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Do you have to buy at least 3 skeins of yarn every time you find yourself near a Hobby Lobby?  Have you considered renting a storage space just to keep some of your spare yarn?  Well, my friend, it’s time you took part in a yarn swap!  Ever since FaveCrafts hosted its first Valentine’s Day Card Swap, I’ve been dying to get us knitters in on the fun!

If you’ve never heard of swapping before, here’s what it’s all about: Everyone who participates is assigned a partner (or two, or three–for this swap, you will be assigned 2 partners). Then every swap participant makes/buys/procures the item to be swapped. For our swap, it’s one skein of unused yarn from your yarn stash (I know you have one). This yarn must be around 2 ounces in weight, which is just over 50 grams.  Once you receive your swap partners’ addresses, you send them one skein of yarn, and they’ll send you one in return.

Swaps are a fun way to facilitate a sense of community among fellow knitters. Plus, who doesn’t love getting a package!? If you are looking for a fun way to get rid of some of your stash, and get some beautiful new yarn in return, this yarn swap is just what you need!

Want to start swapping? Here’s how:

  1. Register for an account on swap-bot.com. It’s free!
  2. Once your account is set up, go to our swap page here. It’s called “AllFreeKnitting’s Stash Busting Yarn Swap!”
  3. Click “Join Swap.” The last day to join is April 22.
  4. You will be randomly assigned 2 partners to mail yarn to. You can send any color of yarn you wish, just make sure each skein is in good condition and weighs around 2 ounces (about 50 grams).
  5. You will be notified via email when your partners have been assigned to you. Once you receive your partners’ names and addresses, send your yarn to them. Please have all yarn in the mail by April 30. Please don’t disappoint your partners by neglecting to send yarn to them, or sending them late.
  6. Then wait patiently by the mailbox for your yarn to arrive!

Any questions? Contact us for more info! Now who’s excited to start swapping?

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  1. says

    #4 four does not make sense?

    You will be randomly assigned 2 partners to mail yarn to. You can send any color of yarn you wish, just make sure each skein that you make and send 3, and that all 3 are homemade in some way.

    How can yarn be homemade? I thought it was swapping one skein for one skein?

  2. Vivian Beechinor says

    Does the skein have to be a new one, or can it be one that has been partly used as long as it weighs 2 oz.? Also does it have to have the original paper band with brand of yarn and washing instructions?

    Thank you!

  3. Linda says

    Is this only for people in America or other countries as well?
    What about England, Israel? Thanks!

  4. Penny Carpenter says

    Since 50 grams is just short of 2 oz., is a brand-new 50 gram ball of yarn acceptable or would I need to send 2?

  5. JANE NICCUM says

    What about quality? Will people who shop specialty yarn shops be matched with people who shop likewise, thereby those of us who shop craft stores be matched with other craft store shoppers? I mean, are we swapping $5 or $15 skiens?

  6. Mary Espinosa says

    I would like to participate but I’m getting a little confused as to the weight and how many to send!
    I think this will be a lot of fun and I look forward to participating!

  7. Deirdre Underwood says

    I can seriously forsee a lot of folks getting cheap-o dollar-store synthetic yarns. Also there’s the global nature of the web, so not knowing if you’re going to be stuck with someone on the other side of the big pond, and paying $$$ for shipping is kind of daunting. For this to be successful there need to be clearer rules, specification as to what locations can participate (and whether they will be paired with same country/continent participants) and possibly some different categories for each active swap. ie: wool and animal (including blends of at least 50%) fiber swap; cotton/linen/rayon/plant (including blends of at least 50%) fiber swap; synthetic fiber swap (including blends of at least 50% with natural fibers allowed); sock yarn swap; worsted and sport yarn swap; lace weight yarn swap; novelty yarn swap; handmade and/or hand dyed yarn swap; international yarn swap (for those who really would like yarn from abroad and shipping is no option). Also, the limits of the retail value of the yarn should be specified in the guidelines – I can go down to the local clearance store and get loads of cheap-o but new yarn in the specified weight for $1 a skein, and ship for about $1-$2 in a plastic bag mailer, while someone who has the real spirit of the swap might send their odd-skein of hand painted merino superwash wool that was left over after a project, valued at $10 a skein (they might have gotten it on clearance, but that’s not the point). (If I do join a future swap, I’ll definitely share some nice yarn, and more than the given minimum weight because I know it’s hard to plan a project when you don’t have much to work with – I am just playing devil’s advocate here… I’m too attached to my yarns right now to let any go just yet though, LOL!)

    Would love to see this be a success, I’ve participated in bead and craft swaps before and it was really neat to see what other artists came up with based on the theme guidelines. When the guidelines are crystal clear, they work and it’s a lot of fun for all.

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