28 Jewelry Boxes: How to Make a Jewelry Box

28 Jewelry Boxes: How to Make a Jewelry Box

If you like DIY jewelry, odds are that you have tons of different pieces of jewelry just lying around your home. Unfortunately, it’s very easy for jewelry to get tangled or lost this way. Get organized and continue your crafty, DIY trend by making your own jewelry holder. No matter what it is you need to organize, we’ve […]

HOO Will Love These DIY Owl Crafts and Recipes?

Owl Crafts, Recipes, and More

When I was a kid, there was an owl’s nest outside my window in the tree. Owls are nocturnal. They hoot incredibly loud at night, and they’re territorial. Those things would screech with so much hostility that I ended up keeping my blinds and windows closed for nearly two years. When Dad finally knocked down […]

Link Love: DIY Antlers


It’s time for a somewhat unusual link love post, but unusual in the best way. Because, quite frankly, these craft projects are actually becoming more and more common and we don’t hate them. In fact, there are plenty of reasons crafting with antlers is actually quite amazing. Some things to note before you send PETA […]

Go Green: 15 Earth Day Jewelry Crafts and Other DIY Projects

Go Green: 15 Earth Day Jewelry Crafts and Other DIY Projects

Earth Day is in just two weeks! Are you excited? You should be! Earth Day is not just a holiday for granola-lovers, eco-friendly activists, and neo-hippies. It is also a day that everyone can celebrate with chic jewelry pieces and some awesome DIY projects. The Earth is important to celebrate, so honor Mother Nature with […]

Jewelry Findings: 8 Fabulous Finishing Touches

Jewelry Findings: 8 Fabulous Finishing Touches

Jewelry making is a lot of fun, and learning new techniques and tricks is always an exciting venture. It is so rewarding to see your new creations come to fruition. Sometimes though, it just feels like your pieces are missing a little something special. They just need an extra piece or element to make them […]

Color Crush Turquoise: 10 DIY Jewelry Projects

Color Crush Turquoise: 10 DIY Jewelry Projects

Still waiting for warmer weather and feeling the blues? Brighten up your mood with the trendy color of the season. Tranquil turquoise designs are all the rage this spring. Adding this blue-green hue into your collection is the perfect way to leave the winter blues behind and get ready for spring. There are so many […]

5 Beautiful Beginner Jewelry Projects for Spring

Beginning Jewelry Making Books Giveaway

Have you ever wondered how to start making your own jewelry, but don’t know where to start? Well there is no need to wonder anymore with these five fabulous beginner projects to help you start making your jewelry designing dreams a reality. Spring is a time of new beginnings, so there is no better time […]

I Like Big Beads and I Cannot Lie!: 21 Big-Bead Jewelry Patterns


You know the old adage…go big or go home.  Whether it’s large statement necklaces or chunky bracelets and rings, sometimes bigger is better…and when it comes to jewelry, big beads are all the rage! From the simple to the exquisite, these 21 Big-Bead Jewelry Patterns are sure to take your favorite outfit to the next […]

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts: 24 DIY Jewelry Projects


It is less than a month until St. Patrick’s Day. Are you excited? I know I am! The stunning shamrocks, the green colored pancakes, the four-leaf clovers, what’s not to love about this fun holiday? Want even more reasons to be excited for St. Patrick’s Day? We have twenty-four for you! Below you will find […]