The Chevron Summer: 17 Easy Quilt Patterns

The Chevron Summer: 17 Easy Quilt Patterns

We’ve gathered up the summer’s hottest chevron quilt ideas in this blog post, The Chevron Summer: 17 Easy Quilt Patterns. The crafting term “chevron” gets tossed around a lot. But let’s step back…what is a chevron pattern? Basically, a chevron pattern is just a variation of a zig zag pattern, with a reoccurring “v-shape.” You […]

13 Reasons to Start Quilting Today

Everyday Easy Baby Quilt

It’s the middle of the summer, so it’s hot, sticky, humid, and … did I mention … hot? We all need an indoor respite from the brutal summer sun. Why not try quilting? It’s one of the most popular indoor sewing projects among crafters of all kinds. The reason why quilting is a great craft […]

Ragtime Blues: 15 Rag Quilt Patterns

Ragtime Blues: 15 Rag Quilt Patterns

What is a rag quilt and how do you make one? Luckily this blog post will answer any and all of your questions. A rag quilt uses the quilt-as-you-go technique to create a square quilt with exposed seams. Rag quilting is much easier than traditional quilting because you fasten the backing, batting, and top fabric […]

Global Gala: 14 Around the World Crafts


From the Winter Olympics to the FIFA World Cup, 2014 has been filled with opportunities to celebrate diversity and learn about other cultures. Learning about different countries and their unique customs is a great way to grow a better understanding of those around us. Of course, nothing beats traveling the globe and experiencing these cultures […]

FaveQuilts Talks: Christa Watson

Christa Watson

Christa Watson is one of our most prolific quilt designers. She is one of our foremost experts, providing her readers with full-length quilt-alongs (like the How to Sew a String of Pearls Quilt quilt-along) and nitty-gritty quilt how-tos, like Basting a Quilt with Safety Pins and Making Your Own Design Wall. From beginner quilters to […]

Get In Shape! Geometric Patterns for Summer

Get In Shape! Geometric Patterns for Summer

When I sat down to review Simply Modern Christmas: Fresh Quilting Patterns for the Holidays, I was expecting 80 pages of red and green quilts. Instead, I was greeted by page after page of sewing projects that would look just as great in June as they would in December. The author, Cindy Lammon, is a […]

FaveQuilts Talks with Judy Martin: Author, Teacher, Quiltmaker


FaveQuilts works with so many incredible designers, bloggers, and companies, but it’s a special thing when we get the opportunity to speak with someone who is, to some degree, all three! Judy Martin, one of our latest designers and the author of Patchwork Among Friends: From Patterns to Potlucks and Stellar Quilts, agreed to answer […]

How to Make a Quilt: Trivia Edition

Log Cabin Quilt

Okay, quilters. The holiday season has started and we’re all beginning to plan out and piece together our Christmas quilts. But have you ever looked at a finished product and wondered where the techniques came from? Whether your mother, grandmother, or one of FaveQuilts‘ amazing YouTube tutorials taught you the difference between a quilt binding and […]

Grandma’s Favorite: English Paper Piecing Techniques and Flower Garden Quilt Patterns

No Fuss Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt

The tradition of quilting is often one that’s passed down between family members, so many quilters can recall fond memories of the patterns their mothers and grandmothers used to make. One classic style that’s still very popular within both traditional and contemporary quilting is English paper piecing; these little hexies can be used to make […]

Classic vs. Contemporary: Which Style of Art Quilt Reigns Supreme?

Eye Candy Quilt Art Tutorial

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I finally found time to visit the Art Institute of Chicago. After wandering through a few hallways occupied by contemplating Roman gods made of cool marble and archaic jade figurines from China, we found ourselves at a dead end between two exhibits. To the left of us was a […]