Retro Redo Crochet Collar

Retro Redo Crochet Collar

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If you're looking for crafts to make and wear all year long, look no further than this No Name Crochet Collar. The bright colors and unexpected design make this wearable a real knockout. Try this free crochet pattern and see what all the fuss is about.


  • Bonbons Yarn: Celebrate by Lion Brand® Yarns (I used the light green and pink.)
  • 3/4" button with shank (I used one from the Haberdashery Natural collection from Buttons Galore & More.)
  • Size F / 3.5mm crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Sewing needle
  • Pink thread
  • Scissors


Take time to check your gauge!
Work up a swatch in single crochet (sc).  You should get 5 stitches  & 6 rows to the inch.  Note: I crocheted
the yarn slightly tighter than recommended on the manufacturer's label to get the fabric I desired.

Work the collar base.
Chain 71 in the light green.  *Turn, skip the first stitch, work the rest in sc, end with a chain 1.*  Repeat
from * to * for 10 rows.  Fasten off light green.  Sew in tails using the tapestry needle.

Add the frills.
With right side facing, fasten on the pink with a slip stitch at the far right side.  Work a sc into every stitch across
the top of the collar.  When you reach the corner work 3 double crochets (dc) in the same stitch, skip the next stitch,
work one sc, skip a stitch, work one sc. In the next corner *work 5 dc in the same stitch, skip the next stitch, work
one sc, skip a stitch.*  Repeat from * to * across the bottom of the collar.  This stitch sequence forms the scallop stitch.
When you reach the third corner, finish this sequence with a 5 dc in the same stitch.  You then skip a stitch, work a sc,
skip a stitch, work 3 dc and skip a stitch.

Time for the closure loop.
You should be just 2 rows from the top of the collar.  Work a sc, chain 6, work a sc.  Turn your work and now work 14 sc
into the loop you've formed. Fasten off the pink.  Sew in tails using the tapestry needle.

Sew on the button.
Cut a 16" length of sewing thread.  Double it over and tie a know with a long tail at the end.  Position the button opposite
the loop and sew it in place.  Tie a knot.  Sew in tails.

Block the collar.
Pin the collar straight on your ironing board.  Lightly mist it with water and allow to dry. 

Click here to view on Lindsay's blog.

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A touch of pink collar!

Springtime Watermelon

Chan "Frilly" Lace Collar

Pretty In Pink Lace Collar

Sorry, I didn't get this until april 21.....????

May flowers crochet coller

Spring Tulip Crochet Collar

springy pinky green collar

Spring Bling Collar

Spring Green Delight

Fairy Frill Collar

.innocence. 1st word that came to mind. my 2nd thought was nana's legacy

I would call it MARY POPPINS ... :)

easy and elegant

I think it shoud be called Green and Pink crochet ruffle collar???

Ancient Memories

Looking at the picture and instructions...I think it should be called : Anytime Dress-up Crochet Collar

colorful crochet collar

Verdolaga is the name that comes to my mine because i remember a little plant that grow up near the river in Puerto Rico

How about Pistachio & Raspberry Ice Cream Collar???

Touch of Vintage Glamour

Insta Collar

Ring Around The Collar

Candy apple collar.

The Abbey Collar

I think "cozy necklace" is a good name

Springtime quickie collar

Pretty Preppy Collar

Cute pattern. I think the name should be "Easy Spring Scallop Collar"

Cute as a button crocheted collar

Spring-time Bliss Collar. I love the color combination and the delicate look it portrays. Makes me think of a warm summer day:)

Crochet Neck-Lace. Really cute idea, especially for women that have a metal allergy around the neck.

Peter Pan Poof Collar

for some reason, this reminds me of candy. My submission is: Spring Taffy crochet collar

butterfly vollar

butterfly vollar

butterfly vollar


I'd call it Crazy Candy crochet collar !! So fun to wear with anything...what a great accessary


I think "necky lacylou" would be great!.

This reminds me of a "Field of Buttercups". So maybe thats a good name for this collar.

Candy Apple Collar

Show a variety of yarns & colors - call it "collar capers"

Clavicle Cozy

Spring Fling collar

I recommend to call it "Crochet chackira"!

Cozy Collar......

