Get That Gold: 15 Gold Craft Ideas


With the Big Event taking up all our TV time, it can be tough not to crave adding some gold to your own life. While gold medals and jewelry are crazy expensive, adding some spray paint or faux gold to your DIY crafts is cheap, easy, and chic! Look out below for some gold craft […]

12 Show-Stopping Succulent Crafts

Show-Stopping Succulent Crafts

There’s something to be said for bringing a little bit of the outdoors into your home. A little bit of greenery can easily brighten up any room. That’s why we are just in love with succulents right now! They are the most adorable little plants, and they can flourish just about anywhere. I’ve seen people […]

Easy DIY Ornaments

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Christmas is quickly approaching, and it is just about time to decorate your tree! What better way to decorate your Christmas tree than to incorporate some DIY ornaments? These handmade ornaments will make your Christmas even more meaningful. You’ll be able to spend time with family and friends creating these easy DIY ornaments and all your […]

The Ultimate List of Last-Minute Thanksgiving Crafts

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As Thanksgiving seems to be rounding the corner, we’ve put together the ultimate list of last-minute Thanksgiving crafts. Why is it the ultimate list? It’s the best list because these are all easy and fast projects that all crafters will enjoy. All ages will find a new favorite and fun craft project among this list […]

10 Cutest Monogram Ideas

Cutest Monogram Ideas

If you’re in love with the Lily Pulitzer, but don’t want to spend the money on cute monogrammed stuff, then you need to try these DIY monogram ideas. You can cheaply decorate your home with hand-painted monograms in your initials. The great thing about monogrammed items is that there is no question of who’s stuff […]

Spring Fashion Trends: DIY Chevron Ideas


We are not exactly the front-runners when it comes to announcing this spring fashion trend. Have you been able to step into a craft store, clothing store, or even out on the street without seeing a chevron pattern? I haven’t been able to escape it. I am not complaining though. I love chevron. I’m crazy […]

50+ Cheap & Classy Anthropologie Knock-Off Crafts


I am absolutely obsessed with the store Anthropologie. It is one of those stores that I can spend hours wandering around in, browsing their beautiful collections, and lusting over being able to decorate my whole apartment and wardrobe with their products. I remember the first time I walked into an Anthropologie. I felt like I […]

The Circus Is In Town! Animal Prints and More


Who doesn’t love the circus? I know, I know–some of us have trouble with clowns. But doesn’t everybody have at least one great memory of the circus? Maybe it was the huge elephants, or the acrobats, or the lion trainer putting his head in the lion’s mouth. Or maybe you liked watching the trick horses. […]