Papercrafting Your Summer Bucket List Memories


This post is brought to you from Martha Bonneau from MugsyBoo. Even though I have had a Pinterest board of summer bucket list ideas for the past few years, this is the first year that I have actually put a list of activities together for our family to try and complete this summer.  Initially the […]

What You (Almost) Forgot to Bring: Sewing Purses, Organizers, and More for Travel


Warning: This post contains incredibly helpful information and sewing tutorials. You were supposed to leave 12 minutes ago for the airport, but you know you’re forgetting something. Your keys? Chargers? ID? What is it?? There just isn’t time to think about it anymore. Boldly you yell at everyone to get in the car, scoop the […]

Flip, Meet Flop: DIY Decorative Sandals


Everybody knows that good things come in pairs. One earbud isn’t the same as two earbuds, cookies don’t taste as yummy without milk, and if you’re missing a contact lens, you know you’re out of luck. Similarly, every flip needs its flop! Bring your two favorite summer accessories together and make the most out of […]

10 Picnic Craft Ideas To Help You Celebrate Summer

The weather is warm and the days are longer, which can only mean one thing … it’s finally summer! There’s nothing worse than spending time indoors when you could be soaking up the sun (just make sure you wear sunscreen). Head out for a picnic this summer and soak up all of the best aspects […]

8 4th of July Sewing Projects You Should Probably Make

4th of July Sewing Projects You Should Probably Make

Where did the time ago? It feels like a minute ago we were putting up our Christmas trees and now we’re already celebrating the 4th of July. Is it time travel? Witchcraft? No, just life. As many of our faithful fans and friends know, at AllFreeSewing we’re all about celebrating the holidays with the help […]

The Top Five Sweetest Summer Dresses to Sew

Super Easy Summer Dress

If you’re like me, you check the weather multiple times everyday. I check it when I wake up, and I check it less than an hour later before I get dressed and leave for class or work. And I most certainly do not go to sleep without checking tomorrow’s weather at least once. This probably […]

The Nautical List: This Summer’s Best Nautical Crafts to Sew

Sailor Dress

With winter comes the Naughty and Nice Lists, and with summer comes The Nautical List. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the waves are crashing, and it’s time for everyone to take to the seven seas. Okay, so maybe not everyone. But even if you won’t be boarding the S.S. Summer Sailor, you […]