Knitting and Crochet Tote Releases Stress

Knitting and Crochet Tote Releases Stress


A knitting and crochet tote is something a lot of people simply walk past in tourist shops or push to the back of their closet most of the year. This is not the case in my family. Knitting and crochet has always been a big part of my grandma's life, and I never really knew why until last week.


For every possible holiday my grandma would throw in a knitting and crochet tote along with another little gift. I think she knew I didn't use them, even though I hung each one on the back of my door like I would need to use it any day. She just said she made so many that she didn't need them anymore. I think she always hoped that I would start getting interested in knitting and crochet just like she did when she was my age.


I volunteered to drive my grandma to her knitting and crochet club last Tuesday, not knowing it was over half an hour away. She walked up to the car with her usual knitting and crochet tote and her supplies in tow. We had a lot of time to pass, so naturally we started talking about her knitting club meeting that day. She told me how she started knitting and crocheting in the first place and why she continued to keep the habit for 62 years and counting. She said that with all the stress in her life with working and raising three kids, she needed something to keep her calm. She needed something constant that could keep her mind off of everything else in her life that was bothering her.


I didn't believe her at first that each knitting and crochet tote I saw her carrying acted as a stress reliever. After some research online later, I found out that she was right! Activities like knitting and crochet have a calming effect that can help manage anxiety and, as a result, even help medical conditions such as asthma or panic attacks. As a result of the stress relieving properties, knitting and crochet can also strengthen the body's immune system.


So yesterday when I was driving my grandma back to her last club meeting, I looked at her knitting and crochet tote with a feeling of admiration and interest. I decided to do something I generally vowed never to do: I went into the meeting. I did go very well prepared, though. I looked up a Complete Beginners Guide to Knitting and Free Easy Crochet Patterns and Beginners Help. I was pretty much baffled on my own and I was getting stressed just trying to figure out what all of these new terms meant.


At this last meeting I began something of my own. I made a crochet tote bag that was so easy, and I finally had a knitting and crochet tote bag of my own for all my supplies. I finally made a bag that I'm going to actually use! After the meeting I decided that I'm going to look into some other stress relieving techniques, like a Ripple Afghan Crochet Pattern for my new apartment. Who knew staying calm and healthy could be so easy?

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Learning to knit and crochet as a child, I mostly crochet. A proven stress reliever I foolishly set it aside for 2 years when my Mother passed On, as my world shifted. Then, "after the work's done" became "after the work's done for today". I'm happier, more peaceful and productive. Added bonuses: those requesting projects buy or pay for double the yarn needed... another project waiting to happen. CHRISTmas and birthdays are easy for family and friends. Thank you Walmart for bringing back your craft department.

I loved reading your article and a while ago wouldn't have believed the difference having something to concentrate on in times of stress something to occupy the hands and mind can help our bodies and minds cope with stressful situations My wonderful Dad is in a nursing home as a result of vascular dementia and I go sit with him each day for several hours Sometimes he sleeps through my entire visit other times he sits and stares ahead occasionally he will speak but its all about the fantasy world his mind has created for him I used to sit there feeling so helpless at not being able to do anything to help return his former quality of life wishing things were different A friend suggested I take something to do originally thought of puzzle magazines but I felt like I was being rude with my nose stuck in a magazineRead More or book during my visit Then I decided to knit something I did a lot of when my girls were young I could talk with Dad could look at him if he spoke and I found his eyes were drawn to my hands the movement of the needles the yarn unravelling he seems calmer when I knit and I know I no longer feel so helpless sitting there with him Plus I eventually get the added benefit of wearing what I've produced Dad looked at a newly completed jumper I wore for the first time reached out and touched it and looked towards my tote bag He had remembered the colour of the yarn and when I said yes this was what I'd been knitting these past weeks he looked again at the tote and was smiling when I pulled out a different colour yarn and showed him a picture of the latest article I'm making We both benefit from my knitting and I wonder how I'd have coped without it

I loved reading this article. I fully understand what she is talking about because I always felt more relaxed having something for my hands to do. My grandma and aunt taught me to crochet and I learned knitting using Reader's Digest Complete Book of Needlework. Thanks for the great article!

so inspiring! i just started crocheting a few months ago, and i have given everybody in my family at least one crocheted gift! i made my puppy a sweater yesterday, and it really relaxes me. i think it's funny to see the looks on my peers' faces when i tell them i crochet and knit( i'm only 12!), and it makes me feel like i'm really doing a good thing by crocheting!