Sassy Classy Collar

BEAUT FMININE Which means Feminine BEAUTY

Call it Flash Dance Collar and make some cuffs to go with it....LOL

Johnny collar necklace

Green with envy. beautiful collar will dress up your neck and be the envy of your friends.

"Kiss 'till I Blush" collar

Dainty collarette

Summery Watermelon Inspired Collar

I'm going to make a few in different colours. This one could be named "Neonite Collar"

casual or elegant convertible colar A cute way to change a round neckline top form casual to elegant by choice of yarn and colors.

Button Collar

I see "spring time in Alaska" , And I live in Ohio.


Sophie's Slinky Crochet Choker Collar

I name it "that 50s collar". all the girls wore these standalone collars with their sweater sets in the 50s.

Not Your Mama's Peter Pan Collar


Watermelon Lace Neck Circlet

Can't wait to make this 'Ezee Peezy" collar to coordinate with outfits.


Pretty Retro collar

Retro geranium collar

peter pan collar in pink

Variegated Harlequin Collar

Dress up dress down crochet collar

Sweet Sixteen Scallop-Edged Collar

Madame pretty collar

"Girly Collar" very very cute!

Insideout Watermelon slice collar

Pink Blush

Victorian Beauty Collar

Possible name for this project: Shell Crochet Choker.

Granny's button collar.

I would call the collar Watermelon Cool

I would call it Collar me Cool! Very cute pattern.

I would call it La Petite Collier. if you turn it upside down and add a gear for the button it would be, Sassy Steampunk collar.

I always look forward to seeng all the new projects. Thia real something to "doll up" any fashion.

I would call it. Collar me pretty. :)

All Dolled Up (:

The Ladies' Tea necklace...

It reminds me of something the character Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds might wear, so the "Penelope G. Collar?"

Sweetness in crochet

Chloe's Collar

accent collar

Collar Flouce

Collar Flounce

Watermelon Slice

sweet as candy collar

Name it Sundae Collar Delight.

Sherbert Collar

So flamboyent neck collar

Collar Me Pretty

It's cute, simple and looks easy to make. Call it "Easy Every Day Collar".

I think it's very cute and I'd call it Dolly - it's a Dolly Collar.

Lovely Librarian

That is so cute. I'd call it a Little Bitty collar

Turtle collar. It has elements of a turtleneck in it

"Watermelon Rind"

Peter Pan Collar - it reminds me of the "old=-fashioned" colors on children's clothing!

Peter Pan Collar - it reminds me of the "old=-fashioned" colors on children's clothing!

Peter Pan Collar - it reminds me of the "old=-fashioned" colors on children's clothing!

Queen Victoria (name for collar)

Aunt Sally. reminds me of Aunt Sally in Worzel Gummidge

Little Bo Peep Collar

Shuggar Babe

How about Springtime Delight?

Collette :)

Dollar collar - a pretty collar for less than a dollar.

How about "Cute as a Button Choker"

Smitten Kitten Kollar

Call the crochet necklace; "Swanny" it means a very pleasant surprise. Anyone receiving this would be pleasantly surprised to have one. I know I would be thrilled!

Runway, Runaway. all year round

OOh La La Paree!

Very dainty colorful Victorian collar.

Neck Charm

Topless collar

Collar with Pazass

Granny's collar

Collar me bright

Shades of Sherbet collar

You've Just Been Collared choker

Throat Warmer! Turn it around (button in back) and it could help to ease a sore throat with the close-stitched pattern :). Very pretty!

Classic collar accent

"Precious Scallop's"

"Sweet Candy Colored Collar"

Spring Fling Collar

Funky Spring Collar

Fun Faux Collar

"All buttoned up"

How about 'Finishing Touch Collar'

How about "Spring Brights Retro Collar" ?

It could be called Sassy, scalloped, button collar

Bonbon Frill Collar

I think it also could be called a scalloped choker, was this any help?

Name it "Lindsey"- It looks Engilish, old school with a touch of class!

A Jewel of a Peter Pan Collar, ad's a touch of class to any no collar top!

Call it a "Variable Star Collar" because it could be made to compliment any style fashion as the maker wishes using fancy yarn and/or beads, pearls, etc.

