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25 Free Craft Projects for Every Crafter - The Ultimate Craft Guide

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  1. Clothing
  2. Holiday Sewing Look through these free sewing patterns to find the perfect sewing craft for every holiday. There are sewing crafts for Mother's Day, Christmas sewing ideas, and tons of DIY sewing projects.
  3. Home Decor
  4. Sewing for Kids Find sewing crafts for kids and free sewing patterns for toys and clothing for kids. Explore this great collection of free sewing patterns for kids.
  5. Sewing Tips
  6. Sewn Accessories Follow these free sewing patterns to make your own accessories like bracelets, hair accessories and embellished shoes. These free sewing tutorials make fun gifts too!
  7. Sewn Bags Pick up your needle and thread and try making an adorable sew bag. These easy sewing projects are perfect for beginners and experts. You can learn how to sew a bag and create cute sewing bags and totes.
  8. Cross Stitch Learn how to cross stitch with these great tutorials. There are free cross stitch patterns for a crafter of every skill level.
  9. Embroidery
  10. Needlecraft Tips Tips from our experienced readers for doing embroidery, cross-stitch and plastic canvas.
  11. Needlepoint free needlepoint patterns, charts, and tips
  12. Plastic Canvas
  13. Bathroom bathroom decorating ideas
  14. Bedroom Bedroom decorating ideas
  15. Centerpieces Learn how to make your own DIY centerpieces with this collection of centerpiece crafts.
  16. Clay Pot Crafts Find clay pot crafts using inexpensive terra cotta pots to make unique decorations for your home. Clay pot craft projects are fun for any skill level.
  17. Decorative Wreaths Decorate your door in style with these Decorative Wreaths. Find wreath decorating ideas as well as learn how to make decorative wreaths. These craft wreaths range from holiday decorations, to fabric wreaths, to diy spring wreaths.
  18. Dining Room DIY dining room decorating ideas and projects
  19. Floral Find floral crafts to decorate your home including silk flower arrangements, fabric flower tutorials, floral table decorations and more.
  20. Frames Find DIY picture frames and decorating ideas made from a variety of materials. Make your own frame or try out frame decorating ideas for a personal touch.
  21. Kids Room Decorating ideas for a child's bedroom
  22. Kitchen Decor
  23. Living Room Warm up your living room with handmade decorations that will bring it to life. The favorite room in your house deserves exciting decor that will make it your own.
  24. Modern Decor Use modern decor techniques to make your home stand out from the rest. Adopt a clean color palette with clean lines to create a modern haven in your home.
  25. Office DIY and decorating ideas for the office
  26. Outdoor Find tons of outdoor decorating ideas and craft projects here. Spruce up your backyard with patio crafts and garden crafts. These DIY projects for outdoors are sure to keep you busy and crafting through any season.
  27. Quick Fix If you want a quick fix for your outdated decor, try one of these quick and easy projects that will give your favorite room a facelift.
  28. Topiaries Learn how to make a topiary for decorating your own home or for a special occasion, such as a party. Find topiary crafts for every style.
  29. Vases Find decorative vase crafts including vase painting crafts, paper vase crafts and more.
  30. Vintage Decor Create vintage-inspired DIY home decor pieces. If you love old-fashioned decor, then these vintage designs are just for you. Featuring tutorials for every room of your house, these vintage room ideas will help you create that chic vintage.
  31. Wall Decor Find craft projects for wall decor, including easy wall art, paintings, canvases, shadow boxes and more.
  32. Kitchen Projects
  33. Painted Clay Pots Find painting projects for clay pots, both for indoor and outdoor home decorating. Painted pots make great gifts.
  34. Painted Ornaments
  35. Painted Wall Art
  36. Gift Bags You'll never want to purchase gift bags again after using our beautiful hand-made ones.
  37. Gift Boxes
  38. Handmade Books Find paper craft projects for handmade books. Find homemade recipe books, albums, decorative books and more.
  39. Handmade Cards Create a Handmade Card for every occasion and for every person in your life. You will find tons of paper crafts here, whether you need a handmade Halloween card, handmade Easter card, handmade Christmas card, or a handmade birthday card.
  40. Handmade Paper
  41. Journals Learn how to make andor embellish your own journals. These journal crafts include many different paper craft techniques.
  42. Paper Bookmarks Find bookmark craft projects, homemade bookmarks and bookmarks to make as gifts for quick craft projects.
  43. Papercraft Tips Get great tips on how to make or use papercrafts.
  44. Papier Mache Contains numerous Papier Mache, also known as Paper Mache, projects, tutorials and information on how to create your own Papier Mache paste. Includes Easter paper mache projects and thanksgiving paper mache projects as well as great ideas for papier
  45. Rubber Stamping
  46. Baby Quilts Make a quilt for your baby to stay bundled in! Keep your little one warm and wrapped up in a handmade baby quilt.
  47. Beginner Crochet Get the greatest and easiest free crochet patterns here. They're nice and easy for those just learning to crochet.
  48. Crochet Accessories Find the best free crochet patterns for accessories including jewelry, brooches, belts and more.
  49. Crochet Afghans Make your home nice and cozy with tons of crochet afghans. You can learn how to make easy crochet afghans with these free crochet afghan patterns that will brighten up every room in your house.
  50. Crochet Amigurumi Crochet some cute little animals and fun characters to decorate your house and give as gifts.
  51. Crochet Bags crochet bags
  52. Crochet Flowers Make some crochet flowers with easy crochet patterns, they're easier to handle than real flowers.
  53. Crochet for Baby baby crochet craft ideas
  54. Crochet for Kids crochet patterns for kids
  55. Crochet Hats, Scarves, Gloves crochet hats, crochet scarves, crochet gloves
  56. Crochet Ornaments Make some fun crochet ornaments for any time of year.
  57. Crochet Rugs Make some fun crochet rugs to decorate your home. Use bright colors to lighten up the room and cute crochet rug patterns for a funky design. These free crochet patterns are perfect for a beginner or an expert crocheter.
  58. Crochet Socks and Slippers Crochet some socks and slippers this season. These are easy crochet pattern you'll enjoy making.
  59. Crochet Sweaters and Wraps Find free crochet patterns for sweaters and crochet patterns for wraps and shawls.
  60. Crochet Tips Learn some great crochet tips from guest crafters. These will help out with the beginning crocheters.
  61. Kitchen Crochet Brighten up the busiest room in your home with kitchen crochet patterns. These easy crochet crafts like free dishcloth patterns and crochet rugs are simple to make.
  62. Men's Crochet Free crochet patterns are great to have around when you want to make men's crochet.
  63. Pet Crochet Patterns Crochet something nice for your pet. The winter months can be quite chilly, so make them some warm clothes or toys to play with.
  64. Tops and Tunics Ready for a new wardrobe? Crochet free patterns and make some cute tops and tunics.
  65. Beginner Knitting Find easy knitting patterns for beginners including knitting instructions, beginner knitting help and knitting guides.
  66. Kitchen Knits
  67. Knit Afghans Find free afghan knitting patterns and easy to knit afghan patterns. Find lace afghan knitting patterns and much more!
  68. Knit Bags
  69. Knit Hats, Gloves, Scarves Stay warm during the winter months with these knit hats, gloves, and scarves. You will find tons of free knitting patters that are also beginner knitting patterns. Learn how to make wearable crafts with knit gloves pattern, knit hat patterns and scar
  70. Knit Socks and Slippers Find free socks knitting patterns included knee socks, toe socks and cable socks and free slippers knitting patterns, include easy slip-on knit slippers patterns.
  71. Knit Sweaters
  72. Knit Wraps Find free knitting patterns for wraps, stoles and shawls. These wrap knitting patterns require to seaming and are fun to knit.
  73. Knitting for Baby
  74. Knitting for Kids
  75. Knitting Rugs Find free knitting patterns for rugs. Knit rugs are a great addition to any home.
  76. Knitting Tips Get knitting tips from guest crafters
  77. Knitting Vests Find vest knitting patterns and easy-to-follow knit vest patterns. Learn how to knit a sweater vest.
  78. Lace Knitting
  79. Loom Patterns
  80. Green Manufacturers In this directory of Green Craft Manufacturers, find craft companies that are doing their part for their environment with eco-friendly craft products. Find environmentally-friendly craft companies making all kinds of arts and crafts supplies.
  81. Green Tips A collection of reader tips on how to recycle items for crafting and greener tips for crafting.
  82. Wine Bottle Crafts Eco-friendly crafts with wine bottles and step-by-step ideas for things to make with wine bottles. Ideas and tips for recycled crafts, crafts from recycled material, and ways to craft with wine bottles.
  83. Baby Clothes
  84. DIY Bags
  85. Hair Accessories Add some flair to your hair with these Hair Accessories. You can craft cute hair accessories like clips, barrettes, headbands, and more for adults and kids of all ages. Make a unique hair accessory that is all your own.
  86. Kids Clothing
  87. Shirts
  88. Shoes
  89. 4th of July Kids Crafts Find patriotic 4th of July crafts for kids, some educational and some just plain fun. Celebrate 4th of July with these July 4th kids crafts.
  90. Back to School Find great craft projects for kids going back to school, including decorated school supplies, classroom crafts and autumn crafts.
  91. Christmas Kids Crafts Find Christmas crafts for kids including easy christmas crafts for children, crafty activities for kids at christmas, and family christmas crafts. Also find holiday crafts such as New Year's craft for kids and more.
  92. Earth Day Crafts Support the environment with Earth Day kids crafts! Show your child's awareness and love for Mother Earth through family fun crafts. Recycle items and make them over with a brand new purpose!
  93. Easter Kids Crafts Find Easter crafts for kids, including Easter eggs, bunnies and much more. Find Easter kids crafts for all ages including preschool Easter crafts for kids.
  94. Easy Kids Crafts
  95. Father's Day Kids Crafts Dad takes care of you, so show him you care with Father's Day kids crafts. There are so many crafts to make that it is hard to just choose one. So, make him as many as you like on this special day.
  96. Halloween Kids Crafts Find easy halloween crafts for kids and fun crafts to do with kids for halloween.
  97. Kids Clay Pots Clay pots don't have to be for adults only. These cute kids clay pots are the perfect craft for kids.
  98. Kids Crafts Videos Are you a visual learner? The best way to make kids crafts is through videos. This media outlet will guide you through the crafting process of your favorite projects.
  99. Lesson Plans
  100. Mother's Day Kids Crafts Moms are special so make them a gift from the heart on Mother's Day! Kids craft ideas can include photo frames, jewelry, or flowers. Mom will be so happy to get a one-of-a-kind gift!
  101. Outdoor Crafts for Kids Make summer a fun time with outdoor crafts for kids. Crafting with kids allows them to get creative.
  102. Rainy Day Crafts Stuck inside with nothing to do? If you are looking for last minute craft ideas due to rainy weather, look no further! Make fun rainy day crafts for kids today!
  103. Sports Crafts for Kids Kids love sports, so why not show their enthusiasm for sports crafts for kids.
  104. Thanksgiving Kids Crafts Find Thanksgiving kids crafts for turkeys, pilgrims, thankfulness and much more. These easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids are great for all ages.
  105. Valentine's Day Kids Crafts Find the best Valentine's Day crafts for kids, including activities for kids to do for classroom card exchanges, decorations and presents for friends and family. These Valentines Day Kids Crafts are a fun way to involve the whole family.
  106. Needlefelting
  107. Cards Give the best Handmade Christmas card this holiday season by finding your favorite one right here. Christmas crafts are so much more meaningful when you make them yourself, so craft a spirited handmade Christmas card today.
  108. Christmas Angels Find angel holiday crafts and angel christmas crafts for decorating or gift-giving this season. Angles are a perfect symbol for Christmas, so create one today as a great Christmas craft.
  109. Christmas Decorations Christmas Decorations for your Home are a big part of decorating for the holidays. Make your own Christmas decorations for a festive season.
  110. Christmas Tips Find user-submitted tips and tricks for Christmas crafting. Find great ideas for Christmas crafts.
  111. Christmas Wall Decor Find free Christmas craft projects for Christmas wall decor. Make a Christmas paper craft to hang around your house and celebrate the holiday season.
  112. Christmas Wearables Find Christmas wearable crafts for any skill level. These wearable Christmas crafts make great gifts too for a special someone in your life.
  113. Crochet for Christmas Find free crochet patterns for Christmas decorating crafts, Christmas gifts and more.
  114. Entertaining
  115. Garland Find free Christmas craft projects for making your own Christmas garland.
  116. Knitting for Christmas Find free knitting patterns for Christmas crafts, including ornament knitting patterns, tree skirt knitting patterns and more.
  117. Ornaments Don't leave your tree looking sparse this Christmas season. Decorate it with beautiful Christmas ornaments like religious Christmas ornaments, hand painted Christmas ornaments, and fun Christmas ornaments.
  118. Quick & Easy Gifts Find quick and easy gifts to make for the holiday season. Spend less time at the store and more time making homemade Christmas gifts like angels crafts, gift tag crafts, and many more easy holiday crafts.
  119. Reindeer Crafts Find unique reindeer crafts in this collection of free Christmas crafts. These are a great way to decorate for Christmas.
  120. Santa Crafts Find free Christmas craft projects for Santa, Santa Claus and Old Saint Nick. These Santa christmas crafts are very popular.
  121. Sewing for Christmas Find free sewing patterns for Christmas decorating or gift-giving. Find ornament sewing patterns, tree skirt sewing patterns and more.
  122. Snowman Crafts Snowman Crafts are a fun way to decorate for Christmas and Winter. Make some snowman crafts for your home or for gifts.
  123. Stockings Make or decorate your own Christmas stockings with these Christmas stocking crafts.
  124. Wreaths DIY Christmas and Holiday Wreaths
  125. Decorative Storage
  126. Organization Tips Use these organizations tips to clean up your craft room as well as your home. You will find tips on organizing your home, craft room organization, how to better organize your crafting supplies, and craft closet organization.
  127. Anklets
  128. Beading
  129. Bracelets
  130. Earrings
  131. Friendly Plastic Use friendly plastic for all of your jewelry making crafts. This simple and easy material can be crafted into many things like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Learn how to use friendly plastic with these great tutorials.
