Thrifty Home Makeover: DIY Home Decor Ideas to Refurbish Your Home On a Budget

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I’ve always been hesitant to redecorate, mostly because I have no interest in spending money on window treatments or furniture when what I already have is more than functional. But there are plenty of budget-friendly ways to spruce up a room by doing a little sewing. Check out these home decor ideas to see how you can redecorate to your heart’s content without depleting your life savings.

DIY Curtains

Fat Quarter Patchwork Curtains

Fat Quarter Patchwork CurtainsYoung girls will absolutely love the pastels of these patchwork curtains. This easy sewing project will instantly brighten up any room, and it’s completely budget-friendly. Grab your leftover fat quarters and check out this sewing tutorial. DIY curtains are a stylish and thrifty way to revamp the look of any room on a shoestring budget.





Gathered Top Panel Curtains

Gathered Top Panel CurtainsA charming living room doesn’t have to come with a big price tag. When you sew DIY curtains, you put a personal touch on your home decor while saving a boatload of money. These Gathered Top Panel Curtains will give your home a delightful look for a fraction of the price of professional window treatments.





DIY Lampshades

Lamp Shade Refashion

Lamp Shade RefashionRibbon and chiffon are the perfect combination to make your lamps look brand spanking new. Look at this sewing tutorial to learn how you can refashion your lampshades for a nominal amount of money. Easily refashion your plain and boring lampshades to give your living room that chic and stylish look you crave. Ideas for home decor like this make updating the look of a room a breeze.
Pleated Lampshade Skirt Makeover





Pleated Lampshade Skirt MakeoverA new lampshade can be as inexpensive as $0.00 You don’t have to spend any money to make a DIY lampshade when you can refashion your plain, boring lampshade with an old skirt. Grab a fun skirt you no longer wear and do a little sewing to make this stylish (almost) new lampshade. You’ll love how easy this thrifty home decor idea is to sew.





DIY Seating

Dollar Store Recycled Rug Poufs

Dollar Store Recycled Rug PoufsComfy seating for your living room is easy to make on a budget. Sew this DIY seating for less than $10. It’s easy to give a room a makeover just by adding a soft, bean-bag like chair. Kids will love to sit on this new seat while they watch TV, read, or do their homework.






How To Sew a Chair Slip Cover

How To Sew a Chair Slip CoverThere’s no need to replace the seating in your living room just to create a new ambiance. Instead of buying a new chair or a cover from the store, sew your own by following this easy sewing tutorial. Home decor ideas like this let you update the appearance of a room without having to dip into your bank account.





How do you give your home a makeover on a budget?


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