Wedding Centerpieces Part 2: Crepe Paper Pomanders

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For those who were riveted by my edge-of-your-seat cliffhanger wedding centerpieces part 1 post (about the paper globes), here’s part 2! In my last post, I talked about finding the perfect “vases” to use for my centerpieces that were both large enough to give the reception venue some drama but also cheap enough for this budget bride to afford. The vases ended up actually being hurricane candle covers, which I filled with DIY paper globes. For part 2 of the centerpiece saga, I topped the hurricanes off with some homemade pomanders. (P.S. read my question at the bottom of the post and let me know your ideas!)

That looks much better, doesn’t it? I’ve fallen in love with pomanders since I became a regular wedding blog lurker, but I didn’t fall in love with the price tag. I’m not sure exactly what the price tag is, but it’s safe to say that I can’t afford it. These faux pomanders, on the other hand, are virtually free–which is good because I need to make 20 of them. Want to make some?


  • Foam balls (8″ would work best for my vases) OR wadded up newspaper
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Streamers (200 feet per pomander)
  • Glue dots

Note: This project used a lot more supplies that I thought it would! Each pomander needed an entire roll of streamers and about 3 hot glue sticks, and yet, it’s still an extremely cheap project to make!


  1. Start by making the rosettes. I used a tutorial I found on The Idea Room and tweaked it a little. First I cut my streamers into strips about 3-4 feet long. I didn’t measure them first, so of course none of the rosettes are uniform. I think that makes them look more realistic though.
  2. Start by rolling the end of the streamer a few times.
  3. Then you’ll continue wrapping the rest of the strip around your roll in a spiral, except that you’ll twist the strip as you go. I found that it works best to twist it often and randomly, and not too tightly.

    Those instructions probably don’t make a whole lot of sense, so check out this video, which is how I finally figured out how to do it:

  4. When you’re finished wrapping and twisting, secure the end of the strip to the rosette using a glue dot or a dab of hot glue. Your rosette should look like this:

  5. Once you’ve made enough rosettes (for me it was when I finished off the entire roll of streamers), glue them to your ball using a hot glue gun. Most pomander tutorials will advise that you use a foam ball as your base. However, since I need to make 20 of these and I need a fairly large ball, I really couldn’t justify the expense. It would have cost me about $275 just for the foam balls! Instead, I rolled up a few sheets of newspaper and taped them into a spherical shape and called that my ball. Then I glued the rosettes to my newspaper balls.

  6. Once you have the entire ball covered in rosettes, set it on the top of your vase, and you’re done!

And just to keep you guys in even more suspense…there will be a part 3! But first, I need some of your crafting expertise: I need a way to make sure the pomanders stay on top the “vases” all night without falling off, and I don’t want to have to glue them to the glass. Any suggestions?

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  1. says

    I being a wedding floral designer to attach to the vase and set ball on. I do this with pomanders that weigh in at 3 lb and never had a problem.. good luck.

  2. Teresa says

    Maybe you could use egg white or damp sugar for glue. These would wash off when you are done.

  3. Danielle says

    Not sure how to get the pomanders to stay on top of the hurricane – but I just wanted to say that I LOVE the simplicity of paper globes all by themselves, as a centerpiece. 🙂

  4. May says

    One wedding I helped with the bride chose to use wide ribbon that matched the theme and stick it with decorative pins to the ball then used strong tape (clear is best) and taped the ribbon to the vase. That set up worked even after a waiter hit the table.

  5. Debbie says

    My only ideas for holding the pomander onto the vase would be either to run a stick into the bottom of the ball (painted to match your yellow paper globes)and have the stick down through the vase. OR attach ribbons to bottom of pomander and wrap them attractively to the vase.
    I like the look of the vase with JUST the yellow globes, or JUST the pomander, but personally don’t like them together – somehow that looks “cheap” to me. Since you have the hurricanes for vases I think it would be prettier to put tea-lites (battery NOT flame type) under the hurricanes & light up under the pomanders. Esp pretty if later the lights are turned down!

  6. Joanne Deschenes says

    How about a dowel into the paper globes? You can cover the dowel with something white (paper, tape, fabric… and stick it into the hurricane

  7. simone says

    definitely glue dots, the clear repositionable ones, they sell them everywhere.

  8. Amy Rhea says

    I love this simple look, however it does still need something. I think maybe a simple ribbon around the vase would add that finishing touch.

    Good luck!

  9. Christy says

    I’m with Debbie. One or the other would look better. Simple elegance. But maybe to keep the ball on the vase, a weight of some sort glued to the bottom of it. Or a circle foam cut just shy of the vase top size, also glue to the bottom, so it would weigh it down a lil, and hold it in/onto the vase. Good luck. 🙂

  10. Jayne says

    I’d make some faux stems with wire and floral tape or green paper – you could use a yellow/green color. Push the wire up into the pomanders then place into the vase, surrounding them with globes as you lower them

  11. Pam Shears Gilmore says

    I just love all your creative ideas! My youngest son is getting married August 12. I thought if I could start on things early it would help so much!

  12. Lizzie says

    I’ve been obsessed with pomanders since I saw a Parks and Rec episode (where they have a fundraiser/gala that turns into a wedding, and they had red pomanders in their decor). I like to get crafty late night, and the Meijer close to me didn’t have styrofoam balls, so I did what you did and made the balls out of newspaper. I found that masking tape or painters tape was easier to pierce that clear box tape, bc I was using flower petals and pinning them down in the center. I used a lot of spray adhesive and covered the balls in white tissue paper before beginning.

    I’m going to look for more episodes in your saga- you’re funny- and I love your frugal creativity. I was looking for feedback on making your own balls bc I became concerned the pins wouldn’t hold, but I will find out.

    I love the pomanders and paper balls, but having them together you lose a bit of the uniqueness of each piece. Could you alternate them on the tables? If you have extras, you could still use them on the other tables or pile a bunch of the paper balls in a large vase on the gift table or something? I like the battery tea light idea in the hurricane with the pomander too.

    I might use stones in the bottom of vases for some submerged flowers with floating candles on top. Just a money saving idea- buy a (20 lb ? bag of pebbles for $3 or $4 bucks at Home Depot,and you can even spray paint them one of your colors, or silver, white, black…..

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