Jewelry for Graduation: DIY Graduation Gift Ideas

Jewelry for Graduation: DIY Graduation Gift Ideas

It’s graduation season! Late spring is typically the time known for graduations, and with celebrations comes the process of gift giving. Finding the right gift for any occasion can be a daunting task, and it can be especially hard to find just the right gift to give to the graduates in your life. You want […]

DIY Graduation Gifts They’ll Love: 15 Dorm Room Decorations


Finding unique and thoughtful graduation gifts can be a difficult venture. It seems like just about everybody comes up with the same half a dozen ideas every year. If you want to give something extra special and practical, check out these DIY Graduation Gifts They’ll Love: 15 Dorm Room Decorations. For students just graduating high […]

Need a Quick Gift Idea? Make a Money Notebook

  This project is brought to you by Latrice Murphy from Any Occasion. As we head out of graduation season, I am excited to share with you what I created for my nephew. He’s getting ready to take on a big challenge called high school. To make it even tougher, he is on scholarship to […]

Make Homemade Gifts for the Graduate that He or She Will Love


It’s amazing how quickly graduation season rolls around each year. If your family members or friends are donning that black cap and gown, it may be time for you to think about homemade gift ideas for the graduate in your life. For my own part, I’ll admit that I’m still mourning the long-lost college life […]

FaveCrafts 365 Hail the Graduate!

June is just around the corner and so is the celebration of many folks graduating from high school and college.  I found some awesome crafts that celebrate the graduate and even one amazing collection of graduation crafts! Time to get started and party hearty! Congrats to all who are earning a diploma this year! Graduation […]

Graduation Gift Idea

It can be tough to find a personalized gift for a graduate, especially when you know that all he or she really wants is cold hard cash. When I graduated high school, one of my longtime friends gave me a journal. In it she had written a beautiful message. Of all the graduation gifts I’ve […]

Graduation Gift Ideas


It’s graduation time once again. I’m pretty sure everyone knows someone who is graduating from something and there are always graduation parties this time of year whether you like it or not. My problem is that there are only so many things you can buy people before they start getting duplicate gifts. In my hometown, […]