  132. Holiday Jewelry Find holiday jewelry craft projects including Christmas jewelry craft projects, Halloween jewelry craft projects and more.
  133. Jewelry Sets Find free craft projects to make your own jewelry sets. These homeemde jewelry sets make perfect gifts for any occasion.
  134. Leather
  135. Metal and Wire Craft beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more made from metal and wire. You'll find tons of great jewelry tutorials that teach you how to make gorgeous metal jewelry and give you tons of wire jewelry ideas.
  136. Necklaces
  137. Pendants Save your money and follow these easy jewelry making instructions to create personal and one-of-a-kind necklace pendants. You can find jewelry making ideas that use a variety of jewelry making supplies.
  138. Rings
  139. Weaving You can create cute necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more using the weaving technique of jewelry making. These detailed jewelry tutorials will teach you how to weave with jewelry and give you weaving patterns.
  140. Beauty Products Pimp and pamper your skins with these amazing beauty products. Make body butter, scrubs, natural cosmetics. You can craft these beauty products for yourself or give them as a great Christmas gift during the holiday season.
  141. Candle & Soap Tips Find tips for making homemade candles or soap. Tricks for making inexpensive candles and unique candles. How to make soap.
  142. Candles Craft your own candles and candle holders with these fantastic DIY candle crafts. Learn how to make candles and become and expert in candle making. These candle crafts will make a great addition to your home or as a gift.
  143. Soaps Find tons of homemade and DIY soap projects here from a range of ingredients. Become an expert in soap making with great soap tutorials. Homemade soap saves both time and money.
  144. Digital Scrapbooking Find tips, techniques and free layouts for digital scrapbooking. Free digital scrapbooking designs help you create with the mess!
  145. Layouts
  146. Scrapbooking Tips
  147. Bouquets
  148. Collections
  149. Wedding Centerpieces
  150. Wedding Favors
  151. Wedding Gifts
  152. Wedding Invitations
  153. Wedding Tips Find great tips for saving money on your wedding with quick tips from readers.
  154. Air Dry Air dry clay projects are the easiest because once you make your clay craft, you don't have to worry about anything else. You will find easy and simple clay crafts like pendants and brooches that use air dry clay.
  155. Metals Use clay with metals to transform anything from drab to fab. Clay crafts are great to encourage creativity and imagination. Save time and money with these great metal crafts.
  156. Polymer Polymer clay craft projects are fun to do. Choose from tons of polymer craft projects that let you express your creativity and imagination. Use polymer clay beads, or follower a polymer clay tutorial here.
  157. Fourth of July Free craft projects for the Fourth of July and patriotic craft ideas. Independence Day craft projects and craft activities to entertain kids on the Fourth of July. Celebrate America with these stars and stripes craft projects and crafts featuring red
  158. Easter easter crafts and DIY easter ideas
  159. Father's Day Show your dad how much you care about him with these Father's Day craft projects and ideas. From Father's Day arts and crafts to Father's Day cards, you'll find a spattering of great Father's Day gift ideas here.
  160. Halloween Crafts Hundreds of Halloween Crafts, Halloween Decorations and Halloween Craft Ideas featuring step-by-step halloween costume tutorials, halloween decorating tips and free halloween arts and crafts for kids.
  161. Jewish Holiday Jewish holiday crafts
  162. Mother's Day Mother's Day cards, gifts and craft ideas
  163. New Year's
  164. St. Patrick's Day
  165. Thanksgiving Thanksgiving crafts to make for all ages including thanksgiving crafts for children, thanksgiving decorations, thanksgiving place cards, table decorations for thanksgiving and more. Features cute Thanksgiving craft projects such as how to Make a Tha
  166. Valentine's Day Valentine's Day is a perfect time to create handmade valentines and homemade romantic cards, featured here. Also focuses on Valentine crafts for kids including valentine's day lessons for children and valentine crafts for children. Quick and Easy Va
  167. Metal on Wood
  168. Painting on Wood
  169. Wood Decor
  170. Woodburning
  171. Woodcarving
  172. Tie-Dye Find photo tutorials for different tie-dye techniques, including Batik, Heart, Splatter and more. Find out how to make different tie-dye designs.
  173. Terra Cotta Pots Make some beautiful terra cotta pots for your garden and outdoor area.
  174. Cold
  175. Hot
  176. Altered Art
  177. Collage
  178. Decorations
  179. Invitations
  180. Keepsakes
  181. Anniversary
  182. Birthday
  183. Gifts Ideas and step-by-step tutorials on how to make homemade craft gifts, children christmas craft ornament gifts, craft gift ideas and unique craft gifts
  184. Gifts in a Jar Gifts in a Jar are easy and simple gifts to give. Try these mason jar gift ideas like homemade gifts in a jar and Christmas gifts in a jar. Learn how to make gifts in a jar with these great projects and tutorials.
  185. Graduation Give your graduate some special DIY graduation presents. From gifts in a jar, to making special cards, these great DIY crafts will make your graduate's day even more special. Try one of these DIY gift ideas and you'll be prepared to celebrate your gr
  186. New Baby
  187. Retirement
  188. Thank You
  189. Autumn Whether you call it autumn or fall, you will find tons of fall craft ideas to decorate your home. These easy autumn crafts, like DIY fall wreaths, are perfect to make once the first leaf drops.
  190. Spring Spring crafts celebrate all that is coming to life outside. Find cute projects like paper flower crafts, flower pot crafts, garden projects and Easter crafts. Make Easter decorations, or spruce up your garden with outdoor projects.
  191. Summer Have fun in the sun with great ideas for summer crafts. These summer craft projects and simple summer crafts are a blast to do outside enjoying the weather. You can make beach crafts, flower crafts, or wearable crafts as fun summer craft activities.
  192. Winter
  193. Cool2Craft Videos Watch video segments from the Cool2Craft online TV show. Find video projects and product demonstrations.
  194. Faster Plaster Videos Find video craft projects using Faster Plaster. Learn how to use Faster Plaster in your crafting.
  195. Jewelry Craft Videos Watch craft videos on jewelry making including jewelry craft video tutorials and jewelry craft product demonstrations. Find a collection of jewelry making videos to help you create your own jewelry.
  196. Paper Craft Videos Find paper craft videos, including paper craft technique video tutorials, paper craft product demonstrations, paper craft project videos and more.
  197. Soap Videos Watch these soap making video tutorials and soap videos to learn how to make your own soaps. Make decorative soaps for gifts or for yourself.
  198. Terri O Videos Watch video craft projects and video craft tutorials from craft celebrity Terri O. Celebrity Craft Expert and two-time Emmy Award winning TV personality Terri O is the go-to-gal for anything creative.
  199. Book Publishers Book Publishers
  200. Book Reviews Popular craft books reviewed.
  201. Product Reviews Popular craft products reviewed.


  1. 10 Minute Blocks 2 This book covers the variations on 3-seam squares. McNeill is an expert to learn from and the squares include Starburst, Solar Winds, Oasis, Large Sampler, Garden Delight, and Pom Pom de Paris.
  2. 12 Days of Christmas Paper Pack 12 Days of Christmas Paper Pack
  3. 2 Hour Crafting Treasures This book is full of quick projects to start and finish in 2 hours or less, including quick and easy gifts, kids' crafts, Christmas crafts, wearable crafts, and easy ideas for what to make and sell at a craft fair.
  4. 20 Ways to Draw a Tree 20 Ways to Draw a Tree is a motivational book designed to offer artists, designers, and doodlers a unique collection of fun and sophisticated exercises in drawing and illustration.
  5. 20 Ways to Draw a Tulip Inspire your creative mind with 20 Ways to Draw a Tulip. This lovely sketchbook offers artists, doodlers, and designers pages and pages of illustration fun.
  6. 75 Exquisite Trims in Thread Crochet Crochet lace edgings are both beautiful to look at and enjoyable to make, and in 75 Exquisite Trims in Thread Crochet, you'll find a lovely and diverse collection of crochet edging patterns, ranging from simple to ornate.
  7. 99 Cross Stitch Luvable Pets Do you love your pet? If you're a proud owner of a beloved fish, cat, dog, bunny, bird, or ferret, you're going to love the patterns in 99 Cross Stitch Luvable Pets.
  8. A Green Guide to Country Crafts In A Green Guide to Country Crafts, we learn just how relevant the techniques of yesterday are today. Filled with projects that can be adapted for any occasion, this book is for those who are looking for small ways on how to simplify their lives.
  9. A Knitters Home Companion: A Heartwarming Collection of Stories Patterns and Recipes Take a trip through the pleasant life of Michelle Edwards in her book, A Knitters Home Companion. Edwards has graciously shared her favorite knit projects and recipes for us to enjoy.
  10. A Priceless Wedding A Priceless Wedding covers all the basics of a DIY wedding, from securing a location to choosing rings. It goes beyond the elements of a traditional wedding to help you plan an eco-friendly, handcrafted, budget-minded celebration.
  11. Aleene's Always Ready Tacky Glue Aleene's Always Ready Tacky Glues keep your favorite crafting glues always ready to use! Our new, innovative cap allows you to store the bottle inverted at all times, providing quick and easy adhesive flow so your Tacky Glue is always ready!
  12. Aleene's Decoupage Product Assortment Decoupage is one of the easiest ways to glue and finish all in one step. Aleene's Decoupage is an acid-free, all-in-one glue and finish that is perfect for your paper crafting projects.
  13. Aleene's Tacky Glue Gift Basket Ring in the holiday season with a fun assortment of Aleene's Tacky Glue! I have hand-selected the Aleene's glue assortment and cotton fabric for this crafty gift basket, which will be wrapped and ready to go for easy gift giving!
  14. All Things Paper Whether you're new to paper crafting or are looking for a challenging project, All Things Paper is sure to have something for everyone. With a fresh take on an old hobby, this book helps transform a simple piece of paper into something truly extraor
  15. All Wrapped Up This book includes all kinds of ideas and projects for coordinated gift-wrap sets that are quick, easy, and pretty.
  16. All-Occasion Paper Crafting All-Occasion Paper Crafting literally has crafts for all occasions! Not only are there crafts for big staple holidays like Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines Day, there are also crafts for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and St. Patricks Day. This book
  17. Altered Shoes Cant find the perfect shoes to go with your outfit? Step into the designers shoes and craft your own! With the help of Altered Shoes, you can turn drab shoes into fabulous footwear that you'll be proud to show off!
  18. Altered Surfaces Using Acrylic paints with gels, mediums, grounds, and pastes youll learn how to manipulate, alter, and transform paper, canvas, board, and plastic.
  19. American Girl Daisy Design Bracelet Kit Everything is included to make 2 different styles of bracelets and a total of 6 bracelets. All you need is a pair of scissors and you are ready to go!
  20. Amy Butler Soul Blossoms Thread Set Sometimes the packaging sells the product and this set is beautifully packaged you just want to give it as a present to your favorite sewer or quilter.
  21. Amy Butler Thread This thread comes in a beautiful and sturdy box, perfect for giving as a gift. It would be a great stocking stuffer come holiday season, and makes the perfect addition to a gift of a sewing machine, sewing books, or any other sewing supplies.
  22. Anatomy of Steampunk From formal outfits to costumes, steampunk fashion has come to encompass quite a few different looks. Get a first-hand look into this magical and whimsical world with Anatomy of Steampunk.
  23. Anchor Living Needlepoint Tapestry This lovely spring needlepoint design is a great way to bring some bright colors into your home. With the help of the Anchor Living Needlepoint Tapestry kit, you'll be able to create this lovely pillow in no time.
  24. Anchor Threads Whether you enjoy sewing, embroidery, or making friendship bracelets with your friends, you're going to love the colorful floss and yarn from Anchor. Bright colors and light pastels make these threads great for spring and summer projects.
  25. Animal Hats Adults and children alike will love this collection of wonderful hats, including a cheeky monkey, a brave-hearted lion, and a fabulous frog. With Animal Hats, you'll be able to personify your attitude, one adorable hat at a time!
  26. Anna Maria's Needleworks Notebook Beloved textile designer and writer Anna Maria Horner generously opens the door on her favorite embroidery projects and invites you to stitch alongside her in her new book, Anna Maria's Needleworks Notebook.
  27. Antiquity Mosaics Antiquity Mosaic kits are so easy to assemble. They come with everything you need to create lovely decor items, from clocks to catch all bowls. Each kit also comes with an exclusive online video and 3 motif patterns.
  28. ARC Wood Paper Pack This collection of ARC Wood Paper feels just like real wood! Great for die-cutting, embossing, folding, painting, scoring, embellishing and so much more, this wooden paper acts like wood, but is paper thin.
  29. Artfolds Book Art Artfolds are books that contain simple and easy folding instructions that let you transform the pages into a unique paper sculpture. In just an hour, you can create a piece of book art that will be cherished for years to come!
  30. Artful Collage from Found Objects Do you have little odds and ends you've saved from a family vacation? If you want a creative way to display these little things that mean so much, you must read Artful Collage from Found Objects.
  31. Artful Handmade Wrap Bracelets Artful Handmade Wrap Bracelets is full of beginner-friendly bracelet tutorials. Although all of the projects in use the same set of basic skills, the 25+ patterns in this collection are varied enough to suit any sense of style.
  32. Artterro Wool Felt Jewelry Kit This amazing Artterro Wool Felt Jewelry Kit includes 100% wool felt shapes, glass and wood beads, and sequins to inspire your creativity. You can make up to six jewelry pieces.
  33. Assortment of Aleene's Tacky Glue In celebration of the launch of the NEW Cool2Craft Newsletter at FaveCrafts.com, Cool2Craft is giving away a special mega assortment of Aleene's Tacky Glue.
  34. Assortment of Aleene's Tacky Glue Dry Adhesives If you love crafting with paper, fabric or anything in between, you'll love this package of Aleene's Tacky Glue Dry Adhesives.
  35. Atyou Spica Markers This great collection of glitter pens would be perfect for anyone who enjoys paper crafting. They are also great for addressing wedding envelopes or creating hand-written invitations.
  36. Aunt Lydia's Baker's Cotton Crochet Thread Bakers Cotton reminiscent of the string that tied your box of goodies in that little bakery around the corner when you were a kid! Bright and fun shades plied with white to give a modern twist on an old favorite.