Queen Elizabeth's Collar

Dazzling Neon Collar

prestege neck collar

"Strawberry Kiwi Diva Collar"

Palm Beach Princess Collar

I think you should call it a throllar or throker it's real sharp for the throat.

Unplain-Jane's Collar

Gellin' Melon Collar

Neck Candy!

Fresh Watermelon Collace (Collar+Necklace)

Perfectly perky collar! But of course.

neon schoolgirl

I'm naming the collar A beautiful mesh of shells

Jewel rainbow collar!

I looked at it and thought immediately of rainbow sherbert!!

Welcoming Spring Collar

pretty n' preppy crochet collar

It reminds me of a watermelon, so I'm thinking maybe, The {Melon Colly} Collar

Raspberry Limeaid Collar

Tres Bon! Made from Bonbons yarn and means 'very good' in French. A very chic fashion accessory indeed - well done!

Tinkerbell's Collar

Melon Delight Collar

Preppy Collar

The Jackie O collar

I would name the collar Spring Sweet.

ribbon candy collar.

Cherry - Limeade Collar

Lucy - Because for some reason it reminds me of Lucille Ball! :)

Collar'd greens :)

Wendy Darling's Collar

Scalloped Collar Couture!

I would call this "Summer Sweetness."

The Prim and Poppin' Collar. You can make it as plain or bold as you ant it.

I would call it the "Victorian Vintage Collar"

Summer Dress-up or Just the right touch. Because it goes with everything, dresses, shorts, slacks, or your favorite jeans. It adds just the right touch to make you feel pretty.

I suggest: Dresden Doll Collar

Cute!!! How about "Retro Prim", "Retro Pan", or "Breakfast at Tiffanys".

Not your Granny's Collar!

I think you should name it "Holla Colla" holla colla(r)

awesome :)

collar cuties

I would name it "Classy Classic Collar"

Vintage crochet collar updated

Tink pink Peter Pan collar

Wendy, as in Peter Pan's sister collar.

Perfectly precious pixie collar

Lollipop Crochet Collar

Spring Lollipop

Spring Crochet Collar :)

Ruffled Romance

Tutty-Fruity Crocheted Lace Collar (long I know but definitely tells you what to expect!) :D

Watermelon Lace

Perky Chic Collar for Spring

Spring of Paris

Flirty Fun

We have the Apple Blossom festival in town and its colors are pink and green...let's call it the Apple Blossom Collar!

China Doll petite collar

50's Retro Rock.......wore these in high school!

Awesome petiet collsr!

Peter Pan-chet Flirty Collar

"Retro '50s Collar". I still have one like this (not crocheted, though) that I wore in high school in the '50s.

Kitchie Kollar

Neck Ring

Perfect for a thyroid incision cover! I will name it - "thyroid scar cover".

the necklace collar

MaryJane collar

Crochet dickie collar

Pink Limeade

happy-go-round collar

Spring Fling Collar

strawberry field collar

Colorful Spring Collar

Flirty Spring Collar

Kiwi collar with a splash of strawberry

Fresh and Fruity Spring Collar

Strawberry Splice

I would call this a Lovely Vintage Crocheted Collar. Which describes it perfectly! Love it!

Crocheted Peter Pan Collar

Suggested name for craft: A Splash of Class Collar

My 10 year old says call it a neck belt..

LOL I <3 it!

What do you think?you could call it the knitted choker

I would call it the Colly or the Button Colly:)

Summer Watermelon Fun Collar

Collar me wonderful

Blast from the past collar

Painted Doll Collar

I see on the 14th the name I picked was used, so I'll try another 'Cherry-limade yum yum'.

How about Retro Anew Crochet Collar.

Call it Retro Redo Crochet Collar.

Peter Pan Spring Passion

Spring Sherbet

I love "Spring Fling". Since that's already taken how about "Whimsy".

It seems like, to me, that the name should be Faux Crochet Collar. It would be easy to change, with the turn of a button!

I think it should be called the ginky preen collar.

I would call it "A wisp of Spring".

"Cute-as-a-Button Crochet Collar"

Lime with a splash of pink

Reminds me of spring. I call it 'Spring Fling'.

