Kids and Camping Hacks: 17 Camping Crafts for Kids


Ah, camping! It is one of the best summer activities. With warm weather and your family, you can escape to the woods or the lake with just a handful of supplies. In theory, camping is fun for the whole family. Time away means tuning out the rest of the world and spending time with one […]

10 Thrifty Recycled Crafts for Summer Fun


Every kid looks forward to summertime because they get to spend some time doing fun creative activities. Kids get to let loose and run around outside in the sun instead of being in a classroom all day. The challenge, though, is keeping your kids occupied with fun summer activities. My kids are all energy and […]

6 of Our Favorite Tie Dye Designs + A Giveaway!

6 of Our Favorite Tie Dye Designs + A Giveaway!

Groovy. Radical. Totally tubular. There are countless ways you can try to describe the pure awesomeness that is tie dye, but the best way to appreciate this classic summer craft is to jump right in and start making your own! Once you learn a few of the basic tie dye techniques, you can create any […]

Block Party Ideas: A How-to Guide

Block-Party Ideas: A How-to Guide

Memorial Day kicks off the hot American summer and suddenly we’re ready to put on our sunglasses, get outside, and party! No more hiding inside watching TV, it’s time to meet the neighbors and soak up some rays. Remember the good old days, when neighborhood kids ran wild or zipped around the block on bikes […]

Get Out and Play! DIY Outdoor Activities for Your Family

DIY Backyard Board Game

Summer is the time for kids’ imaginations to run wild in the backyard. Finally, they can go outside and play, to the relief of parents everywhere! Fresh air, exercise, and mess-less fun make the great outdoors the best place to play. At, we’re celebrating summer with DIY outdoor activities to get your whole family […]

Link Love: Outdoor Activities for Your Summer Bucketlist

Link Love: Outdoor Activities for Your Summer Bucketlist

Here at AllFreeKidsCrafts, we’re no strangers to sticking our hands in the mud and getting grass stains on our jeans. In fact, we encourage it! Spending time outside is one of the best parts of childhood. Now that the weather is officially nice, it’s time to head outside, and there’s no better way to enjoy […]

33 Summer Activities for Kids to Do


Summer officially began yesterday, but school has been out for a couple of weeks. While the long, sunny days with nothing to do are nice, you may begin to go stir crazy with the little kiddos running around constantly. Keep them busy with summer activities that they’ll love. That way, you’ll get to enjoy your […]

ScrapKins Soaring Summer Craft for Kids


Fly & Soar! A Summer Recycled Art Project for Kids This post is brought to you by Brian Yanish, creative director/founder of ScrapKins It’s summer. You need activities. You want the kids out of the house enjoying “offline” time. How do you compete with iPads and video games during the summer? Make stuff that flies! […]

14 Easy Summer Craft Activities for Kids


I remember the feeling I would get on the last day of school before summer. It was a nervous, anxious, excited, butterflies-in-my-stomach feeling that made me reflect on the school year and think the cliche “where did the time go?” The two months ahead promised sleeping in, bonfire-filled evenings, trips to the beach, and water […]

Make a Splash! Pool Noodle Summer Crafts for Kids


It’s almost officially summertime, which means one thing: pool noodles are on sale. It actually means lots of things like that school is out, the sun is shining, the beach is open, and camp days are on the horizon, but in the crafting world, pool noodles are top priority. Not only are pool noodles incredibly […]