52 Boho Crafts for Festival Season

52 Boho Crafts

Summertime means festivals, and festivals mean a variety of unique sights and sounds. People often show off their personal style during Coachella and other music and arts festivals. This summer, many folks are choosing to go boho with their wardrobe. 52 Boho Crafts for Festival Season What is boho, you ask? When I think of the […]

Say Hello to Spring with Free Sewing Patterns!

Free Sewing Patterns for Spring Fashion: 8 DIY Sewing Projects

Feeling blue? No surprises there with the weather as dreary as it’s been. Well we at AllFreeSewing have just the collection to cheer you up! Shift those winter blues toward spring brights with our latest printable collection, Free Sewing Patterns for Spring Fashion: 8 DIY Sewing Projects. This gorgeous free eBook is a fabulous addition […]

Trendspotting: 11 Ways to Step Back in Time


If you have eyes you may have noticed a shift in style. Women everywhere are ignoring cutting edge clothing and opting instead for thrifty finds from the twentieth-century. No longer confined exclusively to hipsters, ladies are wearing vintage. But, “How does this affect AllFreeSewing and its band of loyal followers?”, you may wonder. Editors of […]

Impeccable Taste: 5 Best Holiday Party Food and Craft Combos

Impeccable Taste: 5 Best Holiday Party Food and Craft Combos

It’s coming on Christmas, which means your December calendar is quickly filling up with holiday party invites. It can be exhausting trying to come up with a fun new idea for every Christmas gathering. At a certain point, we all want to give in to the call of store-bought Christmas cookies in a tin we […]

National Sewing Month 2013: 27 Free Clothing Projects for Every Season


It’s Day Thirty of National Sewing Month – the last day! Too see the daily blog posts, projects of the day, and more National Sewing Month details, click here. During the past month, we’ve had a lot of discussions over how to sew a wardrobe on a budget. Whether through thrifting and refashioning or by […]

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice: 8 Quilt Patterns for Girls

Little Girl's Patchwork Skirt

When I was a little girl, I always enjoyed wrestling my older brothers in the mud much more than wearing the pretty (albeit itchy)  dresses my mother so desperately tried to make me keep clean. That was well over a decade ago. Since then, I’ve given up tackling my brothers in exchange for dressing in […]

Sewn Retro Vintage Dress Patterns to Die For

Vintage Dress Patterns

Ok, maybe you don’t want to die for these patterns, after all, in the expanse of time they haven’t. AllFreeSewing has noticed that classic patterns outlive any hot trend we see. What is it about timeless patterns that always draws our attention? Just like you, many of us here at AllFreeSewing can’t help but ohh […]

The Top Five Sweetest Summer Dresses to Sew

Super Easy Summer Dress

If you’re like me, you check the weather multiple times everyday. I check it when I wake up, and I check it less than an hour later before I get dressed and leave for class or work. And I most certainly do not go to sleep without checking tomorrow’s weather at least once. This probably […]

Video Tutorial: How to Sew a Pillowcase Dress

Pillowcases aren’t just for beds anymore! You can use these everyday linens to make pillowcase dresses for your little girl. It’s an easy sewing project that is super simple and cheap. Transform a pillowcase into an adorable dress that your daughter or granddaughter will love playing in. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about it […]

Free Dress Patterns for Women: Summer Ideas You’ll Love!

Honestly, does anything trump the feeling you get when you realize it’s officially summer? I don’t know about you, but I look forward to that first taste of summer every year. With outdoor barbeques, pool parties and , you’ve got a a slew of opportunities to sport new dresses. For free dress patterns for women, […]