great rainbow projects for around the house. Adding a bit of rainbow flair to your DIY home decor is a fun, easy way to spice up any room or accessory! From this Rainbow Scraps E-Reader Sleeve to a fun Cross Stitch Cover for your iPhone, you can carry your rainbow around with you … or, leave this beautiful Rainbow Diamonds Mini Quilt over the back of a couch or chair.

Brighten up your bathroom with the Rainbow Bath Towel and your wrist with the Zippered Rainbow Wristlet. Whichever craft you decide to make, you can be sure your finished project will make your house the brightest one on the block.

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What’s your favorite rainbow food?


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