Bam! Plan a Superhero Bachelorette Party

Bam! Superhero Party Ideas

Your best friend has found that “Bam!” “Pow!” “Wow!” romance and she’s getting married. With great power, comes great responsibility; you’d better throw her a zinger of a bachelorette party. She’s into superheroes –those muscular people who wear spandex and fight evil–so you already have the perfect theme. Here are some unique bachelorette party ideas […]

Be a Hero! Superhero Crafts for Free Comic Book Day

Superhero Crafts

This Saturday, May 3rd, is Free Comic Book Day. On this day, generous comic book shops throughout the country give away comics, completely for free! Since we love superheroes and all things free at, we’re celebrating this super-holiday with superhero crafts inspired by everyone’s favorite comics. Just because Comic Book Day is once a […]

What to Make Today: 21 Crafts for Boys

Football Rice Krispie Treats

Rough and tough it with the boys. It’s no secret that boys like to play in the mud, cheer extra loud for their favorite sports team, and wear a superhero cape around the house. What can you say? Boys will be boys. If you grew up with all girls, like me, and have no idea […]

Geek Crafts: Batman Knit and Crochet Roundup


  I’m Haley Pierson-Cox from The Zen of Making, and this is your weekly dose of geeky goodness! In a crafty nod to the final Batman movie in the Christopher Nolan trilogy, I scoured the internet for the very best in bat-related projects. And, as it turns out, a ton of Batman fans are also […]

Link Love: Superhero Crafts

superhero crafts

I remember spending Saturday mornings with my younger brother watching Power Rangers and Batman.  It was our weekly ritual.  My brother, who was (and still is!) obsessed with Batman, had every toy and gadget Batman had, from the utility belt to the rubber Batman mask.  His collection of Batman figurines spent hours in our bathtub, […]

Geek Crafts: Avengers Superhero Craft Roundup


I’m Haley Pierson-Cox from The Zen of Making, and this is your weekly dose of geeky goodness! Are you Avengers obsessed? Here’s a roundup of my favorite superhero-tastic projects from around the crafty internet! For even more action-packed ideas, check out my Geek Crafts: Nerdy Nail Art and Geek Crafts: Star Wars Craft Roundup articles […]