Wedding Planning Tips: Prevent Outdoor Wedding Disasters

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Celebrating a new couple’s love out in the fresh air can be absolutely stunning and so much fun. Some of the most memorable weddings I have attended have been outdoor weddings. Though there are, arguably, more potential problems when your wedding doesn’t take place between four walls, this is no reason to keep your wedding inside. Just follow these Wedding Planning Tips to Prevent Outdoor Wedding Disasters, and you will be good to go!



The Weather

Gold Animal Escort Card Holders

The following tips will help you have a successful outdoor wedding, come rain or shine.
1. Prepare for the heat and make sure there will be plenty of water provided for your guests.
2. Remind your guests that they should be prepared for the weather by bringing a light coat or shawl.
3. Craft a comfy accessory like the Mad Men Faux Fur Wrap for your bridal party.
4. Provide weather-appropriate party favors. If you know your wedding might be super sunny, sunglasses would be an adorable gift to place on your tables.
PLUS: Don’t forget about the wind. If you know your wedding venue might be breezy, it would best to avoid a lot of paper crafts at your wedding. Use fabric napkins, which are heavier, and secure them with a ring like the Stylish Starfish Napkin Rings. Be sure placeholders are held down, as well. These Animal Escort Card Holders would be perfect for that.

Buzzing Bugs

Chalkboard Mason Jar Candle Centerpiece

Bugs can be especially bad during the spring and summer. The following tips will help you chase off these pests.
1. Keep the food somewhere that’s relatively bug-free. If there’s a slight breeze in a certain spot or somewhere to keep your food inside, place your food there.
2. Add citronella candles to your DIY outdoor lighting. These candles naturally ward off insects. These Chalkboard Mason Jar Candle Centerpiece and Evening Glow Hanging Votives would be great places to utilize one of these bug-zapping candles.

Grass and Mud

Smashing Knockoff Black and Gold Embellished Flats

Unlike indoor venues with solid floors, planning an outdoor wedding reception means you have uneven ground to contend with at your location. Use the following tips to make your environment a little more walkable.
1. Make sure your guests know about the venue. If it is mostly grass and gravel, advise your female guests to go for flats instead of heels.
2. Limit mass travel to walkways and sidewalks, if you can. This means strategically placing things like the guestbook, the food, and the dance floor. These Rustic Wedding DIY Wood Signs would be a great way to direct traffic.
3. Craft a bridesmaids’ gift to keep your bridal party comfortable. These Classy Kicks or Smashing Knockoff Black and Gold Embellished Flats would be the perfect presents.

If you love these outdoor wedding tips, check out this Wedding Themes: Rustic Wedding!

What’s your favorite thing about an outdoor wedding?

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  1. Samantha says

    These are great tips, but too much sun, uneven ground, and a breeze aren’t the most detrimental weather occurrences that can happen at a wedding. Rain is a common outdoor wedding “disaster.” What could someone do to prepare for that possibility?

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