  37. Bali Bandz and Bali Point to Point Tablerunner Pattern Quilts Bali Bandz is a wearable fiber art design that can also be adapted for party favors, shoe jewelry, bookmarks, gift bows, and zipper pulls.
  38. BasicGrey Scrapbook Set This BasicGrey kit would be great for putting an album together of baby's first birthday, a special anniversary, or Valentines Day. The 6x6 chipboard album comes with several pages, so there's plenty of room to display your photos.
  39. Bazzill Basics Embellishment Set Whether you're a fan of paper crafting, sewing, or you just like wearing fun and hip accessories, Bazzill Embellishments have just what you need to turn drab into fab!
  40. Bead Bugs Who would have thought that bugs could be cute? With the projects you'll find in Bead Bugs, you'll be scrounging the aisles of your favorite bead shop and even browsing through Grandma's jewelry box to find just the right pieces for your own beaded
  41. Beadalon and Artistic Wire Product Assortment Take your wire working to the next level with this specially hand-picked assortment. Beginner and experienced wire artists and crafters will enjoy creating wire wrapped jewelry, wire embellishments, jump rings, custom twisted wire and much more.
  42. Beader's Delight Box The Beader's Delight Box is every jewelry maker's dream! This generous assortment of tools, patterns, and beads is like a treasure chest-contents may vary, but you're guaranteed something great. Refresh your style with handmade accessories.
  43. Beading Basics and Beyond This is beading with a little magic mixed in! Projects include an Autumn Lei, Ruby Flower necklace, Crystal Spheres earrings, Nautilus necklaces, and more.
  44. Beading In No Time There are 50 projects in this book with easy to follow and understand step-by-step instructions that include projects for beginners to learn and jewelry makers to expand their skills.
  45. Beautiful Embroidered & Embellished Knits The Beautiful Embroidered & Embellished Knits book includes more than 30 knitting patterns, from beginner knitting patterns to knitting instructions for more advanced projects. There's something for everyone in this collection of knitting patterns!
  46. Beautiful Hand Stitched Jewelry There are 35 innovative and stunning projects inspired by Tokyo style with the techniques of crochet, embroidery, and beading. The colors are soft, delicate, bold, and rich.
  47. Beginner's Drawing Course with Sandra Angelo Drawing can be a great escape, but if you aren't confident in your skills, it can be a nightmare. Be confident in your work with help from Sandra Angelo's Beginner's Drawing Course. Tap into skills you never knew you had.
  48. Bic Mark It Color Collection The color is long lasting, acid-free, and you can mark on just about any surface from glass, metal, plastic, photo paper, foils, coated, and even oily surfaces.
  49. Big Bag of Buttons You can never have too many buttons! Buttons are used in art and craft as both a functional element and also a decorative element.
  50. Big Book of $5.00 Crafts At first glance one might think this book was projects for children, but once you dig into the book you'll find its full of fun, cute, and practical craft projects for all ages.
  51. Big Shot Starter Kit The Big Shot Starter Kit includes the Big Shot portable roller machine, one Bigz die, two Sizzlits dies, one Framelits die set, one A2 Textured Impressions embossing folder, and ten samples of Core'dinations cardstock.
  52. Body Art Paint from Tulip Ever wondered how you would look with a rose or a sparrow tattooed on your shoulder? Forget those temporary rub-ons. Now there's a way to experiment with different shapes and colors before going for something more permanent.
  53. Bohemian Inspired Jewelry Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry is a great book for the beginning jewelry maker. There are helpful guides on picking the right ribbons and cords, as well as finding random odds and ends to help accent your pieces.
  54. Bottle Art Windchimes, cheese servers, candleholders, jewelry, suncatchers and more fill this 19-page book with inspiration and instructions.
  55. Boutique Knits There is a vintage flair to this book that will delight. Knit wonderful coordinating accessories for yourself, family, and friends.
  56. BronzClay BronzClay is a clay medium that once fired or baked leaves a bronze creation. Used by jewelry makers, artists, and sculptors, it can be used to create large and small pieces.
  57. Build Ur Beads Review You can paint, ink, or stain the unfinished wood. You can place the beads on an unbent paper clip, wood skewer, or thin crochet needle to paint. One or two base coats of color can be applied and from there you can decorate these beads as you wish.
  58. Bunny Needle Felting Kit These incredible kits by Dimensions are so very easy to work with, and they result in adorable, 100% wool, 3-D figurines. Anybody can make these simple felt friends with the easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions provided.
  59. Butterfly Feeder Kit Use this easy Butterfly Feeder Kit to attract wild butterflies to your garden! Made with cement and sand and a variety of glass butterflies, this simple feeder would look great in anyone's garden.
  60. Butterfly Mobile Kit Give your living room or play room a fun look with this Butterfly Mobile Kit. Great for adding some color to a little corner, this easy to assemble mobile is made with paper butterflies and lightweight string.
  61. Buttons Galore Inspired by the color pallet of popular designer Laura Kelly, this whimsical and fun collection of color assortments coordinate with Laura's paper/stationary collection as well as her fabric line.
  62. Calendars for Craft Lovers Calendars for Craft Lovers, the most recent lineup of calendars from Andrews McMeel Publishing, has amazing ideas and inspirational patterns to help you get through any creative rut.
  63. Candy Cane Climbers What is one way to make a candy cane better? Give it a little buddy! In this collection of Candy Cane Climbers, you'll learn how to create cute plastic canvas critters to help embellish and decorate candy canes.
  64. Card Art The cards youll create are from fabric and paper, but any clever cardmaker could use this book as inspiration for totally paper cards.
  65. Card Making with Cricut In this 48-page book you can find everything from shower invitations to thank you cards and love notes to special occasion papercrafts.
  66. Celebration Greetings Card Kit The Celebration Greetings Card Kit comes with materials to make 5 cards, 2 mini cards, and 1 tag. Artist Deena Ziegler also includes finished designs of all the cards so you could follow her suggestions exactly, or create your own designs!
  67. Chain Maille Jewelry Chain maille has a classic and timeless look that makes is great for anyone. In Chain Maille Jewelry, you can learn to make more than 2 dozen different chain maille projects, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.
  68. Chevron Shape Tape If you want to spruce up your living space without spending a fortune on redecorating, give Shape Tape a try. This line of painter's tape from the creative minds at FrogTape features a repeating chevron pattern.
  69. Choo Choo Organizer Drawers Keep little toys, supplies, and other small necessities organized with the help of these Choo Choo Organizer Drawers. Great for craft rooms, play rooms, and nurseries, these train drawers are easy to assemble and fun to decorate!
  70. Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style Add some European flair to your holiday season with the help of Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style by Tone Merete Stenklv and Miriam Nilsen Morken. This book is filled with beautiful craft projects that you'll love to make and give this Christmas.
  71. Christmas Sticker Kit This SRM Christmas sticker set has enough stickers to create lots of cards, scrapbook pages, and even has cute gift tag labels to make wrapping easy and organized.
  72. Christmas Stocking Cross Stitch Book This Christmas Stocking Cross Stitch Book makes a wonderful gift for a crafter in your life. Learn how to make a lovley Victorian-inspired Christmas stocking that people of all ages are sure to love!
  73. Classic Chain Mail Jewelry Using only jump rings, you can create dozens of intricate jewelry designs with the instructions in this book. Inside this book you'll find over 30 chain mail projects with detailed instructions and step-by-step photos.
  74. Claymation Studio 2.0 The Claymation 2.0 software is easy to use. All you do is use a digital camera, webcam, or DV camcorder to capture your images. Then you can use this software to add background images, audio, and music to create your own stop-motion movies!
  75. Clover Butterfly Yo Yo Maker A new shape in Clovers line of yo yo making templates, the butterfly stands out as unique. When is the last time you saw a butterfly yo yo?
  76. Clover Embroidery Hoop This 4 3/4" embroidery hoop is a high quality, plastic hoop that makes embroidering a snap. This tool will keep your fabric taut and tight without slipping or coming undone.
  77. Clover Flower Frill Templates Fabric flowers are so popular right now, but sometimes it's hard to figure out how to make them. Following a pattern is always a good idea, but using an easy "flip and fold" template is an even better idea!
  78. Clover Quick Yo-Yo Maker The Clover Quick Yo-Yo Maker templates are so easy to use, and they make yo-yo making so much more enjoyable. The jumbo sized template makes yo-yos that are 3.5 inches in diameter. You can do a lot with yo-yos this size!
  79. Clover Sewing Prize Pack Sewists and general crafters alike will love this giveaway from Clover. With materials and supplies to help you with your sewing projects and tools to help you create amazing woven designs, this prize pack is great for everyone.
  80. Clover Stacking Cases The Clover Staking cases come in 3 sizes, small, medium, and large, and there are 2 cases per pack. The Stacking cases are slim and clear with a cap that keeps the contents secure.
  81. Coats & Clark 200th Anniversary Spools and Tin The Coats & Clark story began in Paisley, Scotland in 1812, and for 200 years, families have stitched their history with the name you can trust for all your sewing needs. Celebrate with this Coats & Clark 200th Anniversary Spools and Tin kit.
  82. Collage Playground Collage Playground, by Kimberly Santiago, takes a whimsical and playful approach to the method of collage art. In this colorful manual, you'll find 25 projects and 10 simple crafting techniques to help you create your own unique art.
  83. Collecting Moments Scrapbook Kit Perfect for tons of occasions and reasons, this Collecting Moments Scrapbook Kit is a beautiful assortment of paper and stickers in both bright and muted pastels. Lovely floral patterns, stripes, polka dots, chevrons, and solid paper come together t
  84. Collection of Quilting Books, Patterns and Westcott Scissors Giveaway Whether you're new to quilting or just want to know more, this is the perfect giveaway for you. These books are great for beefing up your library and learning more. Put your skills to the test with two free patterns.
  85. Complete Guide to Ribbon Crafts This book is a must for anyone who loves ribbon craft or is interested in learning more about ribbon craft.
  86. Copic Markers Doodle Pack Create amazing illustrations with this Copic Markers Doodle Pack. Complete with two Copic Ciao Markers, one Atyou Spica Glitter Pen, and one Copic Multiliner, this doodle pack is a great intro into playing with Copics.
  87. Cozy Knits: 50 Fast and Easy Projects from Top Designers Cozy Knits: 50 Fast and Easy Projects from Top Designers is a fabulous collection of 50 all-new patterns. With techniques for knitters of all skill levels, this book has a little bit of everything.
  88. Craft Fail: When Homemade Goes Horribly Wrong From the Melted Crayon Canvas to Microwave Soap Sludge, Craft Fail: When Homemade Goes Horribly Wrong celebrates the underbelly of the creative process. The benefit? Hilarity.
  89. Crafter's Caddy Perfect for toting all kinds of crafting supplies, the Crafter's Caddy is a must have for those who like to craft on the go. With plenty of open top access and a handy lower drawer, this storage unit can hold tons of your favorite crafting supplies.
  90. Crafting with Felt Color your world with fun, easy felt! In Crafting with Felt, you'll find home decor, wearables, and so much more...all made with felt! Affordable and colorful, felt crafts are great for kids and adults alike!
  91. Crafting with Fleece Looking for super quick and easy crafts? Look no further than Crafting with Fleece. With little to no sewing involved, these projects can be made in under an hour!
  92. Crafting with Kids Broken down by season, Crafting with Kids is a great book for parents and teachers. Each project in this book has step by step full color photos, so its easy for kids and adults to craft together.
  93. Craftwell eBosser Automatic Embosser and Die Cutter As an avid card maker and scrapbooker, I was excited to try Craftwells new e-Bosser. So what exactly is the eBosser? The eBosser is a fully automatic embossing and die cutting machine that handles up to letter and A4 size materials.
  94. Crate Paper Scrapbook Kit If you also like a little mix and match help when it comes to scrapbooking, you will love Crate Papers Farmhouse Collection scrapbook kit.
  95. Crazy Cool Duct Tape Projects There's a lot of ways people are cutting down on costs this past few years, but this is without question one of the best ways; use duct tape. In Crazy Cool Duct Tape Projects, you'll find amazing crafts for wearables, accessories, and even home decor
  96. Create with Copics: Beginner's Guide Online Class Learn all the basics of owning, caring for, and using copic markers with this Create with Copics: Beginner's Guide Online Class, presented by Annie's Catalog. Filled with helpful suggestions and tutorials from Copic designer, Jennifer Dove, this cla
  97. Create with Transfer Artist Paper Have you heard about Transfer Artist Paper? With this award-winning, innovative medium, you can transfer images to paper craft projects, fiber arts pieces and even quilts!
  98. Creating Beaded and Wire Earrings Great how-to photos walk you through the 35 earring projects in Creating Beaded & Wire Earrings by Linda Jones. The cover claims that these are dazzling, stylish earrings and the projects deliver on that promise.
  99. Creating with Mod Podge Decorate your life with decoupage--made simple using Mod Podge, the all-in-one glue, sealer, and finish. In Creating with Mod Podge, you can learn how to use this amazing product to create all kinds of craft projects.
  100. Creative Beaded Jewelry Celebrates the beauty of Eastern culture with Creative Beaded Jewelry, a gorgeous illustrated guide. There are 80 pages of jewelry tutorials and tips on how to make your Asian-inspired jewelry truly shine, as well as over 100 detailed diagrams.
  101. Creative Bloom This book has projects using both fabric and wire and its a delightful combination! Swift has create designs for inside and outside and all the places in-between.
  102. Creative Canes With a book filled with over 30 techniques for polymer clay you can spend a lot of time with this book and creating unique and personalized canes for jewelry, boxes, frames, and whatever you can imagine covered with your artwork!
  103. Creative Dyeing for Fabric Arts Creative Dyeing for Fabric Arts is a colorful and fun book filled with great tie dye ideas for clothes, scarves, canvases, and more. With permanent markers and alcohol inks, you can create stunning art pieces that look professional!
  104. Creative Effects in Sock Knitting: Op Art Socks Enjoy a fresh new approach to sock knitting. Master knitter Stephanie van der Linden shows her technical skills to great effect in Creative Effects in Sock Knitting: Op Art Socks.
