St. Patrick’s Day Crafts: How to Draw a Shamrock

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Drawing tutorials like these are such fun and festive St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids!

This post brought to you by Kathy Barbro

I’ve been teaching kids how to draw for over ten years now, and I love to see them get surprised at what they can do. Breaking things down into simple steps really helps, and this shamrock drawing is a classic example. I recommend it for kids ages 6 and up. You can find many more of my How to Draw tutorials at my site,

How to Draw a Shamrock


• Watercolor paper
• Watercolor paints (I used Prang 16 Oval Set which comes with two
• Brush, water
• Metallic Gold Pen Marker, extra fine point


How to Draw a Shamrock

1.   Fold the watercolor paper in half to make a card. Draw about five cross shapes lightly with a pencil. Some may be upside down.

How to Draw a Shamrock

2.   Lightly draw hearts around the three short ends. Make them as fat as possible without touching.

 How to Draw a Shamrock

3.   Use a dark green paint to trace the lines and fill in. Older students may add shadows near the center.

How to Draw a Shamrock

4.   Use a lighter green to fill in the background,leaving a white edge around each shamrock. If only one green paint is available, add extra water to lighten.

How to Draw a Shamrock

5. Trace the main lines with a gold paint pen. Add angled lines inside each leaf.

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How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?

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  1. Robin Johnson says

    With my son and his family. It is his 27th Birthday…. Green cake/cupcakes and lots of shamrocks.

  2. Sarah says

    Very cute tutorial!

    I absolutely love to draw–whenever the kids I tutor find out about this, they get really excited and always want me to teach them. This is a great starting tutorial for any age. The simplicity of the project is great for young kids–despite the easiness, it results in a cool-looking and festive art project that they can be proud of! Watercolors are always so fun to use with children and don’t generate a lot of mess. Still, a possible alternative to water colors (perhaps for older children who want more control than what a paint brush offers) would be alcohol-based markers. With the right technique can create that same watercolor look. I personally love COPIC brand markers, but Prismacolor markers are also nice!

  3. Andrew Orwin says

    I wanted to make some tie-dye shirts for St. Patrick’s Day and your shamrock tutorial will give me the confidence to be able to paint them on top of the tie-dye. Thank you for enlightening this non-artist on how to not be intimidated by trying to draw a shamrock.

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