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11 Frugal Ways to Update Your Shoes

Guest post from Tip Hero

Are you the type of person that loves shoes but hates spending hard earned money on them? The good news is that by utilizing a bit of creativity, you can actually create “new” shoes from your tired old shoes. Whether you want to improve the look, feel or condition of your shoes, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at some creative ways that you can update your shoes on the cheap:

  1. DIY Summer Sandals: this great tutorial from annekata shows you how to make some trendy summer sandals out of a preexisting pair of used flip flops.

  2. Fix a Broken Flip Flop: did you snap your favorite pair of flip flops this summer? Not a problem! If you’ve got a short piece of wire, a drill and some pliers, you can make your flip flops functional again in no time.

  3. 5 Fabulous DIY Show Makeovers: check out some ideas from Planet Green for making over your shoes including creating your own sweater boots and “designer” shoes.

  4. DIY Floral Flip Flops: easily add a floral touch to your boring old flip flops to give them a fresh new life.

  5. Restore Old Sneakers: all you’ll need is some steel wool and toothpaste to give new life to your tired old sneakers. Simply apply toothpaste to scrubber and scrub away!

  6. Get Odors Out of Your Shoes: try a few of these easy tricks if your shoes are a bit stinky.

  7. Make Your Own Shoe Insoles: having some comfort issues with a pair of shoes you really like? Build your own insoles to provide cushioning and comfort on the cheap.