  105. Creative Journaling Kit The Creative Journaling Kit contains everything you need to create a 12 page journal plus lots of ideas, extra materials, and fun techniques that can be used on all your paper crafting projects.
  106. Creative Options Project Box Great for storing 12x12 paper or projects in progress, these Creative Options Project Boxes make organizing easy and fun. Each box is big enough to hold several hundred sheets of paper and the latching top keeps everything secure.
  107. Creative Options Small Rack System Perfect for storing anything from beads to embellishments, the 4-teir Creative Options Small Rack System is the best way to keep small supplies neatly organized.
  108. Creative Options Tapered Tote Store your craft supplies in style with this adorable Creative Options Tapered Tote. Fun, fashionable, and functional, this tote provides ample room to store and carry all your essentials.
  109. Creative Pilgrimage In this book, you'll read about the unique stories of several artists, from building their name from the ground up, to offering helpful suggestions to find your own niche and success.
  110. Cri-Kit Gel Pens and Holder for your Craft Cutting Machine Get the most out of your cutting machine with these Cri-Kits pens and holder. Just insert the holder and pen in place of your blade and you can add color to your papercrafts.
  111. Cricut Expression 2: Anniversary Edition While the previous Cricut Expression machines were great to begin with, the new Cricut Expression 2: Anniversary Edition is even better.
  112. Criminal Crafts: Outlaw Projects for Scoundrels, Cheats, and Armchair Detectives Criminal Crafts: Outlaw Projects for Scoundrels, Cheats, and Armchair Detectives is a clever and witty DIY project book. Filled with 30 crafts and recipes, Criminal Crafts is a great book for those who love a little mystery and intrigue.
  113. Crocheting Clothes Kids Love Whether you have kids or are just a kid at heart, you'll love making the fun and kid-stylish projects featured in Crocheting Clothes Kids Love. This adorable book contains 28 crochet projects kids of all ages are sure to love!
  114. Cross Stitch Book Collection This awesome collection of Cross Stitch books is great for those who love creating cross stitch decor for their home. Made up of 7 amazing titles, this collection is a stitcher's dream come true!
  115. Cupcake Decorating Lab Discover easy, accessible, and fun techniques for making beautifully decorated cupcakes with Cupcake Decorating Lab. Filled with 52 techniques, recipes and designs, this book will take the humble cupcake and transform it into something amazing!
  116. Cupcake Punch Cupcakes are a hot motif and that trend is growing. Its fun and playful as is this punch set by EK Success.
  117. Cute as a Button Quilts Cute As A Button Quilts has 12 quilt projects. The themes include a few holidays, hearts, cats, java, and angels.
  118. Dazzling Diamond Rhinestone Sticker Sheets Everything is better with a little sparkle...and with these Dazzling Diamond Rhinestone Sticker Sheets, you can literally add sparkle to everything and anything!
  119. DCWV Paper Pack Collection Liven up your paper crafts with the amazing collections put out by Die Cuts With a View. From cute baby-themed packs to chalkboard-inspired designs, this DCWV Paper Pack Collection has everything you need to create amazing cards and scrapbooks.
  120. Deborah Norville Collection Serenity Chunky Weight Yarn This review and giveaway includes 3 skeins of Berry Burst (3.5 oz100 gms 109 Yards100 MT and is a super fine acrylic. This collection has over 40 prints and solids including baby colors.
  121. DecoArt Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint I've been seeing chalk-finish paint on DIY projects everywhere, so I was excited to try the Americana Dcor Chalky Finish Paints and the accompanying Creme Wax. I love any and all places where home dcor and crafting intersect!
  122. DecoArt MEDIA Paint I recently received an assortment of paint, sprays, and mixed media art supplies from DecoArt. Id heard about their new Media line and briefly saw it in action at the CHA Paper Arts Show in Atlanta this July.
  123. Decorate with Ribbon In minutes, a touch of beautiful ribbon can transform your home and fashion accessories--with now sewing! In Decorate with Ribbon, you'll learn how to create amazing projects with the ribbon in your craft stash.
  124. DeElda Baseball Needlepoint Design This baseball needlepoint kit comes with your mesh baseball layout, as well as a needle threader, 2 tapestry needles, instructions for the continental and basketweave stitches, as well as all the yarn you'll need to complete the project.
  125. Delight in the Art of Collage Create amazing artistic designs that literally pop off the canvas with the projects in Delight in the Art of Collage. By reusing everyday items and looking at simple materials in a whole new light, you can create amazing artwork.
  126. Design It, Knit It Babies This book has over 20 original designs for newborns and toddlers. Chapters are dedicated to size, shape, embellishments, and special occasions for the little ones.
  127. Design Master TintIT Multi Use Spray Paint Design Master TintIT Multi-Use Spray Paint quickly adds a veil of soft color to painted or pre-finished items. Available in a wide variety of colors, this spray paint is perfect for embellishing your life with color!
  128. Design Originals Paper Crafts Book Collection Learn about a variety of paper crafting techniques with this collection of 7 craft books! This Design Originals Paper Crafts Book Collection includes books on how to Zentangle, how to do paper quilling, how to make smash books, origami and much more
  129. Digital Expressions Written for mixed media artists, art journalers, scrapbookers, and daydreams, this book explains how to manipulate single images with texture, color, and text plus create the look of traditional art (drawings/paintings).
  130. Digital Scrapbook Artist There may be better graphic design programs, but Serif got this software right for all of us who dont have a graphic artist degree!
  131. Dimensions Embroidery Kits With these colorful and vibrant embroidery kits from Dimensions, you and your kids can have the same joyous feeling of stitching something the old fashioned way.
  132. DIYBangles Wood Bracelets Its not always easy to find quality wood bracelets and I really liked these from DiyBangles. The Pentagon Dome bracelet is a pretty cool shape, but there are several different styles of wood bracelets available.
  133. Dollar Origami Learn how to create dollar bill origami with this Dollar Origami book. This book will teach you a fun skill you can use multiple ways. Filled with 20 Origami patterns, this book will help you convert your ordinary cash into extraordinary art.
  134. Dritz Rotary Cutter This rotary cutter has a 45mm size blade with a safety lock and a cushion handle. The blade is pressure sensitive. The blade is Tungsten-carbon steel, double-honed for maximum sharpness. This tool can cut single or multiple layers of fabric in any di
  135. Duck Tape Scents Now you can create Duct Tape projects that smell as good as they look! With 6 delicious scents available, these Duck Tape Scents are great for crafting up Duct Tape jewelry, flowers, and more!
  136. Duct Tape Your Heart Out! Use today's colorful duct tape and the fun projects in Duct Tape Your Heart Out! to create all kinds of awesome decorations and wearables for you and your family!
  137. eCraft Cutting Machine Whether you like to create your own designs or not, the eCraft offers both options. Plus, with the pens inserted in your machine, you can draw designs as well as cut all in one step.
  138. Elmers Craft Bond Gel Pens This set of gel pens from Elmers includes 18 different colors in neon, glitter, and metallic. Use them separately or together for a more dynamic look.
  139. Embellishments for Adventurous Sewing Embellishments for Adventurous Sewing is a step-by-step reference guide that explores several methods of fabric embellishments that can be used to adorn clothes, home decor items, or even quilts.
  140. Embroidery Stitch Guide Whether you're new to embroidery or just want to renew old skills, Embroidery Stitch Guide offers you clear instructions and step-by-step diagrams for 58 popular stitches.
  141. Endless Sparkle Endless Sparkle is a jewelry lovers dream book. Beginning with 12 crystal components, this book lays the foundation for a variety of designs that you can easily make.
  142. Etchall Paint Products Whether you want to add a lovely soft finish to a jar or create an amazing etched design on your sliding glass door, you can do it all with the Etchall Paint Products.
  143. Ethnic Scrapbooking The author asks, Do you know your ethnic heritage? She also explores the influence of traveling abroad, eating non-American cuisine, and having family and friends who are of a different race or nationality.
  144. Everyday Paper Dolls Cartridge If you're looking for a fun new way for your child to explore his or her imagination, be sure to pick up this Everyday Paper Dolls Cartridge from the Provo Craft Cricut collection.
  145. Everyday Soft Worsted Print Yarn Any garment or toy made with this yarn will be touchable and feel as soft as silk.
  146. Everything Mary Rolling Scrapbook Tote Keep all your scrapbooking supplies in one place with this fantastic Everything Mary Rolling Scrapbook Tote. With a huge main storage bin and several side and interior pockets, this rolling tote can hold all your paper crafting essentials!
  147. Everything Mary Scrapbook Organizer Keep all your essential scrapbooking supplies stored and organized in this adorable Everything Mary Scrapbook Organizer. With a large main bucket and several smaller pockets surrounding the tote, this colorful organizer is great for crafters on the
  148. Expressions Wood Shop Letters Perfect for gift giving, scrapbooking or adding some words to a blank wall or canvas, these Expressions Wood Shop Letters hold up against all your crafting needs.
  149. Extreme Glitter from FolkArt This product is cool. It adds sparkle and glitz to any art or craft project. There are 11 colors: gold, silver, rose, red, orange, peridot, turquoise, purple, black, and hologram. The testing team loved the results they got with Extreme Glitter.
  150. Extreme Glitter Paint Extreme Glitter Paint is perfect for adding a soft sparkly sheen to wood, plastic, terra cotta, and most other porous surfaces. Once dry, the glitter adheres to the surface of your project, so it wont rub or flake off.
  151. Faber Castell Art Journaling Kit Art journaling is coming mainstream with more exposure to mixed media, altered arts, and collage creativity. Every crafter and artist should be keeping a record of projects made and ideas for the future.
  152. Faber-Castell Getting Started Mixed Media and Collage Kit This kit includes 20 printed papers, 2 Art GRIP Aquarelle pencils, 1 PITT artist pen with brush tip, 7 greyboard work surfaces in various sizes, white gesso, white craft glue, foam brush, lace, plastic mesh screen, sepia stamp pad, and more!
  153. Fabric Flowers Nothing can jazz up an old hat, jacket, blazer, or purse like a colorful fabric flower. If you're looking for floral inspiration, look no further than Fabric Flowers, the latest book from Amy Barickman.
  154. Fabric Jewelry The designs in the book are fun, eye-catching, and on trend. Youll be rocking, rolling, wrapping, stitching, gluing, roving, braiding, and knotting in no time!
  155. Fabric Spray Paint from Tulip The Fabric Spray Paint from Tulip is easy to use and comes in 21 different colors. The bottle's spray nozzle has been designed to give the user complete control and there is no air in the bottle so you don't get any accidental sputtering.
  156. Fabric Vases A good craft book should not just teach you how to make a specific project, but motivate you to take what you have learned and create your own unique design. Fast Fun Easy Fabric Vases is a great craft book.
  157. Fairfield Gift Bag Dive into Fairfields collection of products and brighten up your home with handmade dcor. This prize includes 17 packages of OLY*FUN craft material, Design Foam tiles, Soft & Toasty batting, two packages of POLY-FIL, and a pillow insert.
  158. Fairy Enchantment For every little girl who's ever believed in fairies (and who loves to cross stitch!), there's Fairy Enchantment, a beautiful collection of 9 mystical fairy patterns that are perfect for framing and displaying.
  159. Fairy Tale Castle Give your little princess the castle shes always dreamed of with this Fairy Tale Castle. This magical creationincluding furniture and a carriagewill provide her with hours of entertainment and make-believe fun!
  160. FaveCrafts Editors Review Craft Books and Products for You So many craft products are introduced every year, and even more craft books are published. The avid crafter doesn't have time to figure out which ones are the best. Leave that up to the crafting experts--the editors of FaveCrafts.com!
  161. Felt Jewelry Felt Jewelry is a great book filled with some of the most colorful and fun accessories Ive ever seen. Each one of these bracelets, scarves, necklaces, and rings are easy to make and customize to fit your favorite colors.
  162. Feltables Fashion Flat Bottom Tote This sturdy flat bottom tote is perfect for carrying groceries, crafts, books, and more. This cute bag is just begging to be decorated and with amble room for creativity on this large tote, you can feel free to let your imagination run wild!
  163. Felted Feathered Friends Felted Feathered Friends is a beautiful book filled with patterns to create 20 adorable birds. With superb photography, detailed instructions, and helpful tips and suggestions, this book makes a great gift for someone who is new to felting.
  164. Find It, Make It: Outdoor Green Crafts for Children If you're looking for fun kids craft projects that are also environmentally friendly, you should check out "Find It, Make It: Outdoor Green Crafts for Children," by Clare Youngs. The book is full of kids nature crafts and other unique recycled crafts
  165. Finish-Free Knits Love clicking your knitting needles together, but hate the sight of a sewing needle and thread? TenDyke has made the inevitable unnecessary. Finish-Free Knits is a brilliant guide to no-hassle knits with darling patterns and beautiful results.
  166. Fiskars AdvantEdge Punch System The Fiskars AdvantEdge Punch System makes it easy to create decorative punched borders OR edges on paper projects depending on the cartridge used. The system uses interchangeable cartridges in a variety of designs.
  167. Fiskars Amplify Shears Set Made up of three state-of-the-art shears designed to handle any kind of project, the Fiskars Amplify Shears Set will completely transform the way you cut paper, fabric, denim, and so much more.
  168. Fiskars Border Punch Adding a border to your paper projects can be a bit of a hassle, especially when borders come out uneven or unaligned. But with the help of the Fiskars Border Punch, you can create elegant and fun borders in a variety of styles.
  169. Fiskars Cartridge Circle Punch Fiskars First Magnetic Punch lets you punch anywhere! This heavy-duty punch is designed to make 2-inch circular windows in any location on your scrapbook page or card.
  170. Fiskars Everywhere Punch System The Fiskars Everywhere Punch System allows you to punch a window anywhere on your paper - even in the center. Interchangeable punches means you can choose from a variety of window designs.
  171. Fiskars Fuse We all know and love Fiskars brand for their amazing scissors and cutting tools. They have been an icon in the crafting industry for 45 years now. With this being their 45th year in business they have taken crafting to another level for scrapbookers.
