Start your Spring Cleaning with Easy Sewing Projects!

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Ah, spring cleaning. Every year it is a giant production that uses up weekends of healthy energy. You spend so much time organizing your life during these spring months just to end up right back where you started one year later. Don’t be discouraged! Instead, craft one of these easy sewing projects to keep your home organized! Say hello to warm weather with these spring cleaning ideas.

Get started by sewing a protective Adjustable Apron or one of these other 27 Free Patterns for Aprons. Follow this checklist for successful Spring Cleaning 2014.

Spring Cleaning Checklist


1. Take Out the Trash

20 Minute Clothespin Bag Let’s be real: the majority of spring cleaning involves throwing out all of that stuff you really don’t need. Say goodbye to those hoarder-like tendencies with the freeing action of throwing things away. While you’re at it, sew up an excellent new trash bag for disposing your junk in style. Try out the Hanging Trash Bag for a convenient solution. This trash bag is waiting at your side, ready for you to toss stuff into it. Another great option is the 20 Minute Clothespin Bag. Transform a plain old clothespin bag into a simple trash receptacle that’s surprisingly cute and practical.





2. Get Organized

Life Saving Collapsible Bin With the remaining items you keep, be sure to organize your home so the clutter doesn’t build like last year! Since we at AllFreeSewing have about a million sewing patterns for organization, I’ll go ahead an list just a few of our best:

1. Make a Bedside Organizer
2. Life Saving Collapsible Bin
3. Door Organizer
4. 8 Awesome DIY Organizers: Sewing Organizer Tutorials eBook



3. Dust Shelves

DIY Washable DusterNo house is truly clean if there is any lingering dust! Send those dust bunnies on their way with your very own DIY Washable Duster. This project is easy to make and perfect for spring. Don’t throw away this duster when you’ve finished using it! Wash it and reuse it for a green solution to your spring cleaning.

For another great duster that can be used over and over, check out the tutorial for these Reusable Swiffer Duster Cloths. This is the perfect way to use up your scrap flannel. Clean out your fabric scraps from your stash and create a new cleaning supply in the process.



4. Clean Floors

Washable Flip Mop Pads There’s no use in tidying up your space if your floors remain grimy. Make your own Washable Flip Mop Pads for your favorite floor duster. Instead of purchasing disposable pads for your flip mop, make your own for a fraction of the price. You’ll save money by washing these flip pads rather than throwing them out and buying new ones.

You can also upcycle some old socks to make another variation! The Reusable Swiffer Sweeper is a marvelous way to repurpose a pair of socks that you won’t wear again.



5. Don’t Forget the Car!

Cool Car Caddy Straps On To HeadrestLet’s not forget the space that serves as your second home! Spring cleaning doesn’t just involved cleaning out your house. Be sure to tidy up the family car, too! Organize your car with a few of these easy sewing projects. Make the Car Caddy for all of your on-the-go crafting supplies. Crafting a is a great way to stay occupied on long road trips, and this is a way to keep those crafting supplies organized! Be sure to keep those road trip snacks organized as well with the Cool Car Caddy Straps On To Headrest.





What is the messiest room in your house?



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  1. says

    The joy of spring-cleaning is about to begin. What’s interesting about this blog is that as a college student this relates directly to my life. As I look around my dorm room I can find almost two-garbage bag worth of things that are worth throwing away, but still I keep them. The action of organizing my room needs to begin; I have my old books from last semester that I wasn’t able to sell back to the University and now they are becoming a fortress of clutter inside of my room. The Life Saving Collapsible Bin is something that I desperately need in my life and I am proud to say I have found a place to store my old books that I want to keep. No longer will I have to move these books from my desk to my bed every time I need to study because I have found a storage place for these books. This blog was very insightful and could be utilized in college student’s life because I can speak from experience to say that we collect some of the most unnecessary clutter imaginable!

  2. Amber yoder says

    So helpful! Thank you so much! Now to tackle my messy craft room/bedroom! I’m only 15 but I craft like crazy and all my craft stuff is iny room along with all my fabric and my sewing machine and all the teenage mess that is typical this should help quite a bit! Thanks again!

  3. Virginia Severns says

    Usually my craft/sewing room. This year my bedroom. I keep all my craft, sewing, and genealogy books and my desk in there. Have been working on several projects, all in various stages of work. Cleaning my closet, storing my out of season and seldom used clothing and setting aside the things I may donate, if I don’t use them in a few months either wearing or making them into something else useful. I have household files from many years to sort, store or toss old files and organize the newer ones while keeping everything needed, warranties, tax records, insurance, and other necessary papers. Now in file cabinet and several file boxes, semi organized but need done better. I also just began a project to catalog and organize my sewing, craft, and hobby books and magazines, so I can find patterns or books in a few hours instead of several days or weeks. They are semi-organized on shelf loosely by subject and most used are in my craft room stored by subject, along with books on how to use my machines and attachments.
    I work on these projects a bit each week along with trying to finish a white sweater I need to replace one I lost at the Wash. DC library. I also quilt and have one in the frame to work on, and several small projects such as making gifts, items I can work on when waiting for someone an appointment time. I have so many projects started that I always feel good when I finish one before starting a new one.

  4. Katie Reed says

    The twins are currently stashing toys in their car seats, and my son could build a life sized replica of the Empire State Building. Not to mention that my craft room is the dining/kitchen table. I can definitely use all the help I can get! Now if I could just get a carpenter (my husband) to work on my pantry…

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