Rainbow Loom Patterns: What Are Those Things

Rubber Band Bracelets

I went home this weekend for my sister’s bachelorette party. Now, I don’t mind airports. I don’t mind getting through security and waiting in the terminal for my flight. I do mind when I actually get on the plane and actually fly. I know. I’m weird. Sue me for being claustrophobic and being 33k feet in […]

Loom Love: 11 Rainbow Loom Patterns for Valentine’s Day


Have you fallen in love with Rainbow Loom bracelets? So have we! As you already know, Rainbow Loom bracelets are the perfect accessory for just about any occasion…so why not make some new designs for Valentine’s Day? To show our love for you, our lovely readers, we brainstormed new ideas, found some new Rainbow Loom […]

Candy-Free Alternatives: 9 Valentine’s Day Ideas


Has your child’s school restricted what kinds of gifts and treats kids can bring to class? Whether your kids like it or not, a candy-less Valentine’s Day might be headed your way… but that’s no reason to fall out of love with the season of love! AllFreeKidsCrafts always believes that crafting is a great way […]

Valentine Ideas for Kids: 13 Printable Valentines

Valentine Ideas for Kids: 13 Printable Valentines

There’s nothing nicer than receiving a homemade card, especially during the season of love. After all, making your own homemade Valentine’s cards is such a simple way to show your friends and family just how much you care about them. But when you’ve got a lot of valentines on your to-do list, making each one […]

Get Kids Crafting & Make These Gifts for Valentine’s Day

This post is brought to you by Rachel Thomas. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, handmade gifts really stand out. Even if the artwork is reminiscent to a sleep-deprived Picasso, the final product can easily warm the heart. Helping your children create scented waxy hearts can be quite easy if you have the tools on […]

Love is in the Air! The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Crafting Guide

Valentine's Day Bunny Sock Puppets

Whether you love it or you hate it, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and everyone’s scrambling to figure out what to give their loved ones. One of the perks of being a crafter is that we never have to worry about this, as there are always Valentine’s Day crafts waiting to be created. With all […]

Valentine’s Crafts for Kids PLUS Heartfelt Craft Ideas for Teenagers

Rose Wreath

While any day is as good as the next when it comes to showing your love, the Hallmark holiday of Valentine’s Day has designated February 14th as the most passionate 24 hours of the year. Use your words to express your love the other 364 days, but to make this day special, show you care […]

Link Love: Hearts Abound!


I’m back with another Valentine’s Day round-up, and we’re another week closer to the holiday! This week, red, pink, and hearts abound with these clever DIY Valentine’s Day crafts. We’ve got more decorations, gifts, and lovey-dovey wearables to satiate your appetite for everything hearts. And if this round-up isn’t enough for you, check out last […]

Link Love: Valentine’s Day Crafts


Valentine’s Day is on its way! Here are some more cool craft ideas I found from around the web. Use these craft ideas for a Valentine’s Day party, or just to decorate your home for the holiday. Some of the craft ideas can even be left up all year round if you’re a fan of […]

Kids’ Valentine Gifts and Crafts


When I was growing up, I absolutely loved Valentine’s Day.  Not only would I wake up to a little gift and a sweet card from my parents, but I would get to make Valentine cards for kids in my class.  I loved jazzing up little paper hearts with glitter and stickers, and I got even […]