  172. Fiskars ProCision Rotary Bypass Trimmer WOW! That is exactly how I will start this post because this product I am about to show you just made my life so much easier. I do a lot of cutting and trust me I have tried many products looking for that perfect edge.
  173. Fiskars Stamp Press and Latte Love and Family Clear Stamps Giveaway If you're persnickety like me and like to stamp with clear stamps, Fiskars Stamp Press will make your stamping easier! And with clear stamp sets like Latte Love and Family, your stamping fun will just be beginning.
  174. Flip Pal Mobile Scanner Scrapbookers, rejoice! The Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner is an awesome tool for anyone who loves to create keepsakes but doesn't want to compromise old photographs. As far as craft freebies, go this scanner is pretty special.
  175. Flying Wish Paper This is one cool product! There are 50 sheets of Flying Wish Paper, 25 Wish Platforms, pencils, matches, and instructions in this magical kit.
  176. Folk Art Multi Surface Paint This Folk Art Multi Surface Satin Acrylic Paint is perfect for all craft and hobby painting techniques, as well as sponging, stenciling, and stamping. With 40 colors currently available, there's nothing you can't do with this awesome new paint!
  177. Forever Grateful Clear Stamp Set Another quality clear stamp set from MSE, this set includes sweet sentiments plus 5 flourish and floral accent stamps totaling 9 stamps to coordinate and play with.
  178. Framous Kits Plastic Canvas Frame Kit Complete with everything you need to make your very own plastic canvas frame, this Framous Kits Plastic Canvas Frame Kit is ideal for the first time crafter or seasoned craft enthusiast!
  179. Free Spirit Shawls Free Spirit Shawls features 20 shawl projects that are presented along four themes: color, lace, simplicity, and design. The patterns featured in this collection will reach far beyond simple trends and will continue to inspire for years to come.
  180. Fresh Quilting Fresh Quilting is a book designed for the beginning quilter. With two chapters devoted to basic terminology and supplies, as well as must-know techniques and tools of the trade, Fresh Quilting is a great guide for those who are new to this hobby.
  181. Fun with Chinese Knotting Also known as Chinese macrame, knotting is an old and revered art form in China and an integral part of Chinese life. In Fun with Chinese Knotting, you'll learn several unique macrame patterns to help add style to your home decor.
  182. G2 Generation Green Bottle Cutter If you're looking for a new way to go green, be sure to pick up one of the brand-new G2 Generation Green Bottle Cutters. If you have old vases, bottles, cans--any sort of plastic-- you can turn it into a beautiful new (and eco-friendly!) craft.
  183. Gelatos Kit Gelatos will completely transform the way you craft. These markers are meant for illustrating and blending and this Gelatos Kit comes with everything you need to create dozens of projects.
  184. Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate and Brayer The Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate looks and feels like gelatin, but is durable, reusable and stores at room temperature.
  185. Generation Green Bottle Art 4 Pack Kit Who would have thought that wine bottles could be used for more than just flower vases? With these four Generation Green Bottle Art kids, you can create beautiful crafts using wine bottles that are both decorative and environmentally friendly!
  186. Gifted: Lovely Little Things to Knit and Crochet From wearable accessories to home dcor, Gifted is filled with great ideas for handmade gifts. Not only are there tons of great ideas for colorful wearables, but there are also cute household items that anyone would love.
  187. Granny Square Flowers Create a botanical wonderland with Granny Square Flowers: 50 Botanical Crochet Motifs and 15 Original Projects. With something for all levels of crochet fans, this book will transform the way you look at the common granny square.
  188. Graphic 45 French Country Collection Perfect for a country kitchen or summer themed scrapbook layout, the Graphic 45 French Country Collection is filled with all kinds of classic French symbols, patterns, and icons. Colorful stickers, paper, and embellishments are included in this kit.
  189. Hana Ami Flower Loom Take a trip back to the 60s or think of a tropical island where straw and raffia flowers bloom and youll get the feel and fun of this great loom tool.
  190. Handmade Charlotte Stencils These adorable Handmade Charlotte Stencils are great for adding shapes and style to anything from your scrapbook pages to your living room wall. With anywhere from 40-80 stencils per pack, these stencils are versatile and fun to use!
  191. Handmade Hostess Be the life of your own party with the help of Handmade Hostess. Filled with tips and tricks for planning and organizing your own celebration, be it weddings or birthdays, this book helps you save money and express your creativity.
  192. Happy Days Scrapbook Collection The good ol' days are even better now that you can scrapbook your favorite photos with this Happy Days Scrapbook Collection. With lots of retro papers and embellishments, this collection is as sweet as mom's cherry pie!
  193. Happy Homemade Sew Chic Happy Homemade Sew Chic features 20 relaxed, fun, and timeless do-it-yourself clothing patterns. With everything from pants to tops, skirts to dresses, this book is all you need to completely revamp your closet.
  194. Hello Sunshine Collection from Lawn Fawn Get ready for warm summer weather with the "Hello Sunshine" Collection from Lawn Fawn! With bright festive papers and adorable stamps and buttons, this collection is all you need to scrapbook your favorite summer memories.
  195. Hello! Macrame Say hello to today's young and fun craft of macrame! Inside Hello! Macrame, you'll find 13 amazing projects that give an updated look to this vintage art.
  196. Homemade Gifts with Love This book has over 35 projects to make as gifts for any occasion. Pretty, nostalgic crafts like egg covers, tea cozies, and dolls.
  197. Homemade: The Heart and Science of Handcrafts Homemade: The Heart and Science of Handcrafts is to art and crafting what The Joy of Cooking is to baking and cooking. This book contains everything you need to know about the why and how behind the joy of gluing one thing to another.
  198. Honestech VHS to DVD Software It is an all in one video converter. Plus you can also do HD editing, use effects, make menus, do Blu-ray disc burning, set up viewing on portable devices like an iPod, and upload to YouTube.
  199. Hot Ribbon Art The product is iron-on ribbon that is machine washable. You can apply it to fabric, paper, and any other surface that can handle the heat of the iron.
  200. How to Hang a Picture Knowing how to hang art on your wall is a hallmark of everyday style. In How to Hang a Picture, you'll learn how to create striking wall assortments and bring style and pizazz to any room in your home.
  201. How to Make 100 Bead Embroidery Motifs Learn how to add sparkling color and texture to clothes and accessories with the unique bead embroidery motifs you'll find in How to Make 100 Bead Embroidery Motifs. With 100 designs to choose from, there's something for everyone here!
  202. How to Make 100 Crochet Appliques How many times have you wanted to create an adorable gift, accessory, or home decor item by embellishing it with a cute crocheted character? Will with How to Make 100 Crochet Appliques, you'll learn how to crochet everything from cute monkeys to lov
  203. How to Make 100 Paper Flowers In this collection of beautiful bouquets, author Maria Noble shares her lifelong passion for making paper flowers. How to Make 100 Paper Flowers is filled with flowers that you can make with almost every kind of paper.
  204. How to Make Stuffed Animals Making stuffed animals is fun, addictive, and much easier than you think! In How to Make Stuffed Animals, you'll learn how to create 18 adorable animal friends, plus an overview of all basic techniques and materials.
  205. I Like Crochet Digital Magazine Are you hooked on crochet? Then you're going to love the I Like Crochet Digital Magazine. This exclusive digital publication gives you access to hundreds of premium crochet patterns, videos, and tutorials.
  206. I Love to Create Adhesives and Fabric Paints Replenish your craft stash with these I Love to Create Adhesives and Fabric Paints. Great for crafters of all mediums, these supplies are easy to find and reliable. Add color to your world with these supplies from I Love to Create!
  207. i-Top Brad Maker The i-Top Brad Maker from Imaginisce is an ingenious tool that every crafter should add to his or her crafting arsenal. With this one tool, you can make custom brads to use as embellishments for anything!
  208. Imagine Inks and Stamp Pads Add beautiful color to your crafts with Imagine Inks and Stamp Pads. These liquid inks are specially designed for use on a variety of materials, and come with a variety of tools to help you texturize and use your colors to get the ultimate result.
  209. Inchies Clear Stamps Set Can you create a masterpiece within a 1 x 1 square? The idea is fun and a challenge, but most of us need a little help. That's where Inkadinkado's Inchies clear stamp sets come to the rescue.
  210. Indus Wood Blank Bangles DIY Bangles are great for the creative accessory queen. These unfinished wood bracelets (4 per package) are designed to be decorated. Paint them, decoupage them, write on them, or cover them with yarn!
  211. Inside the Creative Studio Inside the Creative Studio takes you inside the spaces of 30 creative minds. Each designer offers tips and hints for creating the ultimate craft space, as well as detailed layouts of their craft rooms and lots and lots of pictures to drool over!
  212. Inspired by Zentangle Fabric Arts Quilting Embroidery This upscaled and inspired doodling is rather addictive and so much fun. This book takes all those wonderful designs and patterns created and joins the designs with fabric, quilting, and embroidery.
  213. Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams The projects include decorative boxes, unique art pieces, and jewelry. The book is a feast for the eyes with excellent step by step photos and close up images of the projects.
  214. Interweave Metalwork DVD In this DVD, you'll learn techniques like how to shape, texture, and antique wireworked jewelry, and you'll also get start to finish instructions on making a few pieces of your own, including a 5-minute ring project!
  215. Into the Woods and Peace Joy Love Collection Kits The Into the Woods and Peace Joy Love Collection Kits are the newest fall and winter paper sets from Lawn Fawn. Complete with 9 12x12" double-sided pattered papers and 6 coordinating pieces of flair, these paper sets contain everything you need to c
  216. Itty Bitty Crocheted Critters Incredibly cute crocheted animals just got incredibly small! In her new book, Itty Bitty Crocheted Critters, author Erin Clark presents a whole menagerie of itty bitty teeny weeny animals that are sure to warm your heart!
  217. Jennifer's Mosaics Reuseable Stepping Stone Mold and Stained Glass Chips Make your own mosaic 8" round stepping stone using the mold and stained glass chips in this crafty bundle. Stepping stones are a perfect gift and they're easy enough to make that your kids can help.
  218. Journal Bliss Whether you're looking to express yourself creatively for the first time or have found yourself in a creative rut, you'll soon be following your inspired voice with the help of Journal Bliss.
  219. Joy of Zentangle Zentangle is the newest craze to hit the crafting world. This easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun illustration technique is a great way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.
  220. Just Hang It Jewelry Organizers Keep your earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings stored and organized with the Just Hang It Jewelry Organizers. Available in a large and smaller size, these organizers hang conveniently in your closet to help save on space.
  221. K&Company Chipbox Alphabet Letters How cute is this owl box? And it is filled with an alphabet of orange print and orange glittered upper and lower case letters.
  222. Knit and Crochet in a Day for Baby Perfect for beginners and advanced crocheters alike, Knit in a Day for Baby and Crochet in a Day for Baby are great books filled with 20 quick and easy projects for your little one.
  223. Knits for Nerds Knits for Nerds uses popular TV shows, comics and more to create adorkable patterns any nerd would love! With projects ranging from amigurumi to full costumes, Knits for Nerds is the perfect book to help you show off your inner geek!
  224. Knits of Tomorrow Let your nostalgic taste for sci-fi, video games, and electronic gizmos past and present go wild when knitting these playful and fun projects from Knits of Tomorrow.
  225. Knitting Brioche This book provides you with a stitch library, step-by-step technique guide, and patterns youll love to use over and over in your knitting. Brioche is a knitting technique that creates a double-sided fabric.
  226. Knitting Clothes Kids Love The knitted projects in Knitting Clothes Kids Love are designed with kids in mind. Geared towards youngsters from six to twelve, these patterns are great for growing kids with ever-changing styles.
  227. Knot Thread Stitch Knot, Thread, Stitch presents a modern approach to one of the oldest crafting forms in the world. Using thread, you can create fun and unique projects, textures, and color tricks that are surprising and artistic.
  228. KraftyBlok Image Art Designed for KraftyBloks (glass blocks used for all kinds of projects), this transferdecal sheet can be used to personalize and customize so many projects from wood to soap to candles to glass containers to ornaments.
  229. Krazy Glue Everyone's favorite adhesive, Krazy Glue, has come out with a special line of glues just for crafting! Great for big and small projects, this glue is reliable and can be used on several surfaces.
  230. Kreinik Thread 8 Pack Kit Sometimes what a project is really missing is a little razzle dazzle! If you're sewing a new purse, dress, shirt, or accessory and you find that its lacking a certain flair, check out the awesome selection of metallic thread from Kreinik!
  231. Lacework for Adventurous Crocheters Master traditional, Irish, freeform, and Bruges Lace Crochet with the help of Lacework for Adventurous Crocheters. Through easy step by step instructions and fun projects, you can create beautiful lace crochet designs.
  232. Lacy Wire Jewelry There are a total of 29 projects in the book, but with a little imagination you can create so many more. All this is accomplished with a spool of wire and a few tools.
  233. Lawn Fawn Stamp Set Create sweet cards, tags, and so much more with the adorable stamps from Lawn Fawn! This Lawn Fawn Stamp Set includes four stamp collections, three for Christmas and one for Halloween.
  234. Leather Crafts Quick Knits The Leather Moccasin Kit comes with everything you need to make one compete pair of moccasins...all you need to provide is a pair of scissors.
  235. Leather Jewelry The book includes leather techniques including removing creases, cutting, sewing, punching, setting leather eyelets, setting grommets, setting snaps, and dying.
  236. Leisure Arts Jewelry Book Collection Create amazing accessories with this awesome book collection from Leisure Arts. With 4 great titles to choose from, this collection is a must have for all bead enthusiasts!
  237. Let's Have a Party You name it and this book has it for the person who wants to plan a party that young girls will enjoy and remember for years to come. There is food, games, activities, crafts, and more.
  238. Light & Layered Knits Create fluid, fashionable garments you'll wear over and over again with the projects found in Light & Layered Knits. With 19 patterns that can be layered and removed at will, these designs are great for all kinds of climates and seasons.
  239. Lightcase Do you find yourself taking photos with your smartphone? Do you wish you can get the professional look without the professional price? If so, Lightcase is for you!
  240. Little Aran and Celtic Knits for Kids Little Aran and Celtic Knits for Kids contains 25 lovely knits for little girls and boys featuring Aran-style textures and cables and Celtic-inspired colorwork.
