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10 Totally Tasty Patterns of Food-Inspired Quilts

If you’re familiar with basic quilting vocabulary, then you know I’m not talking about dessert when I say ‘jelly roll‘ or ‘layer cake’. However, if there’s one thing I’ve come to learn about deciding on a new pattern, it’s that fresh inspiration for a quilt project can come from anywhere–especially from common household places, like the kitchen.

Do cupcake patterns and other delicious designs sound yummy to you too? If so, you’ll love FaveQuilts‘ list of 10 tasty quilts inspired by everything from breakfast to dessert. From oven mitts featuring  patterns to quilted table runners with sugary sweet designs, every quilter can find a pattern that they find absolutely appetizing.


Breakfast Quilt Patterns

Breakfast-Print-Oven-MittsEveryone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is why you should accessorize your morning coffee with adorable quilted decor. For example, the silly design of the Eggciting Mug Rug is the perfect pattern to protect your counter tops from hot cups. For those of you that are definitely not morning people, hanging up the Strawberry Fairy Panel Quilt on your kitchen wall is a wonderful way to pep yourself up on a dreary Monday morning. If you’re really looking for a sugary treat, check out these Breakfast-Print Oven Mitts (shown) for a useful and cheerful design that’s sure to get a smile out of any sweet tooth.


Afternoon Picnic Quilts Patterns

Farm-Fresh-Picnic-QuiltIf you’re looking for quilted fruit and vegetable designs, you’ll find no fat quarter here! (sorry, I was dying to make that pun…)

All joking aside, patterns inspired by healthy picnic food, like the Pineapple Applique Welcome Sign and the Apple Core Throw, are cute ideas for new picnic blanket patterns. In addition, the upbeat colors and fruit applique patterns on this Farm Fresh Picnic Quilt (shown) come together to create a splendid blanket for a family picnic.

While fruit applique patterns make refreshing summer quilt patterns, the winter months always give me a craving for sweet afternoon snacks. If you also prefer a sugary snack during the cold season, you’ll love the delectable design of the Sugar Almonds Jelly Roll Quilt.


Dessert Quilt Patterns

Cupcake-Mug-Rug-PatternNaturally, we’ve saved our most delicious dessert quilt patterns for last! Whether you want to make a yummy Christmas quilt pattern like the Candy Jar Quilted Table Runner or pastel-colored blanket like the  Piece O’ Cake Quilt Pattern, you’re sure to get a hankering for something frosted. If you’re reading this and can barely wait to make a dessert quilt pattern, you’ll love this super fast Cupcake Mug Rug Pattern (shown) that would make a scrumptious and thoughtful handmade quilted gift.


Is your mouth watering yet? Get your sugar fix by checking out these 30 Minute Recipes: 8 Fast Dessert Recipes from Recipe Lion.


What kind of food will inspire your next quilt pattern?