117 Festive Holiday Craft Ideas


It’s the time of year when the world falls in love… That’s right, Christmastime. Christmas isn’t just a one-day affair. It is an entire season of celebration, memories, and special time with loved ones. Part of the fun of the holiday season is preparing for the big day itself. With these free holiday craft eBooks, […]

Let’s Stick Together: 23 Washi Tape Ideas


What is this mysterious washi tape you ask? Why, it’s only the easiest way to add some decorative flair to anything ever! Washi tape originated in Japan and has since been a popular craft item for many beginner and experienced DIY-ers. With just a simple┬ároll of washi tape, you can add a bit of pattern […]

16 DIY Jewelry Ideas in Tempting Turquoise


Turquoise might just be the most beautiful shade of blue that there is. It is reminiscent of mermaids with pretty blue eyes and the entire sea for them to roam. The ocean’s greatest treasure is the lovely greens and blues that inspire us so much. These DIY jewelry ideas are all little mixtures of aquas […]

Tying the Knot: 16 Rope Crafts Ideas


Ah yes, the versatile rope. From cowboys to sailors, everybody knows the importance and many uses of our friend the rope. Ropes can be nautical. Ropes can be rustic. With a simple crafting rope, you can make fun outdoor decorations, fashionable bracelets, and simple dog toys. There are so many different styles and colors, that […]

Bright Ideas: How to Recycle Light Bulbs in Creative Ways


DING! Our creative light bulb just went off, and we’ve rounded up 12 lightbulb crafts for some truly green crafting. Looking for some great ways to recycle this season? Well look no further! The following lightbulb crafts from FaveCrafts and AllFreeHolidayCrafts will shock and amaze you. Don’t throw out those “burnt out” bulbs. They have […]

14 DIY Rug Ideas for Barefoot Living


“Take off your shoes and stay awhile.” That’s what my mom always say and it always guests into friends and family. Is there anything better than taking off your uncomfortable work boots or high heels and stepping onto something soft. With these tutorials, you can learn how to make a rug that will make your […]

9 Ruffled Accessories for a Sweet New Look


Everything is better with ruffles (no, I’m not talking about the chips). Ruffled edging on clothes first appeared in the 15th century and has remained popular ever since. Not a “ruffle person,” you say? That’s probably because you didn’t know there’s more than one type of ruffle and more than one way to wear ruffled […]

Crafts, Ahoy: DIY Nautical Decor and More


Oh, the beautiful sea. It’s no wonder why the ocean is an inspiration for many writers, musicians, artists, and poets. One of nature’s most beautiful gifts is that big blue mass of water and all the treasures it contains. With this DIY nautical art, you can practically close your eyes and feel that breeze rolling […]

23 Far Out Tie Dye Patterns


Grab your fortunate son and teach him the ancient, sacred art of tie dying. Okay… maybe it’s not that sacred, but tie dying has been around a lot longer than back when you were California dreamin’. Chill out if you don’t know how to dye a shirt. These tutorials will teach you how to just […]

Do as the Romans Do: 20 Mosaic Project Ideas


Take a hint from the ancient Romans and decorate your home with lavish mosaic art projects. Did you know that it was common for the wealthiest citizens to have four dining rooms – one for each season? At the House of the Faun in Pompeii, each dining room is decorated in mosaics with colors and […]