  241. Little B Embellishment Bundle It's never been so easy to give your craft projects that special "wow" factor. Our friends at Little B have everything you need to add that special touch to your homemade cards and scrapbooking layouts.
  242. Little Windows Brilliant Photo Jewelry All you need are some basics supplies along with this Little Windows Brilliant Photo Jewelry kit and you'll have three photo necklaces and more great projects in no time.
  243. Little Windows Resin & Photo Jewelry Kit Create your own gorgeous Little Windows, all you need are some digital photos you love and a color printer!
  244. Look, Learn, & Create: Crochet Have you ever wanted to learn to crochet, but weren't sure where to begin? Look, Learn, & Create: Crochet is a great place to start! Great for the beginner, this step-by-step guide to crocheting makes this beloved craft fun and easy to learn.
  245. Lots of Buttons Collection With more than 15,000 different buttons in stock, and more than 100 new buttons added every week, Lots of Buttons is quickly becoming the global destination for button and charms, available at unbeatable prices.
  246. Lumi Photo Printing Kit Print your own durable designs on cotton or any natural fabric with this Lumi Photo Printing Kit. Using the bright summer sun, you can create your very own screen-print tees, bags, totes, and more!
  247. Lutradur Mixed Media Sheets Everyone's talking about Lutradur, the versatile non-woven fabric. Artists, designers, and crafters have been cutting it, sewing it, painting it, printing and stamping on it, and so much more!
  248. Magical Metal Clay Jewelry Metal clay is a hot jewelry making supply and this book starts with the basics then provides 20 jewelry projects to create. Worked just like modeling or polymer clay, metal clay can be molded, folded, shaped, cut, woven, sculpted, or carved.
  249. Make It In Minutes This book includes projects from jewelry to home decor to gifts; all of which will not take your hours of time, but more like minutes.
  250. Make Your Own Cute and Easy Pompoms Make Your Own Cute and Easy Pompoms will take you from start to finish in the creation of a pom pom. Learn what tools to use, how to apply cardboard templates, and how to make pom poms of all colors and sizes.
  251. Making Baby's Clothes The book is broken into chapters for different age groups including 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 2 years, and 3 years with additional sections for techniques and suppliers.
  252. Making Designer Headboards For thrifty home decor enthusiasts, this Making Designer Headboards kit is essential to creating a room that's uniquely and entirely you!
  253. Making Mini Books Making Mini Books is a big book of tiny books! From pocket sized note pads to little books you can wear as jewelry, this book has it all.
  254. Martha Stewart Baby Onesies, Caps, and Bib Embroidery Sets Martha's done it again! Take the guesswork out of homemade baby gifts by using one of these kits for making either an embroidered bib or an embroidered hat and matching onesie.
  255. Martha Stewart Cupcake Craft Punch This punch is well made and can be used to make cupcakes out of all your paper scraps! Youll have a blast with all the endless possibilities of putting together cupcakes.
  256. Martha Stewart Holidays Double Craft Punch Hot Chocolate Some Martha Stewart Crafts punches are what we call double punches meaning they not only punch out the shape, but they also punch or emboss additional detail in the interior of the shape. Because the punch is performing this additional function, it
  257. Maruti Beads Inspired by the colors and styles of India, this gorgeous collection of Maruti Beads would make a lovely addition to your bead collection.
  258. Marvy Uchida Clever Lever Extra Giga Punches Make papercrafting easier with this oversized paper punches. Marvy Uchida calls them Extra Giga Punches - they're large and lovely!
  259. Matboard Magic and Foamboard Magic The projects include home dcor items and in Foamboard Magic youll find some school projects too.
  260. Memory Glass Glass adds a special element to our crafts. Ranger has 4 sizes of glass shapes just ready for your imagination to explore.
  261. Memory Mixer Scrapbooking Software Memory Mixer gives you the freedom to create the scrapbook pages you want without the hassle of creating and buying embellishments, cutting pictures, and buying page after page of scrapbook paper. It's all done on the computer!
  262. Metal Clay & Color: Inventive Techniques from 20 Jewelry Designers Discover the techniques behind designing colorful metal jewelry with Metal Clay & Color: Inventive Techniques from 20 Jewelry Designers, a jewelry book compiled by Mary Wohlgemuth.
  263. Metalwork Jewelry Steampunk-inspired jewelry is fun to create, with tip and projects from Linda Peterson, author of Metalwork Jewelry. With 35 projects to choose from and step-by-step photos to help you through, you'll be making one-of-a-kind jewelry in no time.
  264. Metropolitan Knits With Metropolitan Knits, you can knit for uptown or downtown with a trendsetting New York designer. With 20 amazing and sophisticated projects, knitwear designer Melissa Wehrle has created a collection that perfectly reflects the rhythm, flavor, and
  265. Mica Flakes and Jewelz Famous for their mica product line, youll enjoy adding mica flakes and Jewelz powder to just about every project you enjoy from cardmaking to collage to altered arts to paper crafts.
  266. Michael LaFosse's Origami Studio Michael LaFosse's Origami Studio is an origami workshop in a box! With this kit and the accompanying DVD, you'll learn how to fold alongside world-renowned origami artist, Michael LaFosse.
  267. Mixed Media Collage Learn dozens of dynamic mixed media techniques fore all your memory and craft projects with the help of the Mixed Media Collage kit from Faber-Castell. With this 40-piece set, you'll have enough materials to make all kinds of projects.
  268. Mixed Media How to Make Polymer Clay Beads DVD Artist Ronna Sarvas Veltman takes you through watch and learn step-by-step lessons to create some awesome polymer clay beads.
  269. Mod Podge Collection Recently I discovered that Mod Podge was celebrating its 45th anniversary, as well as a whole new line of fun products. Mod Podge has gone beyond that tub of glue and is quickly working to transform how we craft.
  270. Mod Podge Rocks! Every creative mind has at least one tub of Mod Podge in their stash! This all-purpose glue can transform anything from shoes to pumpkins...and with the projects you'll find in Mod Podge Rocks!, you'll be ready to redecorate everything in your home
  271. Mod Podge Sampler Pack We all know and love Mod Podge, but did you know there's a whole assortment of Mod Podge glue for all your project needs? Play around and sample this awesome finish with this Mod Podge Sampler Pack.
  272. Modern Expressions The book's cover states it's the one for creating fabulous and fashionable jewelry with easy to find elements. There is a very modern flair to the projects that are timeless.
  273. Mollie Makes Christmas If you love handmade gifts for the holidays, you're going to love Mollie Makes Christmas. This beautiful book by the designers of Mollie Makes magazine is filled with lovely crochet projects, knitting projects, paper crafts, sewing ideas, and more.
  274. Mollie Makes Feathered Friends Enjoy 18 avian-inspired projects with Mollie Makes Feathered Friends! With crochet, knitting, sewing, felting, and papercraft bird-themed projects, there's literally something for everyone in this adorable collection of roosters, chickens, owls, spa
  275. Mollie Makes Woodland Friends Take a trip into the woods with Mollie Makes Woodland Friends. Filled with several handmade projects to help bring the outdoors inside, this whimsical and adorable book will transform any room in your home into a woodland wonderland.
  276. Moo Holiday Cards Time is precious so making 100 + holiday cards this year was not on the top of my priority list. I decided to take the dive and choose a couple of Moo.com pre-designed cards and see what I could do with them.
  277. More Felt Friends from Japan Learn how to make soft toys and dolls, adorable outfits to dress them in, and a variety of useful and attractive accessories in More Felt Friends from Japan.
  278. Mosaic Renaissance This book features classic tile mosaic with millefiori, an intricate glass design done in long canes (just like clay, but very hot!) that are then cut down into coin or disks that can be used as a mosaic element.
  279. My First Craft Book The 35-plus projects in this book range from cooking and nature crafts to costumes, sewing and more. While the projects in the book don't look like a child made them, they all seem like a child could create them.
  280. My Friendship Bracelet Maker The My Friendship Bracelet Maker is the ultimate threading machine! This awesome kit comes with everything your little girl could need to make bracelets for herself or her friends.
  281. My Tile Glass Kits from Diamond Tech With the My Tile Glass Tile Kit and the My Tile Glass Pebble Kit from Diamond Tech, you can display your art as magnets, jewelry, backsplashes, trays, wall mosaics, and so much more!
  282. Nature Clear Stamps Collections These stamp sets each have 9 images including a tree, bird, cloud, flower stems and flowers. You can layer your color, detail, and scene.
  283. No Bake Chocolate Cake Pops Kit This No-Bake Chocolate Cake Pops Kit comes with everything you need to create 10 delicious cake balls! Great for kids and adults alike, this Cake Pops Kit from Cake it Easy requires no baking whatsoever, so it's a great project for the kids to help
  284. One Hour Scrapbook Album Become a scrapbooking expert in no time with this One Hour Scrapbook Album. Complete with everything you need to create 20 page layouts, this kit includes everything from die cut accents to the album itself.
  285. One Painting a Day If you've ever wanted to learn how to paint, then this book is just for you. One Painting a Day will guide you through a 6-week course in observational painting. You'll learn how to paint 3 different styles: landscape, still life, and portraiture.
  286. Origami Butterflies Book and Kit World-renowned origami artist Michael LaFosse shows you how to create 26 of his favorite original butterfly designs in Origami Butterflies, including many rare models, some never published before, with expertly drawn diagrams and clear video instruct
  287. Origami for Children Book Review Origami is one of the least expensive art and craft techniques and its perfect for children of all ages. This hardback book was well written and very well illustrated.
  288. Ottlite HD Lamp For crafters working with small materials and intricate details, a good lamp is essential.
  289. Paint Markers by Elmer's With the help of Elmer's Painters Markers, you can enjoy painting to your hearts content without worrying about mess and cleanup. Available in 10 colors, these markers are filled with acrylic paint and make adding small details easy and fun.
  290. Paper Doll Dress Up In Paper Doll Dress-Up, youll learn how to create a cute doll using plastic canvas. You and your kids can then dress her up with the five outfits featured in this collection.
  291. Paper Smooches Stamp Collection Create adorable cards, tags, embellishments, layouts, and more with this Paper Smooches Stamp Collection. With 5 super cute sets to play around with, you're sure to find something to suit all of your paper crafting needs!
  292. Paper Smooches Stamps Sketched entirely by hand, these adorable stamps are made in the USA from the highest quality photopolymer. Artist Kim Hughes calls her line of stamps "a labor of love", and her personality definitely shines through in these whimsical collections!
  293. Paracord Crafts Grab some cool paracord in your favorite colors and get started making hot bracelets and accessories to share with family and friends. In Paracord Crafts, you'll learn how to make more than 10 cool projects, as well as get helpful tips for working w
  294. Paracord Outdoor Gear Projects Strong and lightweight, paracord was made for outdoor activities. If you love to camp or hike, you'll find the ideas in Paracord Outdoor Gear Projects useful and fun.
  295. Past & Present In Past & Present, Amy Azzarito presents 24 pairs of essays and DIY projects that explore the connection between art and craft. With projects inspired by famous works of art, this book makes art of bygone eras fit perfectly into our living spaces.
  296. Patterns in Polymer: Imprint & Accent Bead Techniques Patterns in Polymer: Imprint & Accent Bead Techniques is a detailed and colorful book that teaches readers how to make beads, how to mix colors, and even reviews basic clay tips and techniques.
  297. Perfect Paper Crafting Assortment This months Cool2Craft+FaveCrafts Giveaway is a paper crafters dream! For over a decade "Perfect Layers Rulers" have been the secret weapon of all great scrapbookers and paper crafters.
  298. Pick-a-Stitch Knitting Software The program ($19.95) starts with over 130 different stitch patterns and unlike a book which never updates, you can add on a monthly subscription to get new stitch patterns added to the app.
  299. Picot Bracelet Kit Complete with everything you need to create your own crocheted bracelet, this Picot Bracelet Kit is great for anyone who loves to create their own accessories.
  300. Picture Keeper The Picture Keeper, which is about the size of a USB drive, can hold up to 4,000 pictures. With the help of this little device, you can store all of your images in one place and can carry them around with you for easy printing.
  301. Plaid Prize Pack The Plaid Prize Pack contains everything you need to add a dash of elegance to your home, including Collage Clay, Mod Molds, Mod Melts, paint, matte, and gloss. Do-it-yourself home decor can be fun when you have the right supplies!
  302. Playing with Sketches Playing with Sketches is a hands-on approach to exploring drawing principles and ways of thinking. Readers learn through the process of play. This book presents a series of basic warm-up exercises that can be combined with projects later on.
  303. Playing with Stencils: Exploring Repetition, Pattern, and Personal Designs Learn how to design and cut stencils form your own drawings or photographs with Playing with Stencils: Exploring Repetition, Pattern, and Personal Designs.
  304. PLUS America Adhesive Glue Tape At first glance I loved how the products looked. They are comfortable to hold and easy work with. Also, each adhesive comes in fun colors.
  305. PLUS America Decoration Rollers The PLUS Decorations Rollers make adding a personalized accent to any item quick and easy. You can use them to decorate gift cards, tags, wrapping paper, scrapbook pages, party & home decor items, and so much more.
  306. Positively Me Dies by Julianna Hudgins The Goddess shape, popular in jewelry design, comes to paper crafting with Positively Me by Julianna Hudgins. This package includes a variety of empowering templates.
  307. Practical Origami Practical Origami is filled with great uses for paper, from unique and clever gift wrapping ideas to coasters, cards, and great organizational ideas. Each project is laid out step by step, with helpful illustrations and directions.
  308. Precision Cutter Great for all types of crafters, the Precision Cutter makes it easy to cut intricate shapes out of everything from paper to cardboard. With a micro-ceramic blade and a soft handle, this craft knife is reliable and long-lasting.
  309. Premo! Sculpey Clay Premo! Sculpey Clay is great for jewelry and home decor. Available in a variety of colors and packs, this clay makes accessorizing fun and easy!
  310. Preschool Parties Easy Ideas for Princesses, Pirates and Other Little People Fifteen awesome party themes await you in this colorful and organized collection of ideas. Each party theme comes with schedules, to do lists, party setup guides, supply lists, invitations, menus, and show-stopping cakes and treats.
