20 Last-Minute Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Love

20 Last-Minute Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Love

My family and I finally finished putting up our Christmas decorations this past weekend, and as I looked at one of the advent calendars we made for our little one, I realized that Christmas was only a few weeks away. It feels like Thanksgiving was just yesterday and that there was so much time to knock out every […]

24 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

24 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

Sometimes I look at Christmas as a competition. Who can come up with the absolute best Christmas gift idea? Each year, I want to give gifts to my family and friends that are different, unique, and handmade. Personally, I feel that DIY Christmas gift ideas are great because they’re unexpected. They’re off the beaten path. Anyone can go out and […]

DIY Jewelry in Glass Vials

DIY Jewelry In Glass Vials

Fairy dust, terrariums, bottle messages…oh my! Every day, I’m looking for new and unique homemade jewelry that I can wear with practically everything. I especially love those cheesy, inspirational words scrawled across a silver pendant–no, I’m not kidding. My preference for jewelry is utterly extreme. I either need a statement necklace with a rose-gold watch […]

More Tees, Pretty Please! DIY T Shirts for the Family

More Tees Please! DIY T Shirts for the Family

Get ready for summer fun by stocking your drawers with a seasonal essential: t shirts! T shirts are lightweight, so they will keep you cool during outdoor activities. Plus, any color or design looks great with a pair of jeans. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a graphic tee that reflects […]

Craft Your Own Zoo: 21 Animal Crafts

Craft Your Own Zoo: 21 Animal Crafts

Ever since I woke up at 3 am to watch the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton live on TV, I’ve been following their family more closely than a patriotic American probably should. It’s hard to resist this picture-perfect royal family, especially since Will and Kate have welcomed a bouncing baby boy into […]

Mad for Monograms


When I was little my mother would put my initials in just about everything. This prevented the inevitable “Is this mine?” confusion that happens when every kid has the same lunch box, jacket, mittens, etc. While monogramming has been around forever, I’ve noticed in the past few weeks that it’s truly been trending. Everywhere I […]

Link Love: Back to School Crafts & DIY Teacher Gifts

If there’s one thing I miss about childhood, it’s that feeling you get the night before the first day of school. There’s a mixture of excitement and nerves that leaves you tossing and turning all night long. You find yourself wondering what the next year will be like – Will your teacher be kind or […]

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12 Easy Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas Free eBook

We know it’s early, and we’re trying to say this as gently as possible: it’s time to start thinking about gifts. Even if you’re through with birthdays, baby showers, or graduations for a few months, you know the year’s biggest holidays are just around the corner. Before you click to another post out of panic, […]

In Case You Missed It: “11 Christmas Gift Ideas: Handmade Scarves, Hats and More”

I am a huge fan of festive attire at any time of year. During the summer, I create wearable crafts with more color than in fall or winter. Around Halloween, I bust out the orange and black and go a little heavier on the eye makeup. At Easter, it’s pastels at all times, and pretty […]