Colorful Quilts! Easy Quilt Patterns for Beginners


Quilting can sometimes seem like a daunting task. Not to worry; we’ve rounded up easy quilt patterns for beginners like you. The easy quilt patterns you’ll find here have been chosen specifically to help you learn how to make a quilt. Even if you have no experience quilting, our free quilt patterns will encourage you […]

16 Free Shirt Sewing Patterns Up for Grabs!


Are the rumors true? Is spring really around the corner? We won’t know until the groundhog gives us the official word but for our own sakes, let’s pretend spring is on the way. Sounds like you’ll be needing some new spring tops for your wardrobe. Not to worry. We’ve just put together this collection full […]

Simple Thanksgiving Crafts: Table Decor, Turkey Crafts & More


In my opinion, Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays to celebrate. How can any day that calls for eating immense amounts of green bean casserole and pumpkin pie be bad in any way? To honor this special food filled holiday, I’ve put together a special roundup of Thanksgiving crafts. As the editor of, […]

Pink Crafts for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to celebrate this important cause, our entire craft team has come together to bring you this special roundup. If you’re looking for ways to show your support, check out these crafts for breast cancer awareness month. You can even make several for friends and neighbors so your […]

How Do You Make a Halloween Costume? DIY Halloween Costumes


It happens every year. Right after Halloween ends you come up with the best costume ideas. Great timing, right? Well not this year! We’ve rounded up all kinds of simple DIY Halloween costumes you can make before October 31st. Whether you’re sewing for the kids, friends or yourself, these awesome ideas (both original and classic) […]

The Most Loved Sewing Projects of July! Revisit Your Favorites, Discover New Ones

It’s that time again. With the close of the month and the start of a new one, I always welcome the opportunity to round up all of the projects we’ve featured in Sewing It Up for the past month and find which ones were most loved. We can easily find the projects readers like you […]

Discover the Most Popular Sewing Projects of Summer

At the end of every month I look forward to rounding up the top sewing projects. These are the patterns and ideas our readers, like you, visited the most frequently. Each week we feature tons of sewing projects in our Sewing It Up newsletters. If you’re not subscribed to receive our newsletters, sign up and […]

Lovely in Lace: DIY Lacey Sewing Projects

Is it just me or does adding lace to something make it more elegant, lovely and feminine? Phew, I knew you’d agree. It’s really no wonder the lace craze has hit the runways and the sidewalks alike. Everyone wants to add lace to their clothing and accessories because it’s a simple way to embellish without […]

Summertime Aprons: DIY Apron Patterns for Women

Around holiday season, free apron patterns to sew are in high demand. If you’re spending hours in the kitchen baking endless amounts of Christmas cookies, you need the proper apron. But recently I realized the summertime is seriously neglected in terms of DIY apron sewing. Whether you’re slaving away in the kitchen baking refreshing treats […]

Top 18 Sewing Patterns of April: The Projects You Picked!

At the end of every month I look forward to rounding up the top projects. These are the patterns and ideas readers like yourself loved. Since everyone seemed to enjoy them, I thought they were worthy of revisiting! If you aren’t subscribed to receive the Sewing It Up newsletter, this might be the first time […]