Top 5 Quilting YouTubers

We here at FaveQuilts are all about mixed media. We love printable patterns, books, eBooks, social media, and of course, YouTube. Video tutorials are such a great way to learn how to make a quilt. The visual component of a video tutorial makes every pattern just that much easier, since you can actually watch the […]

Learn How to Knit: 8 Easy Knitting Projects for Kids

Learn How to Knit: 8 Easy Knitting Projects for Kids

“If I can do it, you can do it” is a common phrase of mine when I talk about a new craft technique I’m trying out. I’m not usually a very confident crafter–I prefer to stick to what I know, like painting projects and crafting with clay. But after learning how to crochet (and telling […]

Don’t Make these Mistakes! 6 Must-See Quilting Tips

Don’t Make these Mistakes! 6 Must-See Quilting Tips

Hey quilters! Or maybe you aren’t quilters. You may, in fact, be brand new to quilting. A more accurate salutation may be, Hey, new quilters! or Hey, people who have never quilted before! If you have never quilted before, then you are in the perfect place to begin. Everybody has to start somewhere, which is […]

You’ve Been Gifted: 7 Holiday Rainbow Loom Patterns + AllFreeKidsCrafts Giveaway!

Holiday Rainbow Loom Patterns

Two things are on everyone’s minds right now: Christmas (of course!) and Rainbow Looms, the latest jewelry craze. Whether you’re already obsessed or you’re just starting out, it’s time to put your Rainbow Loom love towards some holiday projects! AllFreeKidsCrafts has searched high and low for the best Rainbow Loom patterns for the holidays, and […]

How to Make a Vintage Style Waterless Snow Globe

Jar Craft Vintage Style Waterless Snow Globe Tutorial

Jar crafts are all the rage, and it’s easy to see why. They’re strong enough to support all kinds of craft materials and still look beautiful. A perfect example of this is the trend of handmade snow globe crafts that have appeared in recent years, all done with recycled jars! If you want your mantel […]

Video Tutorial: How to Sew a Pillowcase Dress

Pillowcases aren’t just for beds anymore! You can use these everyday linens to make pillowcase dresses for your little girl. It’s an easy sewing project that is super simple and cheap. Transform a pillowcase into an adorable dress that your daughter or granddaughter will love playing in. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about it […]

How to Make a Cheetah Headband

Using purple, green, bright pink, or even cheetah duct tape, you can make your very own headband! Every girl needs at least one cute and fashionable headband to pull back her hair. In fact. they are one of the best accessories a girl could have. Simply purchase a plain colored plastic headband to start and […]

Cinema Saturdays: How to Make a Free Kids’ Go Green Scrapbook


“Kids” and “free” don’t often appear in the same sentence, so when they do, you know you’re exploring further. Add “scrapbook” to that rare yet pleasurable sentence, and you’re getting suspicious and searching for the catch. There’s not one. Over at AllFreeKidsCrafts we have tons of free or extremely budget-friendly crafts, games, and activities for […]

Cinema Saturday: How to Make a 3D Pop Up Tree Card

3D Pop Up Christmas Tree

Now that Christmas is over, you’ll be starting to write thank you cards to your loved ones for the gifts and good times you shared together. You may have already run out of store-bought cards, or you may just want to make your own. Either way, designing handmade holiday cards isn’t difficult at all, and […]