  311. Pressman Toy On Safari and Makeover Friends Craft Kits These craft kits from Pressman Toy are the perfect way to get kids excited about crafting. Part toy, part craft project, Makeover Friends and Safari Park are portable craft kits for kids to make and play with.
  312. Pretty n' Easy Premium Flower Making Kit Create amazing handmade flowers with the help of the Pretty n' Easy Premium Flower Making Kit. Complete with almost everything you need to make a lovely bouquet, this kit is fun for crafters of all ages.
  313. Printies Design Studio Kits What child wouldn't want to have the power to design their own toy and then watch it come to life exactly as they imagined it?
  314. Puff Quilting Clip Set This tool set makes it much easier to create puff quilt creations. The set includes 4 clips, template set which is the top and base, plus bar and syringe.
  315. Quick and Easy Paint Transformations Quick and Easy Paint Transformations is a great book for bargain hunters and DIY enthusiasts. This book takes the daunting fear out of revamping old furniture and provides step by step instructions to achieve several different painting techniques.
  316. Quilt Boutique Start cutting that fabric into squares and strips!
  317. Rag Rug Handbook This book gives the knowledge and instructions to make that first rag rug in a very well written, well-illustrated way.
  318. Ready, Set, Scrap This book is designed with the young scrapbooking girl in mind. Its full of fun and easy scrapbooking projects. The book includes an introduction to the basics of scrapbooking tools and supplies.
  319. Red Heart Gumdrop Yarn Perfect for babies and kids, this Red Heart Gumdrop Yarn is so colorful and fun...and it makes for great knit and crochet projects!
  320. Red Heart Yarn Collection Red Heart Yarn is awesome at creating these cool balls of yarn, and with lines like Boutique Swerve, Boutique Ribbons, Boutique Chic, and Team Spirit, you can create one-of-a-kind scarves, hats, shawls and more.
  321. Remember This This book is packed with scrapbooking ideas for the entire year of holidays and events. You'll also find fresh ways to scrapbook the little unexpected happenings of life.
  322. Ribbon Roll Control Do you have rolls out of control? Looking for an easy way to store your rolls of ribbon? Ribbon Roll Control is a great solution! Available in a variety of sizes, Ribbon Roll Control is a lightweight hanging ribbon rack that's great for crafters.
  323. Rit Dye Give your clothing a new chance at life with Rit Liquid Dye. Available in a wide variety of colors, Rit Dye is the fun and easy way to bring your fabrics to life!
  324. Rock a Blocks For all of us who crave that perfect stamped image, but sometimes end up with work that is blotched, smudged, or uneven, this tool is the aid weve needed.
  325. Romney Ridge Farm Yarn Romney Ridge Farm Yarn Co. produces hand-dyed yarns from happy sheep. The yarn is 100% grown and produced in Maine, and I must say that the quality is outstanding.
  326. Rubber Band Loom Crafts Rubber band looms are all the rage. If you're a parent you're probably more than aware of the rubber band jewelry trend that's happening in kid's crafts. This book, Rubber Band Loom Crafts, is full of projects to create the popular jewelry.
  327. Runway Crochet These aren't your grandma's crochet patterns! More and more fashion designers are embracing crochet patterns into their fashion lines, and you can be one step ahead of the game with the fashion-forward patterns you'll find in Runway Crochet!
  328. Rustic Wrappings If you love the look of wire and art bead jewelry, youre going to love Rustic Wrappings, a gorgeous book filled with 25 projects in romantic and muted tones. This book teaches you how to create beautiful accessories using simple methods.
  329. Sakura Quickie Glue Its a 2-way glue meaning it can be reposition-able or permanent depending on how you use it. If you apply wet to wet it is a permanent bond, if you allow the glue to dry then attach youll get a temporarily or reposition-able bond.
  330. Scarf Style 2 Scarves are possibly the most popular accessory to knit, and with Scarf Style 2, you'll find a whole new collection of amazing scarf patterns that go above and beyond the simple knit and pearl. With amazing 3D designs and lovely textures and pattern
  331. Scotch Super Glue and Adhesive Dots A glue dot for every desire and the ability to precisely place a dot of super glue. The latest products from Scotch brand - permanent adhesive dots and super glue with a precision applicator - focus in on these needs.
  332. Scrap'n Easel If papercrafting's a real pain in your back (literally), the work position of the Scrap'n Easel will alleviate strain and stress, letting you enjoy your scrapbooking and papercrafting even more!
  333. Scrapbook Adhesives Photo Corners Collection Even if you're not a scrapbooker, these Photo Corners are great for organizing photos in an album or book. They make your work look clean and professional, and they're so easy to use!
  334. Scrapbook PageMaps 2 This book is valuable to any skill level from the novice scrapbooker to the well-polished scrapbooker who has many scrapbooks under his or her belt.
  335. Scrapbooking for Home Decor The memories you share with your family are some of the most precious moments in your life, and now, there's a way to commemorate them using the innovative scrapbooking projects in Candice Windham's Scrapbooking For Home Decor.
  336. ScreenIt Tulip ScreenIt is an all-in-1 screen-printing system designed to help you easily achieve professional results on fabric surfaces, even if you've never used a screen-printing machine before!
  337. Sculpey Clay Color Sampler and Essential Tool Kit Crate amazing clay sculptures, beads, decor and more with the help of the Sculpey Clay Color Sampler and Essential Tool Kit. With 24 colors to choose from in the sampler and enough tools to create all kinds of amazing designs, this set is a must-hav
  338. Seasonal FloraCraft Styrofoam Decor With a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from, the possibilities are endless with FloraCraft Styrofoam! In addition to the major holidays, there are plenty of other seasons and holidays that you can decorate for using these fun shapes of Styrofoa
  339. SEI Iron On Flock Transfers Great for adding some cute touches to your clothes, these SEI Iron On Flock Transfers are adorable and easy to use! Perfect for kids, teens, and adults, these flocked ion on transfers make turning tee shirts, tote bags, and more into personalized we
  340. Serger Sewing Basics The serger is a great tool for any sewer and this book covers the basics from A-Z for the true beginner and intermediate sewers. The book includes 13 projects that are fast, fun, and build your skills with confidence.
  341. Sew Chic Kids Learn how to make your kids something fun to wear with this Sew Chic Kids book. Featuring 20 designs and patterns of DIY clothing for little boys and girls, there are so many cute options to pick from.
  342. Sew Kawaii! From simple key chains to the cutest sushi quilt you've ever seen, Sew Kawaii is a book for the Peter Pan in all of us, for that part of you that still enjoys cute stuffed animals or that takes pleasure from wearing a dress that resembles a squid!
  343. Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love Delightful and durable, the once-upon-a-time creations in Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love are made to be played with endlessly and cherished forever after! Filled with precious gnomes, whimsical sea creatures, and lots of cute and cuddly toys, this
  344. Shades of Winter If you love the beauty and natural look of the winter landscape, you will love Shades of Winter: Knitting with Natural Wool. This beautiful book is filled with lovely, lacy, feminine patterns in white, grey, and beige hues.
  345. Shamrock Yo Yo Maker Yo-Yos have been used in quilting and crafting for ages. A great technique to use up scrap fabric, Clover has taken the yo-yo to new heights and possibilities with its line of Quick Yo-Yo Maker templates.
  346. Sharing Stitches Sharing Stitches is filled with wonderful and unique sewing projects that are meant to be stitched and shared with others. You can craft notepad covers, wall art, aprons, jewelry, and more, all with fabric scraps and a little creativity.
  347. Sharp Crochet Hook The Sharp Crochet Hook is a great tool for anyone who loves a frilly soft edge to their various projects. This unique hook has a sharp point right above the hook, so its easy to push it through fabric, burlap, and paper.
  348. Shooting with Soul Shooting with Soul is a glorious and beautiful book for anyone who love to take pictures. Whether you are an aspirational photographer or a blogger, you will enjoy expanding your understanding of photography with this awesome book.
  349. Silhouette Style This book comes with a CD containing all silhouette patterns from the projects plus additional images.
  350. Silky Twist Yarn from Lion Brand This silky yarn is a super bulky bucle yarn that you can use to make anything comfy, cozy, and warm. The yarn is thick and soft, perfect for knitting or crocheting a cozy scarf, a cuddly blanket, or even a Santa beard!
  351. Simple Times Crafts for Poor People You might be able to tell by the title of Amy Sedariss new book that shes not clambering to become the next Martha Stewart. In fact, her goal in Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People seems to be to poke fun at the crafting community.
  352. Simpli EZ Double Wedding Ring This clear acrylic tool set makes cutting the pieces for a Double Wedding Ring Quilt easier on your hands, your eyes, and your patience. Part of a line of cutting tools, this set was designed by Darlene Zimmerman.
  353. Simplicity Bias Tape Maker Create your own 1-inch single-fold bias tape! With the Simplicity Bias Tape Maker, you'll never have to buy bias tape again. Best of all, this product makes the process of creating your own customized tape unbelievably easy.
  354. Simplicity Bias Tape Maker Giveaway The Simplicity Bias Tape Maker makes the process of creating your own customized tape unbelievably easy. With just the push of a single button, you can turn flat bias strips into single fold bias tape.
  355. Simplicity Piping Wizard This handy tool allows perfect seam allowance for covering piping cord. You can make cord and trim to 12" or 14" allowance in a fast efficient way.
  356. Simply Fused Simply Fused walks you step by step through the menthod of working with Fuseworks kilns and glass. This no-flame method of glass fusing is a great way to fuse layers of glass together for easy glass designs.
  357. Simply Paper Cutting Beginning with simple techniques on how to hold your knife and what paper to use and moving through more advanced skills and techniques in paper cutting, Simply Paper Cutting is a great go to guide on how to make unique and decorative cuts.
  358. Simply Precious Pop Ups Take your cardmaking to the next level with Simply Precious Pop-Ups. Filled with cards that are suitable for almost any occasion, this book teaches crafters how to make simple yet stunning pop-up cards that are sure to impress family and friends.
  359. Sizzix Embossing Folders If you have a paper embossing machine and you're looking for some fun and unique folders to use, try the Vintage Buttons and Alterations Embossing folders from Sizzix!
  360. Sketchy Alphabet and Framed Alphabet Clear Stamp Sets These two clear stamp kits will be a welcomed alphabet to any paper crafters, cardmaker, or scrapbookers collection. The Sketchy set contains 31 stamps and the Framed contains 36 with numbers included.
  361. Smart Cart The Smart Cart weighs less than 3 pounds, but can hold up to 110 pounds of supplies! It has smooth rotating wheels for easy maneuvering and a curved expandable handle, allowing you to pull a heaver load using less force.
  362. Snowflakes, Sunbursts, and Stars Who knew you could create so many beautiful things with paper? Snowflakes, Sunbursts, and Star features 75 exquisite paper designs using origami, kirigami, and quilling techniques. With easy instructions, this book has a paper craft for everyone.
  363. Some Odd Girl Stamp Set Completely drawn by hand, the stamps in the Some Odd Girl Stamp Set are totally unique and unlike anything you've seen before! With cute characters, animals, sentiments, and themes, the Some Odd Girl stamps are great for all your paper crafting need
  364. Spectrum Noir Markers Add a rosy hue to your projects with these Spectrum Noir Markers. The alcohol ink-basked markers are designed specifically with crafters in mind.
  365. Spellbinders Grand Calibur Die Cut Machine Go die cut crazy! This portable, easy to use machine is great for crafters at any skill level. A Spellbinders Grand Calibur Die Cut Machine is a great crafting tool.
  366. Spellbinders Grand Calibur die cutting and embossing machine Spellbinders Grand Calibur is a die-cutting and embossing machine makes cutting and embossing a breeze.
  367. Spellbinders Quick and Easy Crafts for Entertaining This awesome colorful guide to entertaining is filled with 15 reasons and occasions to celebrate, including Girls Night Out, New Years Eve, Birthday Celebration, Fathers Day, and even Ice Cream Socials!
  368. Sprinrite Basket of Bulky Yarn Say hello to Bernat's thickest yarn, Bernat Mega Bulky! Inside this yarn gift basket, you'll receive four amazing skeins of bulky yarn, perfect for knitting up the Extra Chunky Gratitude Blanket featured in our new eBook, 12 Easy DIY Projects.
  369. Stamp Factory The self-inking stamp system is made for clear stamps and makes repetitive images a breeze.
  370. Stateline Bags Kids and adults alike will love decorating these Stateline Bags! Perfect for gift giving or handing out treats at Christmas or Halloween, these bags have unlimited potential and can be decorated with almost anything!
  371. Steampunk Chic In their beautiful and informative book, Steampunk Chic, sisters Jennifer & Kitty O'Neil give readers a great introduction into steampunking, including a list of go-to supplies, various projects, and several helpful hints.
  372. Stylish Skirts Long or short, pleated, straight, ruffled, or gathered, skirts are fabulous fashion stables to have in your closet...and with the patterns in Stylish Skirts, you're sure to find something to flatter every body type.
  373. Styrofoam Kits and Gift Cards Gather the family for an educational and entertaining afternoon courtesy of DOW Chemical. This prize includes two STYROFOAM kits (Monuments and Solar System), one Styro Cutter Plus, and $25 gift cards to Jo-Ann, Michaels, and Starbucks.
  374. Super Cute Felt Super Cute Felt is filled with 35 step-by-step projects to make and give. There are cute accessories, like pins and hair clips, as well as sweet gifts like lavender sachets, pin cushions, and teddy bears.
  375. Surehold Glue Set The SureFlex Adhesive has a flexible bond that never becomes brittle, so its perfect for fixing fabrics. The Plastic Surgery Superhold Glue is great for when you just need a touch of glue, like to fix a small crack in pottery.
  376. Swallow Ornament Kit Deck your halls with the help of the Swallow Ornament Kit from Stencil1. Inside you'll find six recycled wood composite ornaments shaped like birds and a detail stencil.
  377. Sweet Confections Welcome to the delectable world of handmade candy! From decadent Chocolate Fudge to light-as-air Strawberry Lemonade Marshmallows, Nina Wanat makes your mouth water with her new book, Sweet Confections.