I think it should be called, simple and elegant

Spring Splendor is what it reminds me of with its pastels and soft shape ;-))


Summer Dreams reminds me of a slice of watermelon

Preppie Pink and Green Collar

Very pretty. How about naming it Hot Under the Collar?

Collar me Frillie

I like the name Garden Party for this collar

Cute collar. Sweet & Innocent is my contribution.

Dainty Collar would be a great name :)

chic crochet collar comfort./for the no&low collared shirts,sweaters,jacketsetc. to stop the chill on windy & rainy days. "Chic' Crochet Collar Comfort" C C C C /Cownecks also should be available to shake the chill and add touch of old FASHION CLASS!

name it collar or knot

I like the name "Sweet Pea" for this new collar pattern.

How about "Tinkerbell's Collar"? It kind of reminds me of a "Peter Pan" collar; so maybe it's time Tinkerbell has one named for her. tee-hee

Mrs Sheffield,in honor of the show on masterpiece theater.

Peter Pan Revisited

I think a good descriptive name for this project is "Neapolitan Waffle Crochet Collar"

Green watermelon spritz

Springing into Spring Collar

Sweet Spring Collar!

Perfectly pretty collar


Pistachio Lace Collar


What a delightful little collar . . . a Pixie Collar! :>) This would go great with some of the no-collar dresses I have, too. Great design! from, Carole :) / Lovin2crochet

Arn't I cute? Collee

Cute enough to be a necklace. I'd call it One Button Neck Lace.

It reminds me of a collar a lady named Sadie that I knew as a kid put on all her homemade jumpers so I would call it Sadie's Collar

psychedelic collar

Got you Collared!

I think this is sooo nice, in fact it takes me back to childhood when my Mom first taught me to crochet. I think the name should be Nostalgia.

Spring Petite and Sweet.

Color Me Spring

Pink Limeade Collar

Pink Lady apple collar

Reminds me of Button and Bows!

Lacy Strawberry Patch collar.

Miss Propa Colla

It's so prim and proper with a very playful edge that I came up with Miss Priss-Teen.

Too Sweet detachable crochet collar

Pretty Bonbon crochet collar

Spring fruit collar

How about "Collar Cuff"?

Vintage Haberdashery Collar

pink watermelon neckfruit

Suggested name: choklar....for Choker-Collar

Sweet Vintage

The Collar of Spring

Lime & Candy Sherbet


Sweetheart Collar

Multiples of Peter Pan Collar

Can a knitted version be posted

Practical collar

It's really cute, love it. How about "Pretty in Pink" Peter Pan

I like the name "Pinker Pan"

"elegant colorful collar" it is a beautiful color matching

how about neck"lace"

Collar me lovely would be nice

Retro Collar

I like the name Spring Around The Collar

bright springtime collar

"Spring Breeze Scalloped Collar". The colours remind me of spring.

colorful crochet collar

Pixie collar

i looked at it for along time and decided it was a pretty "Neck Gem" to wear like jewelry if you decide to put jewels on it and make it more fancy :)

"cute crocheted collar"

i think that this would look absolutely fabolous in white with a bleck trim and a rhinestone botton - and call it the final touch collar

Retro Collar

I would call it the "Retro Collar". We wore these in the late 50s, when I was12-14. I'm glad to see them make a comeback.

Id call it Neck Liscious

1920's Flapper Crochet Collar

all buttoned up

I'd call it the Sweet baby Jane Collar".

Cute & colorful collar

The No Name Crochet Collar is so cute! My suggestion for a name is Princess Scallop Collar.

Watermelon Taffy Collar.

I would call it colorful cuddler.

Lionbrand Bon Bon Quick and Easy Collar...have a great crafty day!!!

I'd name it "sweetheart collar"..

Crochet collar necklace in apple green with hot pink edging.

I would name this collar ( DELIGHTFULLY SWEET ) plus I would definately wear this collar ...

Tinkerbell Collar, It's a Peter Pan like collar, but so much more delicate and pretty.

Garden Party Collar. :)

The Preppie Collar.

Lovely past present collar!

Springy sprout collar

Victorian Rennaissance Collar

Watermelon rind collar

Mod Retro Collar - it looks like 1950's style done up in 1960's Mod colors.

Spring Blush Collar

Name suggestion: the Wendy collar (after Wendy in Peter Pan).

