What Can You Make with Paper Scraps?

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If you do any kind of paper crafting (scrapbooking, card making, decoupaging, origami, etc…) you probably accumulate a ton of different shaped and sized paper scraps. If you’re like most of the world, these scraps and nothing more than garbage to you. But most crafters look at scraps as a creative challenge. So save your scraps (and save some cash while you’re at it) by using your paper scraps as materials for creating something fabulous.

I recently put together an article on 17 Scrap Paper Crafts & Paint Chips Crafts. I love the idea of crafting with paint chips–they’re free and they literally come in just about any color imaginable! I wouldn’t go so far as calling this a completely “green” recycling project, since no one accumulates that many paint chips when contemplating a color scheme (or do they?), but it’s still thrifty! Check out this mosaic you can make with paint chips:

We’ve also got a fun and thrifty wreath you can easily make from paint chips. The Paint Chip Valentine’s Wreath is made from red and pink paint chips, but you can customize it for any holiday or home decor style just by changing the color chips you use:

Paint Chip Valentine Wreath

I also really can’t get enough of these Colorful Paper Mobiles. I’m planning on using them as a decoration for my wedding. They’re the perfect way to add a pop of color without spending a lot of time or money. You can even reuse old magazine pages to get the same effect.

I found some other cool projects around the web for using up paper scraps. This paper scrap lamp is seriously awe-inspiring! If you click over to read the how-to, you’ll be amazed at the simplicity of it. Why didn’t I think of that??

Here’s an easy tutorial for making paper circle garlands, another cheap decor element for a party. All you need is a circle punch (or the patience to cut out all of those circles) and a sewing machine.

I also really loved this paper butterfly mobile, which also uses a paper punch (or a butterfly die cut, if you’ve got one). You can switch out the shape to personalize this mobile as well. I think it might be cute with hearts, or maybe the moon and stars? What do you think?

Which project was your favorite? Don’t forget to check out my article, 17 Scrap Paper Crafts & Paint Chip Crafts to see all of the cool ideas and projects to make with your paper scrap stash!

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  1. Renie in MN says

    What cute ideas!! I think my granddaughters will like some of these things!! Thanks for the cute ideas!!

  2. Dawn Kjeldsen says

    The paper scrap lamp is unreal, I have to try and make that. Awesome thanks

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