Make Your Next Picnic a DIY Affair With Crafts & Copycat Recipes

Summer is (almost) officially here! Who wants to be stuck inside all day when the sun is shining and the weather is warm? After a season of cold temperatures and crisp white snow, it’s a great feeling to finally head outside and breathe in the fresh air. In fact, you can really take advantage of […]

Summertime Aprons: DIY Apron Patterns for Women

Around holiday season, free apron patterns to sew are in high demand. If you’re spending hours in the kitchen baking endless amounts of Christmas cookies, you need the proper apron. But recently I realized the summertime is seriously neglected in terms of DIY apron sewing. Whether you’re slaving away in the kitchen baking refreshing treats […]

Summer Sewing Trends: The Projects We Know You Love & More

Summer Sewing Trends: The Projects We Know You Love & More

Every season brings a new round of sewing trends. This summer, we’re seeing tons of fabric baskets and fabric flowers popping up. We can’t blame you for loving these simple ideas. Not only are they easy and fun to make, they’re totally useful. We can all use the extra storage and organization these handy fabric […]

Start your Summer Garden

Outdoor Bees and Hive

I just decided that I’m going to start a vegetable garden this summer. With the high cost of fruit and vegetables, I’m hoping that it will pay off to grow a little of my own produce. I haven’t done any gardening for years, so all of the sudden I’m getting really into it! Not only […]