Be a Hero! Superhero Crafts for Free Comic Book Day

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This Saturday, May 3rd, is Free Comic Book Day. On this day, generous comic book shops throughout the country give away comics, completely for free! Since we love superheroes and all things free at, we’re celebrating this super-holiday with superhero crafts inspired by everyone’s favorite comics.

Superhero Crafts

Just because Comic Book Day is once a year doesn’t mean that these DIY projects have a deadline. Celebrate your inner-hero on the daily with decorating ideas, creative recipes, and amazing costumes, masks, and capes! Don’t forget to head out to your local comic book store this Saturday to grab your free comic, perhaps dressed in one of the handmade costumes below.


Costumes and Capes

Comic Book Hero CapesBe the hero on Free Comic Book Day with our favorite superhero costumes and capes. No matter what your favorite comic book is, there’s a simple superhero craft you’ll enjoy below. Put your sewing skills to the test and create a cool cape or mask.

  1. Fantastic Felt Superhero Masks
  2. Captain America’s Vibranium Shield
  3. Superhero Mask
  4. Spider-Man Costume DIY
  5. Superhero Cape Pattern
  6. Dark Knight Bathman Towel
  7. Comic Book Hero Capes
  8. Super Fun Capes

Comic Book Decorations

Superhero Comic Book BannerGet your home ready for Free Comic Book Day with a few handmade decorations that you’re sure to love. Invite all of your comic-obsessed friends over so you can read your free comics together! A party isn’t a party without decorations, and the ones below are super, man!

  1. Superhero Comic Book Banner
  2. Superhero Storage Jars
  3. Spider-Man Throw Pillow




Spider-Man Birthday Cake After your decorations are in place, you’ll need some super-snacks to replenish yourself. From Spider-man to The Avengers, the cute treats below perfectly demonstrate your comic book craze.

  1. Spider Man Birthday Cake
  2. Supercookies
  3. Superhero Cupcakes
  4. Earth’s Mightiest Avengers Cake Pops


What is your favorite comic book?

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  1. Moriah Meeks says has an extended collection of crafts for any occasion you can think of. It has a similar setup as It is easy to navigate even though the website is dense with crafts from holidays to various events. I thought this Pop Culture section under the Projects menu was a fun way to connect current events with crafting. This would attract fans from different niches (comics, Pixar, Disney, etc.) to the site just as is done with this superhero/comic book article.

  2. Mark Pajor says

    Spider-Man cake looks awesome (and delicious).

    I don’t suppose there’s an Ant-Man food that can shrink and grow in size? You know, beyond something that tastes so good it seems to shrink incredibly fast as you eat it 😛

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