  378. Sweet Treats Cricut Cartridge This fun sweet treats cartridge is perfect for birthday parties or any fun gathering, you can celebrate with ice cream, cake and presents.
  379. Talking Tag This cutting edge product will give crafters the ability to attach audio to their latest projects and creations. Instead of sending just a handmade card, why not attach a voice greeting?
  380. Tangle Art Kit Tangle Art is inspired by the Zentangle method of creating abstract works of art. A tangle art drawing is created from a collection of patterns not meant to represent anything...so zen out and doodle with this awesome kit!
  381. Tapisserie Wool Thread Perfect for embroidery and detailed sewing projects, this Tapisserie Wool Thread comes in a variety of colors, and is durable enough to withstand even the toughest projects.
  382. Temari Gifts This is the newest book by artist and author, Diana Vandervoort. Shes written several Temari books and this one is just as wonderful as the others. Temari is an art well explained by Vandervoorst in her books.
  383. The Art of Drawing Animals I wish I had this book! Walter Foster is the leader as a publisher of art and craft technique books. This book has work from various artists including: Patricia Getha, Cindy Smith, Nolon Stacey, Linda Weil, and Debra Kauffman Yaun.
  384. The Art of the Doodle Do you love to draw in the margins of notebooks and paper pads? Then you're going to love The Art of the Doodle! The Art of the Doodle comes with an instructional booklet (A Guide to Doodling) and a Doodle Journal to practice your art.
  385. The Big Ass Book of Crafts In this book you can find more that 150 crafts to fill your home, give to friends, decorate the yard or send to mom.
  386. The Big-Ass Book of Bling Mark Montano does it again. He successfully delivers another big-ass book of incredibly fun and mesmerizing projects. The Big-Ass Book of Bling is truly big with over 150 amazing, entertaining crafts, and it's equally entertaining and hypnotizing.
  387. The Big-Ass Book of Crafts 2 Mark Montano's newest book, Big-Ass Book of Crafts 2, is chock full of DIY projects for every genre of craft imaginable. It includes over 150 projects that will be inspiring to any crafter,
  388. The BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook You can sew an entire wardrobe using the 5 patterns included with this book, as the book walks the reader through the process of tweaking patterns to change the style, fit, and overall look of a garment.
  389. The Complete Photo Guide to Cookie Decorating With some basic skills and a little practice, everyone from kids to adults can enjoy the fun art of cookie decorating. In The Complete Photo Guide to Cookie Decorating, readers will learn how to transform a simple cookie shape into a work of art.
  390. The Creative Entrepreneur There is always something new or helpful to be learned when your business is your creative talent and skill. The author had a fresh and insightful approach to her DIY visual presentation of making business ideas go from sketchpad or dream into realit
  391. The Daily Book of Art This collection of 365 readings will not only teach you helpful hints, tips, and little known facts about art, famous artists, and famous paintings, but it will inspire you and entertain you.
  392. The Encyclopedia of Greeting Card Tools & Techniques Although this book is titled The Encyclopedia of Greeting Card Tools Techniques, it really is a bible for those of us who just love the paper arts.
  393. The Knitted Odd bod Bunch Youll have 35 interesting and quirky knitted creatures to make within this book.
  394. The Knitter's Companion Carry your all-in-one guide to knitting tips and techniques; buy The Knitter's Companion by Vicki Square. Comprehensive, step by step knitting instructions teach everything from knitting need sizes to how to perfect that Picot edge hem.
  395. The Knook Learn how to knit with a crochet hook with The Knook! Great for knitters and crocheters, this tool allows you to create all kinds of projects without having to switch between hooks and needles.
  396. The Perfect Apron Aprons are hot! Rob Merrett has put together 35 fun and flirty designs that will delight all ages.
  397. The Perfect Finish Book The Perfect Finish is a knitters dream come true. This is a no-nonsense guide to finishing techniques for knitters of every level, and a great guide to help you learn all about the materials you need to help you get the job done.
  398. The Quilt Block Book Packed with photographs and diagrams for 75 quilt blocks, The Quilt Block Book teaches you three basic block construction methods to get you started in the world of quilt blocks.
  399. The Shape of Knitting Filled with tons of unique knitting patterns that are anything but ordinary, The Shape of Knitting is a master class in increases, decreases, and other forms of shaping. With 20+ projects to challenge you, this book is great for knit wits!
  400. The Simple Art of Japanese Papercrafts Maybe you want to create something dimensional with your paper. Or maybe you love origami but wouldn't know where to start. "The Simple Art of Japanese Papercrafts" by Mari Ono is your solution.
  401. The Wreath Recipe Book Learn how to make stunning wreaths for all seasons with The Wreath Recipe Book: Year-Round Wreaths, Swags, and Other Decorations to Make with Seasonal Branches.
  402. Tie Dye: Dye It, Wear It, Share It Tie dye is all grown up! With the lovely patterns you'll find in Tie Dye: Dye It, Wear It, Share It, you'll learn how to turn this fun camp craft technique into a sophisticated and artistic look to wear and share.
  403. Timbergrove Scrapbook Set Cherish your most beloved winter memories with the Timbergrove Scrapbook Set. Perfect for scrapbooking throughout the winter season, this paper collection is great for anyone looking to add some warm colors to their paper collection.
  404. Tipping Points Knitting Needles Create amazing knit designs with Tipping Points Needles from Susan Bates. Tipping Points is the innovative new knitting needle that provides the only interchangeable tip on the market.
  405. Tissue Boxes & Coasters With 4 sets of tissue box covers and coasters (one for each season), Tissue Boxes & Coasters gives you the opportunity to create really cute designs that will instantly help you transform your living room, kitchen, and bathroom into lovely seasonal e
  406. Top Down Sweaters In Top Down Sweaters, author Ann Budd teaches knitters how to create beautiful sweaters that are literally worked from the top to the bottom.
  407. Transfer Artist Paper Transfer Artist Paper allows crafters to transfer images to virtually any surface with the heat of an iron. You an use this innovative, award-winning medium on fabric, paper, wood, glass, metal, and more!
  408. Trash to Treasure Papermaking Inside this book you'll learn a little background behind what paper is made of, including ways to make your very own from old magazines, newspaper, junk mail, and other trash.
  409. Tulip Beads in a Bottle Decorate fabric and more with Tulip Beads in a Bottle and one of the many transfer patterns that Tulip offers. Using these paints to create bead patterns on a surface is so much faster than sewing individual beads on one at a time.
  410. Tulip Body Art Body Art by Tulip is a great way to show your true colors, whether it be through tattoo art, supporting your favorite sports team, or topping off the ultimate zombie costume.
  411. Tulip Color Shot Fabric Dye Set Give your clothes a new look with the help of Tulip Color Shot Fabric Dye. You won't believe how easy it is to add a splash of color from everything to t-shirts to towels. Color Shot Fabric Dye is available in 13 different colors.
  412. Tulip Fashion Graffiti Paint Taggers This dimensional fabric paint comes in a unique applicator tip that makes painting as easy as applying lip gloss to your kisser!
  413. Tumble Dye Tie Dye Kit (8-pack) Tumble Dye is an easy and permanent dye for use on fabrics, ribbon, lace, trims, silks, dried flowers, baskets, wood, paper, and more. It's water based and washable, so it's great for crafting with kids.
  414. Twenty to Make Bracelets Twenty To Make is a series from Search Press that includes 20 projects; this book has a focus of making twenty bracelets. The bracelets include all types of jewelry making materials from leather to glass beads.
  415. Twirly Batik Skirt Pattern The inspiration for this skirt came when Rose Mary was visiting friends in the Santa Fe mountains. She fell in love with the Artists colony and thinks most of New Mexico is an artists vision of heaven.
  416. Twistz Bandz Inspired by his own daughter and her fascination with making rubber band jewelry, Choon's Designs pushed ahead to make a tool to hold the bands in place so that it could be done easily.
  417. Twistz Bandz Bracelet Kit There's something fun and nostalgic to friendship bracelets, and if you loved the embroidery thread anklets and bracelets of yore, you're sure to love the Twistz Bandz Jewelry Kit.
  418. Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Word For those who have a hard time putting pen to paper to express yourself, this book can be used as a starting point to get those words flowing.
  419. Unexpected Afghans Well with the help of Unexpected Afghans, you can create innovative crochet designs with traditional techniques. This book is great for those who love to crochet, but don't want the look of grandmas afghan.
  420. Upcycled Accessories You couldnt ask for better step-by-step photos this book is a visual treat with 25 projects that use re-purposed plastic as the main material.
  421. Upper Desk Portable Cabinet Mount Place your technology where you need it with the Upper Desk Portable Cabinet Mount. Perfect for holding tablets and smart phones, this easy latch-system mount can be used almost anywhere in your home.
  422. VersaSpin360 This turntable system elevates and effortlessly rotates your projects to improve results, reduce mess and save time.
  423. Vintage Design Workshop Embrace the yesteryears of Fair Isle sweaters and raglan-sleeve blouses with Vintage Design Workshop.
  424. Vintage Notes Collection Add a touch of vintage elegance to your crafting with this beautiful Vintage Notes Collection from Docrafts. With lovely papers, embellishments, stickers, stamps, and more, this collection can help you create the most elegant cards and scrapbooks.
  425. Vintage Notions: An Inspirational Guide to Needlework, Cooking, Sewing, Fashion, and Fun Filled with beautiful vintage sewing patterns, old traditional recipes, and lovely illustrations scattered throughout the book, Vintage Notions highlights everything that is wonderful about the creative woman.
  426. Vintage Scrapbook Collection Whats old is new again! Enjoy the wonders, colors, and fashion that was the 1950s and 60s with this fabulous paper collection from Vintage Street Market!
  427. Vintage Style Beaded Jewelry If you love the look of vintage jewelry and enjoy the challenge of mixing and matching beads, charms, and buttons, you're going to love the projects in Vintage-Style Beaded Jewelry: 35 Beautiful Projects Using New and Old Materials.
  428. Viva Pearl Pen What if you could create your own pearls in a rainbow of colors and adhere them to just about any surface imaginable? Well, that's what you get with the Viva Pearl Pen!
  429. Water Paper Paint Kit This inspiring, everything-in-one card-painting kit blends traditional watercolor painting techniques with a fresh, contemporary sensibility.
  430. Weaving Made Easy Weaving Made Easy is a beginners guide to the magic of weaving. From helpful vocabulary terms to a detailed breakdown of all the tools and equipment you'll need to begin weaving, this book brings this age old hobby into modern times.
  431. Weber Artist Oil Colors Weber Artist Oil Colors are ideal for studio and classroom use. You can mix them with water and acrylic paint to get just the look you're going for. This kit comes with 12 beautiful colors.
  432. Welcome the Seasons Greet the seasons with one of these wall or door decorations in Welcome the Seasons, a colorful book filled with lovely plastic canvas patterns that are great for every season and holiday of the year!
  433. Westcott Scissors and Holster This decorative holster can fit scissors measuring up to 8 inches long, so its great for holding your tiny tape and glue scissors, as well as your heavy duty fabric and paper scissors.
  434. Westcott Titanium Bonded Scissors Package This Westcott Titanium Bonded Scissors Package is great to have in your collection of craft items. These blades are nice and sharp that can cut through multiple layers of paper and fabric; perfect for cutting your yarn on your free crochet patterns.
  435. Westminster Lifestyle Fat Quarter Bundle Westminster is famous for its big, bold, colorful prints and this fat quarter is sassy! This fabric was designed by Kaffe Fassett.
  436. Where Women Create: Quilters Every quilt tells a story...from its creation to its destination, the making and handing-down of a quilt is a past-time we all can appreciate and cherish. In Where Women Create: Quilters, author Jo Packham recounts the personal experiences of more t
  437. Wild and Wonderful Origami For young and old lovers of origami, there's Wild & Wonderful Origami, a great book filled with 35 wild animal patterns that you can create in no time!
  438. Wise Craft Wise Craft is a guide to the homemade life, turning old things into special new objects that enhance the home. Based on the popular blog of the same name, this guide focuses on creating a homemade atmosphere that reflects your life.
  439. WiseDecor Wall Art Give your walls the power to speak with this WiseDecor Wall Art. With hundreds of customizable sticker ideas and suggestions, WiseDecor is a wonderful way to decorate nearly every room in your home.
  440. Woven Scarves Woven Scarves offers a collection of 26 scarves and variations that range in complexity from refreshingly simple to outright challenging. Most importantly, all the scarves are worked on a rigid heddle loom and use widely available yarns.
  441. Wrapped Paper Collection Are you sick of the same old polka dotted and striped wrapping paper? Looking for something a little more expressive? Well then you're going to love this paper collection from Wrapped.
  442. X ACTO Designer Series Circle Cutter We all know how difficult it can be to cut a circle and using a template every time can be a bit of a hassle...so let the X-ACTO Circle Cutter do the work for you! From paper to photos, card stock to cardboard, the X-ACTO Circle Cutter can do it all!
  443. X-ACTO Decorative Edge Scissors Give your photos, cards, and scrapbook pages a cutting edge look with these fun Decorative Edge Scissors by X-ACTO.
  444. Zakka Handmades In Zakka Handmades, you'll find more than twenty fun projects with illustrated instructions, patterns, and helpful tips. These easy-to-sew projects all share a simple, fresh, aesthetic and absolute usefulness.
  445. Zentangle 7 and 8 In Zentangle 7 and Zentangle 8, the latest editions to the Zentangle series by Suzanne McNeill, you'll learn how to turn random doodles into beautiful works of art.
  446. Zentangle Basics Book Review Zentangle was developed as a ritual helping anyone get in touch with life, solve problems, turn mistakes into positives, and to become more creative. Zentangle requires only a pencil, fine tip black permanent marker, smooth art paper, and a design.
  447. Zodiac Felties If you're like me and you love the irony and humor that comes with reading your horoscopes, you'll love Zodiac Felties, an adorable book filled with cute felt creatures that embody every sign.
  448. Zoom Creative Glitter Stickers Love glitter but hate the mess? The Zoom Creative Glitter Stickers give you the look you love without having glitter all over the place! This is a great project for kids to do on a rainy day or a slow weekend.

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