9 Crafts to Motivate Your Spring Cleaning

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Spring is just around the corner which means one thing – it’s time to start cleaning.  The gray skies and cold weather make activities that don’t involve a blanket and hot cocoa seem absolutely terrible. That means you might not be interested in taking a day to clean out your closet, clear off your tabletops and root out those dust bunnies. However, after a long and cold winter, it’s easy to accumulate tons of junk. Luckily, there are plenty of crafty ways to get motivated. These chemical-free, easy-to-make projects are perfect for anyone who is ready to clear out some clutter.

Sure, it takes effort to get started cleaning, but once you’re done, it’s so worth it. Think of this as a way to clear your mind before the start of a new season. Or, you can think of spring cleaning as a way to save money – seriously! Knit your own Textured Dishcloth and use it over and over again – it’s a more eco-friendly option that paper towels (and you won’t go through a roll as quickly). You can also save on Swiffer covers when you crochet your own Mop Cover. Feeling overwhelmed? Enlist the kids to help with your spring cleaning efforts! Create a Customizable Chore Chart and dole out the responsibilities – it’s a great way to get the whole family involved in the process.

Give yourself a fresh start this season and take some time to really clean your space. Who knows – you might find some buried treasure!

  1. Felted Wool Dryer Balls from Petals to Picot
  2. Sweet Hanging Organizer from Once Upon Her Dream
  3. Crochet Rope Toy Storage Basket from Oh Everything Handmade
  4. Earring Holder from Alternate Creations
  5. Homemade Cleaning Spray from Gimme Some Style
  6. Magnetic Spice Rack from Kitchen Table Scraps
  7. Laundry Softener from Liz Marie
  8. Room Air Freshener from The Burlap Bag
  9. Magnetic Office Organization from House of Earnest
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