The first name that came to mind is: Faux Collar

In the Pink crochet collar seems to be a nice fit :D

So cute. Name it: Colors and Frills Blessings, Dell

I like the Bo Peep collar

It looks nice and like an uncomplicated project. Hope to try it soon. Because it looks simple I would call it "Colorful Duck Soup Collar".

I think it shoul be name an Elegant cache-cou as it will hide elegantely the starting wrinkles at the base of our neck

I like the name "Collar Me Cozy" .

This is very pretty. It should be called the "Frilly collar".

This is a really nice "neck warming collar:

Due to the colours you used, and also to the fact that I feel fit for a young woman, I would call it "Blossoming Spring". Umberta

rithaester. "PETER PAN" COLLAR

'Snazzy' dress it up collar

Thanks for the pattern, I plan to make many of them. My suggested name is "Classy Chic Collar". I picture it also in Single colors for a dressier look.

Cowlette Necklace, Mini-Collar or Necklette are names I'd use.

When I seen the picture the first thing to come to my mind was 'The Strawberry Shortcake collar' <3 it's so adorable.

Crochet Taffy collar, it looks like strawberry and watermelon taffy

I'd call it 'The Versatility Collar because the opportunities to usedifferent patterns a, colours and yarns are endless. You could also use beads, crystals or tiny ornate buttons. A Versatility Collar to match every outfit and occasion whatever the season.

Watermelon Collar

Sorry ! >_< I decided that it should be called 'Nature in Spring Neck Collar'. It would look really nice in the spring season.

I think the name would be called ''stylish yarn neck collar'. It is so pretty that I decided to make that name.

Spring Time in Paris Collar

Frills for your neck collar

Art deco collar.

Vintage Kitten Collar

Cupcake Collar

I like it How about Neck Candy collar? or Sweet Simplicity?

My name for the collar would be "NECK-LACE"

Lacy Lady Crochet Collar

simple surprize

Simply Sweet Collar

Peter Pan but not for Gran!

Cozy collar

It is a watermelon necklit.

colorful peter pan collar

cirque spring collar

Neck Huggies

Crocheted Neck "Lace"

Neck Candy

dainty neck warmer

Sherbet Scallop Collar

So cute! My first thought was that it should be called The Watermelon Collar.

Tutti Cutie

Mrs. Cleaver's Collar.

Watermellon ripple

Watermellon ripples

very definitely an early Carnaby Street Collar!--groovy...

very definitely an early Carnaby Street Collar!--groovy...

Buttoned down collar.

Jackie O, It looks like something she would wear.

I think the crafty cozy collar is the perfect name. hope you agree. thanks for contest.

Call it spring fling

I would call it the Kennedy Collar. It brings back memories of something Jackie Kennedy would wear.

Ruffled neck cuff :-)

The Prepster

The Lilly - for prep maven Lilly Pulitzer

How about "Spring Frills"?

How about Strawberry Kiwi Collar

When I was in high school ('60's) sweaters were the fashion and knit and crochet collars were the best accessory. My Aunt made my favorite ones with white anghora.Now I use the same idea to dress up my sweatshirts.

Because of the colors, I would call it Watermelon Lace

Quick & Easy Ruffled Collar

the blue collar

Tutti fruiti mock collar

Betty Boop cuff

choker collar

cotton candy collar


Pretty collar green

neck cuff

Green dream

Sassy Peter Pan

My mom made little dresses for my sisters and I when we were little. Some had collars similar and she called them A Peter Pan collar

Fancy Frills.

I'd call it Prim Lady


Because of the colors, I would call it the Tinkerbell Peter Pan Collar.

Perky Peter Pan Collar

Lucille Ball Lace Collar

collar lace

I would call it Lacey. I made mine in Navy with red trim I made it a bit looser, I used a f hook for one row and g for the other all the way thru. I used the g for the lace, it made it a bit bigger, and lacy,

The collar's collar.

I think the perfect name is "GRACE" how about you

Shirt Topper

Crocheted Swaller Collar

glamour girl collar

Watermelon Girl

Neck peck collar


cutsie collar

Neck line

throat cuff

neon collar

Ring around the collar

Two dollar collar...........approx cost to make !



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