The Most Important Sewing Tool

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The Most Important Sewing ToolsEveryone has their own go-to tool for sewing, that tool that they can’t sit down without. No one wants to get all ready to go into the sewing zone and then realize that they don’t have their trusty seam ripper or their handy scissors. For some people, that ultimate go-to item might be something else, something that isn’t even sewing related. Maybe it’s your favorite beverage, some good music to listen to, or a good show to watch.

We asked our Facebook fans, “What tool do you ALWAYS make sure you have before beginning a sewing project?”



Common Threads

Scissors:  40
Seam Ripper: 31
Scissors AND Seam Ripper: 9
Sewing Machine/Needles/Thread: 11
Pins: 5
Bobbins: 4
Glasses: 4
Caffeine: 4
Music: 4
Rotary Cutter: 3

Sewing Tools

Celia W. – measuring tape – measure twice cut once
Jenn R. – Enough fabric LOL
Mara P. – tailors chalk (and scissors, they’re necessary too)
Brenda H. – All of them. It’s the one area that is completely organized in my house.
Bernadine N. – new rotary blade and a diet coke
Holli R. – Other than a seam ripper…music to listen to is a must!
Chris H. –  Coffee, and my sewing box
Lauri C. – seam ripper, iron, ironing board, good scissors
Ursula Z. – seam ripper, needles, thread, scissors
Anne R. – Small scissors, classical music and big glass of water.
Kathy P. – My bright lamp. Need to see what I’m doing. Second is my cup of coffee.
Nell K. – a razor blade (Single edge)
Nareida B. – Scissors and measuring tape
Susan D. – Seam ripper and drink and TV!!
Joyce W. My rotary cutter and mat, my sewing machine, my rulers, my embroidery scissors and my seam ripper. I actually have all of my things available to access when I start a project but when I am sewing I always have my embroidery scissors there to cut threads, etc.
Connie B. – Long Tweezers
Andrea T. – pins, scissors & seam ripper
Diana L. – Scissors and a radio
Julie K. – Transparent rulers
Shannon T. – Rotary cutter and cutting board with paper and pencil close by for making my own pattern
Barbara H. – Pins, scissors, pattern. Seems they all hold the same value.
Sharon P. – Scissors, ott light , seam ripper and Pepsi!!!
Cynthia M. – Thimble!
Andrea F. – My snips and pin magnet
Paula S. – glue Stick and colored chalk (and a seam ripper)
Charlotte C. seam ripper and glasses
Bj H. tape measure

 And All the Rest

Wendy M. My glasses!!! and sad to say that a magnifying lamp is becoming quite useful 🙂
Jayne C. a glass of tea and the remote to tv! lol
Camille B. – Chocolate. No kidding. And throw in some coffee for good measure.
Claire S. – Sanity
Mary F. – Good light and good cutting supplies….
Jackie L. – Time:)
Shirley M. – My coffee cup and glasses!
Kathy W. – an idea
Judy V. – a glass of wine
Phyllis D. – My tablet hooked up to my tv to see my tutorials on YouTube or pinterest
Kimberly K. – My ice tea!!! 🙂
Cindy W. – Is wine a tool?!

Those are all some great must-haves! I have to agree with all of those: music and something to drink are both something I need around me as I craft… and I’ll make an executive decision here and say that, yes, wine IS a tool. 😉


What else do you need before you start sewing?


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  1. TriciaGail says

    My sewing journal and pen/pencil to make notes to remember what I did and what not to do next time.

  2. Tayyaba says

    My most important Tool is my Relax Mind…..
    if i feel relax then i make everything perfect and i
    completed lots of project with this tool…..

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