I have always had a crochet bag with me...I hate to be stuck somewhere with nothing to occupy my hands and my mind.

What a great way to connect with your grandmother. A friend taught me to crochet, and I am now learning to knit. Since I am a multi-tasker, these allow me to make some "down-time" for myself and release stress

You're not kidding about the relaxation gained from knitting. I do live-in care of the elderly in England and I know that without the knitting, crochet and needlework that I take along with me to pass the "down time", I would probably end up with senile dementia aswell!

I found that if I take my crochet tote with me to the doctor's office I don't get my blood pressure up before I go into the exam room. My first project was a Boho vest & skirt . I wanted one so bad when I was 15 and my mother said "find I will teach you how to crochet and you can make. " I thought that was so mean. Why couldn't she just sit down and do it for me. Well it was one of the greatest gifts that my mother gave me was to teach me this craft. That was 39 years ago and today my grandchildren are requesting me to crochet for them. It feels so good to pay it forward

I taught me sister to crochet to help the arthritis in her hands. She had a hard time with it at first because her fingers was in such bad shape but she kept at it and her fingers started to loosen up. Now her hands are mush better, her fingers are straighter and she can work with them mush better. Knitting and Crochet are one of the best things in the world for a lot of reasons. I have been Knitting, Crocheting and Cross Stitching for many years and I love it. Hope to have many more to come.

wow. I just wrote a beautiful letter in response to a beautiful gramma story and thanking her for sharing her granma with us. and responding to the bait and blank offering once signed in. Flustered over not finding any lead story or pattern once signed in and was really complimenting your free online crochet product that does in fact make life simpler. And then it disappeared. Again. Why am I trying again? Because I finally found your Gramma story and low and behold another member commented about the same frustration. I feel like I'm on a scavenger hunt and come up with everything but the lead story. Marketing great. Not so much for us newbies. Thank you for listening, janknitt

What a truly beautiful story! You warmed her heart, I'm sure!

I always carry my tote of some like with yarn, needles, scissors and something to work on. I have crochet for so long that granny squares involve little thought. So often when I have to wait somewhere out comes a granny square and I add another one to the collection. Each totes has a different project depending on where I am going and how long I will have to wait. I have also discovered how to use plactic bags from the food stores to make a form of yarn and to make a tote. Recycling and making something useful at the same time.

What a great article! It is so true! Crocheting has helped me deal with my stressful life for the last 30 1/2 years! My mom-in-law taught me the chain stitch and single crochet the first time I met her over 30 years ago, and I taught myself the dc, tc, dtc, etc., and I've been doing it ever since. I taught my daughter to crochet, and it's a great way to bond. Crocheting or quilting, or any thread or other crafting, with a loved one also works to help them, and yourself, deal with stress. Thank you. Dawn

I totally agree! I learned how to crochet form my elderly neighbor growing up in Italy when I was 9 or 10 years old. I loved it ever since, though I'm not too good at it. It is very calming for me as well.

my grandmother taught me to knit and crochet at age 5 and i've been doing it ever since. a TOTAL stress reliever


From a grandmom's view......It's such an incredible feeling when a child or grandchild just takes an interest in knitting or crocheting. Mine always loved the things that I made for them. Today, my six year old grand daughter asked me to teach her how to knit. I thought that using knitting needles would be too difficult to start with, so I taught her to finger knit. She picked the technique up quickly and is talking about how to join strips together to make something larger. smile a knitter is born.

I am also impressed with this article...I know crocheting relieves my stress...It is my way of getting away from every thing...

I am very impressed with this article--I am going to make these totes for each of my grandaughters and put in a book on crochet and knitting. Also I am going to put let them know about


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